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FREE Halloween Styles by Koolgfx by KoolGfx FREE Halloween Styles by Koolgfx :iconkoolgfx:KoolGfx 1,411 204 The Odors by GENZOMAN The Odors :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 6,533 329 The Odors Logo by GENZOMAN The Odors Logo :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 4,566 149
Life is music.
One long song.
With different sounding.
Music define us.
It makes us who we are.
It shows us our purpose.
It guide is through the darkness.
Giving light in despair.
Showing kindness when no one does.
It's our best friend.
It will never leave us.
It gives us hope.
Light and joy.
In moment of need is there.
Making us happy.
Never abandoning us.
When the world turns its back on us music doesn't.
Music is alive in all of us.
It lives with every melody.
It lives within our souls.
We may hear it with our ears.
But we feel it with our souls and hearts.
Denying music means denying life.
A world without music is a sad place.
It's doomed and lost.
No light would shine upon our souls.
But as long as we have music everything is alright.
Every single thing in this world listens to music.
Even the smallest sound of the birds is music.
We must cherish it.
We must protect it.
We must love it.
We must enjoy it.
In a world of desperation music is redemption.
Music is glory!
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When people learn that I listen to rap
A mix of skeptical, bewildered, mildly impressed
And sometimes a little disgusted.
“You listen to rap?”
Behold, a specimen of middle-class suburbia
Spectacled, pimpled, messy-haired
Painfully awkward, unquestionably nerdy
Oh, and female, let’s not forget about that.
“Haydn and Beethoven; yup, that’s definitely your jam
During your late-night chemistry revision sessions
On your wild nights, maybe some Katy Perr – wait, what?
You listen to rap?”
Yes, I listen to rap
(Although I do still listen to Haydn
Toting Bach and Biggie together
Gets you strange looks from HMV cashiers, let me tell you)
And yes, I do actually enjoy it;
I’m not that kind of ironic listener.
After the initial double-take,
The curious follow up with “Why do you listen to rap?”
Like Victorians questioning a returning anthropologist
Who’s been in among the natives
(For the record, I find this more funny than annoying
So please don
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