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The Night of Her Spirit
Impending arrival
of our embrace
yet for reasons
unbeknownst to me,
I can smell your
scent in the night air.
The wolves have
gathered once again
and they follow
closely at my feet
for on this very night
we search for your spirit.
An apparition that haunts
these woods eternally
and all that are
drawn into her forest
have never again
seen the light of day.
Though in life,
our souls were as one
and as I have despaired
for three hundred years,
I shall join you this night
under the lunar radiance.
Howling pierces the silence
once held only by
the stirring winds
as your ghost has been
unveiled to my eyes.
-Brian Shuffett
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Horror movie night :iconirenemartini:IreneMartini 858 67 Pumpkin Witch :iconbrandrificus:brandrificus 110 16
Night Out
In the night air
I watch a young man OD
two paramedics lift him
onto a stretcher
push him into the ambulance
and carry him away.
Near the half-empty hostel
on a cracked sidewalk,
a man has been glassed.
I watch the security guard
press a hand to his head
to stop the tendrils of blood
from flowing out
in gentle pools around his neck.
Under the flashing lights
of a heat-filled nightclub
under the valium drip
and soft effect of medication
I feel the slow, creeping onset
of a panic attack.
I cry and want to collapse
and my sister takes me away
through the maze of body heat
to the dimly lit green haze
of the exist signs,
onto the crowded, lonely street.
We curl into the hostel beds
at 3am
and I listen to the soft breaths
of the sleeping girls.
And the tears come silently by;
waves of horror in the night.
As the dawn light seeps through curtained windows
I promise myself
I'll never trust in me
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Horror Night
In the night while I scream
As they cut themselves
Blood being thrown across the air as it seem
I cry in fear, knowing I may be next
My eyes are nothing, but red
Me heart is all but an X
My life may end right here and now
As they are close with handing me the knife
If I must go like this, I will go with a honoring bow
As I hand the knife up to my neck
Alive and dead bodies surround me
I cry blood out my eyes, knowing I may not survive
Thank God, the sun started to rise
All bodies disappear with strong cries
Now what shined in eyes was light
Finally, that was the end of Horror Night
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The Holy Frail :iconclaudiobergamin:ClaudioBergamin 138 11 Sleepy Hollow :icondeathly-stillness:deathly-stillness 158 24 Movie Night :icontornadoweirdo:TornadoWeirdo 95 95 Back To Haunt You 23 :icongracies-stock:Gracies-Stock 59 22 Nightmare fuel :icondeviantapplestudios:Deviantapplestudios 64 27 Autumn magic :iconstatic-ghost:Static-ghost 137 4 No ones Castle-matte painting :iconryujin2490:ryujin2490 53 21 Through the Rain :iconberylunee:Berylunee 121 35 As Night Gathers :iconwaynebenedet:WayneBenedet 97 48 The Night Horror :iconpyromanik:Pyromanik 60 9 Saints and Sinners :iconshards-of-a-dream:shards-of-a-dream 62 16 Darling! :iconsnuffymcsnuff:SnuffyMcSnuff 67 7 This is Horror :iconvergezzen:Vergezzen 77 77 :: Horror night :: :iconivybeth:IvyBeth 55 22 Outbreak :iconegoplus:EgoPlus 38 4 You don't see anything... :iconpsyalera:psyAlera 54 41 Eyeless the Night Surgeon :iconlinmirianjoyrex:LinmirianJoyrex 106 30