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Toby's Super Awesome Guide...
Toby's Super Awesome Guide to many Werewolf Things
4th Spatial Dimension- This is a dimension has an added vector in Euclidean space. One theory is that Werewolves and other shapeshifters and their forms are merely projections and a transformation is simply a rotation in the fourth dimension.
Alpha-(α) The Executive leader of the Clan and overseer of the entire territory. The selection of an Alpha is done by popular vote there is also an interim alpha which are the runner up. Interim Alphas only serve until a new Election is held. Any werewolf can apply to be an Alpha. At the age of 6, Toby was the youngest to be elected and the interim served the position until Toby would be able to perform his duty. The implied criteria for an Alpha is abnormal strength, cunning, strict morals, bravery, compassion, and intelligence, but this interpretation of the criteria is entirely up to the voter.
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Frankenweenie: The good ol' days :iconink-leviathan:Ink-Leviathan 1,364 59
Post-Apocalyptic Comedy
We roasted the dog, but I think most of the jokes went over his head. He doesn't speak much English anyway, just "sit," "stay," and "Hey, hey stop that!" We only roasted him because we'd already done everyone else-even the cat. The cat got more of the jokes than the dog.
Anyway, the first person to get the idea to do a comedic roast was Sam. She'd never seen one, (none of us had) but we'd all fallen victim to the repetitive commercials on Comedy Central advertising them while watching Scrubs, South Park, and Futurama reruns at random hours of the morning in my dimly-lit living room.  The basic idea was clear-spend a couple hours poking fun at someone, laugh for a while, then it was over. There are five of us human-beings, so we decided to do it once a month, space it out a bit.
They all wanted to roast me first. Somehow I became the leader, or something. I think it's because I'm the tallest. Or maybe because I've read so many random books. It made me uncomfortab
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Nightvale Dogpark :iconcolemunrochitty:colemunrochitty 182 11 You Gotta Fight! :iconrockydavies:RockyDavies 170 9 Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice :iconadam-brown:adam-brown 363 36
Creepypasta Rhapsody
Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality...
Don't go to sleep
You'll never wake up
You see,
You're just a poor soul
Slendy will get to you
So will Eyeless Jack,
Jeff and Jane,
Rake and Ben,
Observer and Sonic,
Anywhere the pages blow,
Slenderman will hunt you down,
Hunt you down...
Janie just killed a man,
Put a knife against his neck,
Slashed it open
Now he's dead.
Jeffrey will not marry you
Instead he's gonna take
Your life tonight.
Slendy, ooh,
He's not your dream lover,
He would rather wipe you out and vanish,
Run away, run away because Slenderman will get you.
Too late, your time has come,
The Observer has found you,
And will drive you to madness.
Goodbye, stupid fan girls, it's time to go,
Jeff and slendy will both do away with you.
Father Malone (you haven't got a prayer),
he'll strip you of your life
Then he'll send you right down straight to hell.
I see a massive silhouette of a stalker,
Slenderman's coming now, you better run f
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My Top 10 Animated Goth Girls :iconartist-srf:ARTIST-SRF 178 133 bones :iconrichardsymonsart:richardsymonsart 82 10 Skulduggery Poster :iconleightonjohns:LeightonJohns 332 54 American Werewolf poster edit :iconharnois75:Harnois75 215 25
-Discomposure- AloisXReader
Frigid, like the Arctic’s crazed waters, nearly suffocating you until your shallow last breath, the wind stung your exposed face like needles. Bits of broken down rocks and dry grass crunched beneath your worn-out sneakers as you trudged your way further into the forest.
Your surroundings were dull, and well over aged. Bare tree branches brushed against each other. The trees themselves towered high above your small form in the dead night’s endless sky, life sucked right from their roots due to the infestation of odious termites.
From the filthy ground below you, to the tenebrous sky hovering above your head, the dim-lit beam illuminating weakly from your flashlight scanned the area around you cautiously. It wasn’t too long until the beam landed on a piece of wrinkled paper, nailed to an enormous tree trunk.
Step by step, you slowly approached the lone piece of crumpled paper. With a trembling hand, it was then you reached out skeptically at the peculiar note.
Before r
:iconrissiner:Rissiner 25 22
The horror
I woke up to Simon's snoring, his butt off; I groaned and threw my pillow at him. He grunted and fell off the bed and kept on snoring "damn" I cursed…now I have no pillow. I sat up and grabbed a towel walking in to the bathroom that was joined with our room.
I cracked my neck then twisted my back…ahh that felt good…stripping from my clothes I turned on the warm water. Stepping in the tub, I cleaned up my body.
Once I was done with the shower I walked out dried up, for some reason something about my body it felt different…I mean really different.
Then I felt a sudden chill run down my spine…then last night I remembered.
Flash Back:
Simon and Tori were learning spells through a spell book…I was looking through a werewolf book while Chloe was trying to find a book for herself.
"Hmm a spell for a man to lose something really important" Simon murmured. Tori sighed "you're not a man so it doesn't simplify to you" she muttered.
