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The Story of Hoodie, Slenderman's first Proxy.
Slenderman walked in the forest normally like he would always do on his daily routes, stalking children and such. He usually stopped at this particular park near an elementary school, to watch and study the humans. On his way back he felt he himself was being watched, he turned sharply and quick to see who would follow such a monster like him, but when he turned around no one was there.
The boy in the oversized beige colored hoodie noticed the tall man watching his school mates one afternoon, he would see this man there everyday for weeks to come. He wanted to ask the formally dressed man why he did such, but always got too nervous to go up to him and ask himself. So the young boy decided to follow him.
Slenderman smelt the human, the young child’s fear was way too noticeable for him to not. He proceed to approach the tree the hooded adolescent was hiding behind, but stopped. Slenderman knows hes scared, his job is to make children scared thats just what he did. He turned and tel
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[MMD] BAGGY HOODIE [+DL] :iconsims3ripper:Sims3Ripper 1,478 124 Fan Masky Hoody10 :iconashiva-k-i:Ashiva-K-I 1,359 187 Fan Masky Hoody12 :iconashiva-k-i:Ashiva-K-I 964 228
(Request) Love Me?~Hoodie x Reader
You picked up your pen and looked at the last pink card that was set before you and smiled. 'Best for last!' You thought to yourself and took a small amount of time to think out some sort of cheesy quote until you thought of one and began to jot down in cursive;
    If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.
 ~A.A. Milne

Smiling, you dropped the pen and leaned back to read it from afar. You gave it an approval nod and tucked the letter into the envelope, shutting it with a small heart sticker you found with the rest on the valentines crap from the storage room. 
You knew precisely who would get this specific one. Hoodie. You knew you bo
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Ours - Hoodie x Reader x Masky
Ours – Hoodie x Reader x Masky
The first time you ran into the masked duo was when you went on a walk through the woods late one night. Angry at your parents who had scorned you for failing your science test, a subject you had the most trouble with. Barely holding up a ‘C’ in that class you weren’t surprised when you got the test back to find a big fat ‘F’ in red pen written on it. The grade had lead to an argument and the argument had lead you to flee the house and to the woods. You grumbled curses to yourself as you clenched your first tightly with an angry scowl on your face.
That’s when you heard it, the faint sound of footsteps; two pair of footsteps to be exact. They echoed all around you, making it hard to pin point their location. Turning in a circle you soon faced forward once again and that’s when you saw them. Two males standing in front of you one tall with unruly brown hair, sporting a tan jacket with dark blue skinny jeans a
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Kids - Children! Proxies x Reader
Kids – Children! Proxies x Reader
If there’s one thing you didn’t expect to wake up to, it was to three younger versions of your comrades. Your tired eyes looked at the three eight year olds as they each stood there in your living room. Though they looked like children they still the mind of an adult making for an awkward meeting. “So, uh, what exactly happened?” you asked, scratching the back of your head as you stared at the three. Masky placed his hands on his hips as he glared at you through his mask.
“How the hell should I know, we just woke up like this!” he snapped in a childish voice.
“Hey, watch your language, you may be adults but at the moment your children!” you snapped back. Hoodie hid behind his masked friend who continued to glare at you. “Exactly what are you doing here?” you asked, curious as to why they weren’t with Slender.
“Oh, h-he said t-to give you t-this” Hoodie’s small stu
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