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In-Depth Fantroll Questionnaire
Here Is a Really long, Very in-Depth questionnaire to really get to know your troll OC. You should come into this with an idea of what your character is like, or else you will get stuck. You can use this as much as you want, just if you post it anywhere, link back to me! And if you want, put a link in the comments. I would love to see your guys fantrolls. Some of the questions are very general, while others are Alternia- specific. I wrote them as if "you" are the character, but you can answer them in third person if you want. Feel free to skip questions, because, trust me, there's alot of em. But try to answer them all! Now, Enough from me, let's get started!
What is your full name?
What’s your Blood color? (Land or seadweller?)
What is your Trolltag and typing quirk?
How’s your vocabulary? Any particular phrase you like to use?
How old are you? When’s your Wriggling day?? (Link to an Alternian calendar in the description)
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The Concept of Pailing and Troll Anatomy
The Concept of Pailing, Troll Anatomy, and Troll Developement.
by DementeDxACE
The trolls reproductive cycle is truly a concept shrouded in mystery. The reproductive organs  used still a secret on canon terms to many of us avid fans. Plenty of headcanons have been created to atone for this absence in knowledge. Many popular ones tend to resurface again and again. My own ideals on the anatomy of trolls are fairly similar to some of these widely known headcanons.
Most likely, the best method to describe anatomy would be to start with the actual method of reproduction itself. Filling buckets. The need for concupiscent partners is actual far more urgent on Alternia, and is more likely to be a stress filled action with the amount of weight such an action holds for trolls. It is far more complex a thing than your usual instincts for reproduction. When the Imperial Drones appear at a hive door, you had better be able to fill the Filial Pails with genetic material or face an immediate dea
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The Grand Highblood x Human!Reader (Part 4)
When you awoke, you were in a some kind of bed. It was make-shift, you could tell. All it was were blankets made of the fur of beasts on the floor. You couldn't complain, it was comfortable. But how in the fuck did you get here? Where was Karkat?
As you examined your room, which had a small dresser next to your bed and a mirror hanging a few inches over it, you realized how small it was. Perhaps another prison, forbidding you from speaking to the other prisoners. Forbidding you to speak to Karkat.
You felt tears prick at your eyes and as you raised your hands to wipe them away. Then, you realized, they were wrapped in bandages. You stared, wide-eyed, for a few moments before your hand snaked up to touch your cheek. Bandaged. All the bandages were clean, free from any spot of blood. How long have you been here?
Suddenly, you heard the door opening. You recoiled once again and you slammed your body up against the corner of the wall... as if that would save you. Who you saw entering the r
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Random Homestuck Troll Character Facts
(1)Aradia Megido once finished "The song that never ends".
(2)Tavros Nitram can set ants on fire with a magnifying glass. At night.
(3)Time waits for no man, unless that man is Sollux Captor.
(4)Godzilla is a Japanese rendition of Karkat Vantas's first visit to Tokyo.
(5)Nepeta Leijon does not hunt because the word hunting implies the possibility of failure. Nepeta Leijon goes killing.
(6)Kanaya Maryam does not need to "style" her hair. It lays perfectly in place out of sheer terror.
(7)Terezi Pyrope can taste lies.
(8)Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Behind every dead man, there is Vriska Serket.
(9)TNT was originally made by Equius Zahhak to help indigestion.
(10)"Let the bodies hit the floor" was originally written to be Gamzee Makara's theme song.
(11)When you say "no one is perfect", Eridan Ampora takes this as a personal insult.
(12)Contrary to popular belief, the Titanic didn't hit an iceberg. The ship was off course and accidentally ran into Feferi Peixes while sh
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Karkat x Reader - I didn't know
((Cussing, you have been warned))
-- ectoBiologist [EB] began pestering carcinoGeneticist [CG] at 10:18 --
[10:18] EB: She's totally into you
[10:19] EB: Just the fact that whenever you're around she can't take her eyes off of you
[10:19] EB: Seriously, Karkat, you're pretty dumb not to see this
[10:20] EB: You've gotta say something to her
[10:20] EB: Alright then, just live the rest of your life never knowing...
   You debated about putting anything away in your living room. Of course you didn't want him to think that you were a slob, but maybe cleaning up would be too obvious that you were incredibly nervous? With another look around you decided that everything was clean enough to look casual, not overly clean o
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The Grand Highblood x Human!Reader (Part 1)
You didn't know where they were leading you, you were blinded. The onyx scarf tied multiple times over your eyes were blocking out any sort of visual you could have had. The only thing you heard were the clanking of chains, the broken and terrified sobs of the ones who had been taken as well. There was a ball gag in your mouth, forcing you to choke back your own words. The scarf was soaked from your tears as you trudged along the line of doomed trolls and humans. The blue bloods had raided their towns in search of "sacrifices to the Dark Carnival". You had no idea what that meant, but you knew you were going to die.
All that you could wonder--what is the Dark Carnival? Some sort of afterlife or god? It had to be. You were lost in your own thoughts, trying to dislocate yourself from reality when the harsh tugging on your chains put your mind into perspective. The metal scrapped against your already raw wrists and caused you to bite your lip in pain. You refused to make a sound, refused
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Homestuck X Reader - Late Night Visit
Author's Note:  Alrighty my various bros and brosettes, if you hadn't guessed it already, this is an AU where the trolls had already played Sgrub but hadn't run into Jack and their planet wasn't destroyed.  That way, a majority of their hives are still intact and no one (or at least most of them) haven't died yet.  I hope you find this setting to your liking as you read, and be sure to READ THE DESCRIPTION~
It was Saturday, 12:10 to be exact.  You were out taking a walk through one of your favorite spots on the trolls' planet:  a large, dense woodland full of the whispering of leaves, the calls of many hidden birds, and the quiet steady crunching of your shoes on the brown gravel path you were following.  The large leafy bushes that flanked your path were filled with the scufflings of tiny creatures darting about looking for food while trying to avoid detection.  A cool breeze lifted your (h/l) (h/c) hair behind you as you kept on, the strange brigh
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Horuss X Reader - Late Night Visit
...Horuss.  You grinned, trying to hide any of your previous apprehension at visiting your secret crush's hive.
