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KyoyaXReader Benefits
    “Kyoya, that girl you’ve been tutoring.. do you like her?” Tamaki asked. Today Tamaki had returned to the Ootori household with Kyoya in order to study. Kyoya didn’t mind this; Tamaki usually comes over at random times to study or just to visit and bother him. Even with such an annoying friend, Kyoya couldn’t imagine having not met the blonde, part French boy with such a flamboyant personality. Kyoya twitched, Tamaki knew that he liked silence when studying and this question made him lose his place in the textbook. Slowly Kyoya looked up at the blonde with a raised eyebrow. Tamaki fidgeted in his seat with a smile, his purple eyes glistening with curiosity. “You’ve been spending a lot of time with her and she has even come to club sometimes to sit at your table. Do you love her?” Tamaki continued and leaned forward, inquiring from Kyoya. The Ootori smirked and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he leaned back a bit in his
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KyoyaXReader Flawed Disguise
     You grabbed the doorknob and carefully pulled the door open. A sweet scent fluttered through the air as rose petals danced their way out the door, lightly brushing against your yellow dress. "Welcome to the Host Club!" Tamaki announced with unshakeable confidence and elegant, practiced arm motions. You blinked your ___ colored eyes and took a step back, your eyes wide with surprise. He seemed like a genuine gentlemen but you still felt a bit uneasy. 'I could have sworn the sign outside of the room read Music room 3' you thought and took another step back. "Uh… I thought this was a music room?" you asked carefully and studied all seven boys dressed in the blue Ouran Academy school uniforms. The blonde teen's attitude didn't waver because people had stumbled into their club room countless times; not knowing the Host Club occupied the room. Even though most students found the room by accident, they would always return to be treated with care by the spectacular male students Tama
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Shading a Gem Step by Step by CGCookie Shading a Gem Step by Step :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 8,791 108
KyoyaXReader Meddling Twins
     "___, wake up!" your mother shouted from the other side of the bedroom door. A groan escaped your lips and you slowly pulled your fluffy ___ colored pillow over your head. "Five more minutes," you called back from beneath the pillow. Your mom turned the door knob and stepped into the room, hands on hips. "You've said that for the last fifteen minutes now. Do you want to see the exhibit or not?" she said, obviously frustrated that you haven't gotten out of the bed yet. 'Exhibit… what exhibit?' you thought and slowly moved the pillow away from your face so that you could see your mother's face. "Well?" she demanded. You blinked your mind still fuzzy since you had just woken up. You mother watched your face and sighed, she knew that look.
    She should have figured that you would forget about the new exhibit in the museum that you had wanted to see. "Aren't you the one that begged me to take you to the medical exhibit at the museum? The one th
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.: Ouran Koukou Host Club :. by Arehandora .: Ouran Koukou Host Club :. :iconarehandora:Arehandora 33,567 3,537
Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch - AU!Levi x Reader
You always had a knack for baking, even when you were young. You’d create grandiose cakes with your mother, host tea parties with your stuffed animals, bake cookies and cupcakes for your friends – it made you happy, filled you with a warmth that no other activity could mimic.
As the years went on and you grew older, you became more adept in your skills. Everyone loved the treats you made; people would pay you to cater sweets to their birthday parties and the like. You’d often get compliments at work; many times children would fawn over your creations and beg their parents to buy more of your delectable goodies. You were undoubtedly a very skilled pastry chef, especially at your young age.
So why was it that your most frequent customer never tasted any of them?
You didn’t know his name, not for sure, all you really knew about him was that he was some sort of businessman and his favourite place to stop by in the morning was the café you worked at. He’d
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CRAZY BEACH by einlee CRAZY BEACH :iconeinlee:einlee 10,108 2,303 Makeover Series - Compilation by Cylent-Nite Makeover Series - Compilation :iconcylent-nite:Cylent-Nite 1,421 124 Honey Cake by DAV-19 Honey Cake :icondav-19:DAV-19 4,021 238 Blue Fairy Wings by JinxMim Blue Fairy Wings :iconjinxmim:JinxMim 592 208 Wall Market by jordangrimmer Wall Market :iconjordangrimmer:jordangrimmer 3,159 89 Patterns 26 - Colorful Patterns Set by Ransie3 Patterns 26 - Colorful Patterns Set :iconransie3:Ransie3 2,503 244
HikaruXReader Love Conquers Fear
    A large crowd had gathered around the billboard in the main hall of Ouran Academy. You spotted one of the twins at the back of the crowd and tapped his shoulder. The twin turned to face you and grinned.  “What’s going on Hikaru?” you asked and his golden eyes widened a bit, he still couldn’t seem to get used to you being able to tell him and Kaoru apart. Hikaru rubbed the back of his head with a small laugh. “Well, the announcements about who will be playing what role in the upcoming play has been put up,” Hikaru explained. You snapped your fingers and smiled. “Oh right, I can’t believe I forgot. You tried out right?” you replied and narrowed your ___ colored eyes at him teasingly. Hikaru nodded his head and smiled, his eyes glancing around for Kaoru. The two of them had tried out and he had wanted to look at the paper with his brother so they could both found out at the same time, but said twin was nowhere in sig
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Eye colour swatches by MarinaSchiffer Eye colour swatches :iconmarinaschiffer:MarinaSchiffer 2,036 174 Stylin' - Honey + Sally by Cylent-Nite Stylin' - Honey + Sally :iconcylent-nite:Cylent-Nite 1,019 241 -Collab- Colors - Stick to the deal- by Drawloverlala -Collab- Colors - Stick to the deal- :icondrawloverlala:Drawloverlala 974 187
OHSHC - A Playdate with Honey. (Honey x Reader)
[NOTE: ' ______ ' - means the 4/3 letters of your name or just nickname like: Miyu-Chan, Jani-Chan, etc.]