I bit my lip from laughing sam
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Death Becomes Her :iconclaudia-r:Claudia-R 104 175 Epsilon 02 :iconsiliceb:SiliceB 105 147 Evil Dead Ash :iconrusscook:RussCook 90 23 Who Ya Gonna Call? :iconrockydavies:RockyDavies 83 4 Vampire :iconsize-and-stupidity:Size-And-Stupidity 79 38 Ghostbusters :icongreyfoxdie85:greyfoxdie85 43 8 The Ringmaster v.2 - EMP 2011 :iconryansd:ryansd 40 17 Lydia's Ghost :iconartist-srf:ARTIST-SRF 118 65 Lemarchand's Surprise :iconboscoloandrea:BoscoloAndrea 60 7 Ash vs Army of Darkness :iconscruffyzero:scruffyzero 109 22 Herman Munster portrait :iconandypriceart:andypriceart 72 12
Emily Dickinson,Serial Killer
Because you could not stop for Death
I made sure he stopped for thee
The carnage held within ourselves
the immorality
I slowly drove the knife, grim taste
my victim put away
my killer's labor a pleasure too
stole his virility
I passed the fool whose children preyed
on him, wrestling for his ring
I slashed them, red haze of pain
I slashed, watched red blood run
I paused before a man who screamed
a wailing most profound
though it was scarcely audible
'neath his burial mound
Since put in penitentiary, I beseech
for mercy, as draws close the day
I realize I shall lose my head
with the executioner's glee
edit 1/23/10
copywrite 2009
-dave skowronek
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Smell the Foot of Elsa as She presses you Flat! :iconlordruinn:LordRuinn 123 9 A moment before the squashing! :iconlordruinn:LordRuinn 138 22 Svetlana Making them Mooshed !!! :iconlordruinn:LordRuinn 109 13 Amelia's mugger mash festival :iconlordruinn:LordRuinn 93 3 Your Ghost Host With The Most :iconartist-srf:ARTIST-SRF 84 46 Skulduggery Pleasant :iconleightonjohns:LeightonJohns 71 21 Zombie Voodoo Dolls ATTACK :iconzombuffalo:Zombuffalo 41 7 Jack and Sally At the Beach :iconartist-srf:ARTIST-SRF 131 62 Sumo Daphne Blake :iconartist-srf:ARTIST-SRF 103 12
Blood of Saints - Halloween After Dusk
That time of year again. The day when children go out into the streets at night for candy dressed as weird, colorful characters. When the adults prepare a batch of assorted sweets to give to anyone that steps to their front porch with a bag ready to be filled. When tacky decorations of skeletons and orange pumpkins are put on display.
Noah was never particularly fond of Halloween, despite his appreciation of the dark and gloomy. He didn't consider it much of a dark holiday to begin with, especially with how people treat it as some extravagant costume party of pretend macabre.
"But you're a vampire," Dorian said to him. "It should be a great day for you to simply wander about without people stopping to stare at your fangs."
Noah involuntarily covered his mouth with his fingers then put his hand down slowly with an upset frown. "Maybe," he muttered. His vampiric nature wasn't something he was very proud of, even as the strongest and technically oldest one in the mansion. He liked to be k
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Olga smooshing some rapists! :iconlordruinn:LordRuinn 82 7 The Ringmaster - EMP 2011 :iconryansd:ryansd 25 12 Prom Night of the Living Dead Girls Inks :iconesbe77:Esbe77 32 2 Warm Bodies Doodle :iconsamyxwolf:SamyXWolf 194 13 The Mask reboot poster concept :iconuncle-crusty:Uncle-Crusty 35 9
DAA Trailer :icondark-arts-asylum:Dark-Arts-Asylum 28 87
Dasha making them go crunch,pop,squish! :iconlordruinn:LordRuinn 73 14 Amber airing out Her Feet after a Smoosh Fest! :iconlordruinn:LordRuinn 70 5 Joker and Gizmo :iconmad--munchkin:Mad--Munchkin 14 6 Tatiana's Rampage :iconlordruinn:LordRuinn 77 18
My Boyfriend is a Werewolf (Ch.4)
Chapter 4: Hunter’s Daughter

Sasha soon left the campus with Toby, which she sat in the back of the car behind him. She studied him carefully noticing that he was just now beginning to sweat. He had finished exercising, which she was expecting for his body to be cooling off. The smell was similar to when she had crashed into his chest the day before. “You know, he’s not really that smelly” she commented.
His mother grinned. “You sure? He sure stinks to me! He smells like…” she said before Sasha chimed in.
“Like a wolfman?”
Toby blushed as he tried to think of something to detour the conversation, but he jumped when she brushed his shoulder as she grabbed onto his seat. “So what do you do for fun? I mean other than guitar hero and scaring drivers” she asked as she leaned in.
“Uh, well…I like to go running, climbing, swimming, and wrestle. I also do longboard racing, Ultimate Frisbee, F
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Varney the Vampire Mike Ploog promo art :iconadam-brown:adam-brown 29 7 Rosa's Weight Adjust Meme :iconartist-srf:ARTIST-SRF 95 20