"Hi Horuss," you say raising a hand and giving a tiny wave.  "Can I come in?"
The blue-blooded troll saw you at the door and quickly ducked behind it again, eliciting a confused look from you.  He had had his goggles pulled up, revealing his bright, blue eyes which looked slightly red and puffy around the edges.  You’d glimpsed dark circles under his eyes and saw that his ponytail was even messier than it normally was.  It slightly concerned you.
Horuss appeard a moment later, his goggles pulled down, his hair looking a little more groomed, and an overly cheerful smile plastered on his face.  You quirked a brow as he nodded quickly and invited you in.
“Yes, please do come in, ______.”  You gave a slight nod in thanks and stepped inside as he closed the door behind you.  You turned to him questioningly when he didn
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LittleKarkatXReaderXKankri ~Mornings
You were tired. No, tired was an understatement. YOU WERE EXHAUSTED! But you couldn't complain. Oh no. You had to asked if Kankri needed any help with anything and that was the moment that created this exact moment.
Getting Karkat ready for Daycare.
Kankri, the bastard, knew you detested waking up at such ungodly hours. Plus you don't think Karkat liked you much if at all.
Kankri had left you a spare key allowing you access into his hive to wake his sleeping bundle of-
"Looks like someone's grumpy from waking up." You cooed sarcastically as you got to his level and mushed his chubby cheeks together.
He smacked your hands away before crossing his arms around himself protectively.
"You look like a little imitation of a Kankri, Karkat." You smiled.
"Now let's hurry and get you ready before Kankri come in and sees you not ready." You said cutting off Karkat's cursin
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Cronus X Reader - Late Night Visit
...Cronus.  You grinned, trying to hide any of your previous apprehension at visiting your secret crush's hive.
"Hi Cronus," you say raising a hand and giving a tiny wave.  "Can I come in?"
The sea-dweller grinned when he saw who it was at his door.  He opened it wider, placing one of his hands on his hip.
"Hey there, kitten, I vwas vwondering vwhen you were going to showv up," he said, speaking around the unlit cigarette that he always had hanging out of his mouth.   You tried to suppress a shiver as he called you by one of your favorite nicknames.  Sure, he called a lot of the other girls the same thing (when he wasn't calling them "huge glubbing bitches"), but you liked to think that the way he said it to you was different.  He didn't say it with a smirk or a glare, he just smiled and gazed at you softly.
"So, did you bring your suit, or are vwe going skinny dipping?" he teased.  Happy shiver gone.  You rolled your eyes and pulled off y
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Eridan X Reader - Late Night Visit
...Eridan.  You grinned, trying to hide any of your previous apprehension at visiting your secret crush's hive.
"Hi Eridan," you say raising a hand and giving a tiny wave.  "Can I come in?"
The royal-blooded troll stared for a moment, wondering if perhaps this was a cruel prank being played on him by one of the other trolls, mocking his lack of real friends.  He also wondered if perhaps you were here to make fun of him for finally caving in and building a hive on land as he'd been wanting to do for a while.  He spent so much time out of the sea that it only made sense for him to keep a second hive on land.  However, other trolls, particularly low bloods and other sea dwellers, had been giving him a particularly hard
time based on his decision.
The sea dweller (er- land and sea dweller) looked you up and down warily.  "Hey ______..."
A moment of awkward silence passed.  "Uh...Eridan, are you going to let me in?"  The high-blooded troll still hesit
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Kankri X Reader - Late Night Visit
...Kankri.  You grinned, trying to hide any of your previous apprehension at visiting your secret crush's hive.
"Hi Kankri," you say raising a hand and giving a tiny wave.  "Can I come in?"
The red-blooded troll had been standing behind his door, warily looking out at who it was knocking on his door.  When he realized it was you, he came out from behind the door and gave you a polite nod.  He seemed much more calm now that he was sure it wasn't some troll that had come to complain about his lecturing.
"Ah, yes, ______," he said.  "You may most certainly come into my hive."  Suddenly, his eyes open and he looks at you carefully for a second.  "You aren't just 'visiting' me because someone paid you to, are you?  Trigger warning:  #Impertinence #Conspiring #Falsifying."
You merely gave a sigh through your nose and looked him straight in the eyes.  "No, Kankri," you began, "I'm definitely not here to trick you or pull some kind of pr
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Sollux X Reader - Late Night Visit
...Sollux.  You grinned, trying to hide any of your previous apprehension at visiting your secret crush's hive.
"Hi Sollux," you say raising a hand and giving a tiny wave.  "Can I come in?"
The yellow-blooded troll perked up at seeing you on his doorstep.  "Oh, hey ______!  Come on in," he said, opening the door wider for you.  You smiled and walked in as he shut the door to his hive behind you and locked it.  You turned when he didn't move from the door, a questioning look on your face, when you saw him yawning and rubbing his red and blue eyes, his glasses in one hand.
"Sol, have you been sleeping lately?"  He looked utterly exhausted and the dark skin under his eyes was looking even darker than usual.  He shook his head and fixed you in his glowing gaze.  "No, not really.  I haven't gotten any thleep in dayth.  I've been too buthy thettling into my new hive."
After his accident, Sollux had destroyed his communal hive stem and was forced to build a new hive.  You had insisted on him
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