"_____-Chan!" Honey exclaimed as he walked towards your desk, holding a pink bunny with a red bow tie around it's neck tightly. "Would you like to have some cake with me and Usa-Chan?!" He asked cheerfully, as he held his pink bunny inches away from your face.
"I would love to, but I need to study for the stupid French quiz tomorrow." You replied, completely ignoring Honey. You just continued reading your notebook which contains French words as such.
"Y-You don't like my Usa-Chan?" Honey frowned, tears forming on the corners of his eyes.
You rolled your eyes and took a look with that bunny he was trying to show you this past days. You stared at the bunny for a moment, wen a slight blush formed on your cheeks. "K-Kawaii..."
Hearing those words, Honey's frown turned into a smile. "Wah? Really?!" Honey asked, hugging you. "You can borrow Usa-Chan, okay?" He the
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Do you want some, Honey? [Speedpaint] by Yamio Do you want some, Honey? [Speedpaint] :iconyamio:Yamio 3,176 414 Kiss Kiss Fall in Love! by yuuike Kiss Kiss Fall in Love! :iconyuuike:yuuike 1,571 242 Anime Expressions by juliette96 Anime Expressions :iconjuliette96:juliette96 3,806 83 .: Queen Bee by Picolo-kun .: Queen Bee :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 5,336 256 Honeyland by PSHoudini Honeyland :iconpshoudini:PSHoudini 483 140 When Flowers Dream by puimun When Flowers Dream :iconpuimun:puimun 1,351 81 Ouran High School Host Club by kuro-mai Ouran High School Host Club :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 10,083 1,663 My Headcanon Future: Fluttershy by Lost-Our-Dreams My Headcanon Future: Fluttershy :iconlost-our-dreams:Lost-Our-Dreams 286 55 Heracross by Zareidy Heracross :iconzareidy:Zareidy 527 83 Big Hero 6 by riku-gurl Big Hero 6 :iconriku-gurl:riku-gurl 2,159 162 Honey by kiki-kit Honey :iconkiki-kit:kiki-kit 1,397 124 Touched by Flame by Nambroth Touched by Flame :iconnambroth:Nambroth 1,952 58 honey and clover by adoration honey and clover :iconadoration:adoration 1,764 165 Honey Walkthrough! by Yamio Honey Walkthrough! :iconyamio:Yamio 2,465 113
What is marriage....? KankriXReader
TRIGGERWARNINGS! TW#awkward moments TW# honey moon talk TW# cursing (obviously from Karkat) TW# Not tagging triggers TW# my quick version of marriage if attempting to describe it to a troll TW# Romcoms TW# human culture
"Now it is time to watch MY movie!" You said loudly as you wiped the remnants of tears from the corner of your eyes.
Karkat had promised that after watching one of his Romcoms you both would watch one of your, as Karkat put it, "SHITTY EARTH MOVIES".
"FINE BUT HURRY THE FUCK UP" He grumbled as he readjusted himself on the couch.
You quickly opened the CD case and plopped it into the CD player before rushing over to snuggled up beside your half of the couch.
"What are y9u 69th d9ing?" Asked the curious voice of Kankri.
"Karkat, I w9uld appreciate if y9
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Honey Kiss by Goldenwolf Honey Kiss :icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 5,749 715 Fallen Star by Lilyas Fallen Star :iconlilyas:Lilyas 2,489 115 Love Is War - 03 by shiroang Love Is War - 03 :iconshiroang:shiroang 1,783 122 Off to do my Duty by johnjoseco Off to do my Duty :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 7,272 410 honey-chan no kazoku by Cylent-Nite honey-chan no kazoku :iconcylent-nite:Cylent-Nite 430 64
Operation Birthday Cake (Hunny x Reader)
Operation Birthday Cake (Hunny x Reader)
You walked down the giant peach coloured hall in Ouran Academy. You sighed heavily as everyone walked past you, chatting and laughing with each other. You were always like this as you were afraid of what people thought of you. Keeping a low profile was what you were best at and seemed pretty easy at this school. Almost no one knew who you were, not even the host club remembered who you were, but that was what you wanted in the first place. You were an extremely bright and happy person but you choose not to show it. You quickly walked past the school gates and entered your family car. It was nothing special really as you were not rich like a majority of the students but you weren't poor either. In other words, you were comfortable. You closed the door of the car and sat down, letting the air from outside come into the car.
"____, do you have any idea as to what you want for your birthday tomorrow?" Your mother asked, smiling at you through the mi
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