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SHOOSH THE GAMZEE by NamiOki SHOOSH THE GAMZEE :iconnamioki:NamiOki 5,698 2,220 gamzee tutorial part 1 by b00ts gamzee tutorial part 1 :iconb00ts:b00ts 1,178 124 gamzee tutorial part 2 by b00ts gamzee tutorial part 2 :iconb00ts:b00ts 426 14 gamzee tutorial part 3 by b00ts gamzee tutorial part 3 :iconb00ts:b00ts 605 130 Look At Me. by HeyThereYoungDreamer Look At Me. :iconheythereyoungdreamer:HeyThereYoungDreamer 2,428 425 Stuck on Steampunk by IWANNASEEMORE Stuck on Steampunk :iconiwannaseemore:IWANNASEEMORE 403 59 Militarystuck by nekozneko Militarystuck :iconnekozneko:nekozneko 2,302 137 Yet Another Homestuck Stamp by AlClair Yet Another Homestuck Stamp :iconalclair:AlClair 10,065 1,203 Water Tribe:  Gamzee Makara by Kamden Water Tribe: Gamzee Makara :iconkamden:Kamden 1,469 149 Gamzee Makara by Timeless-Knight Gamzee Makara :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 913 105 Homestuck_Doodles_3 by Panikari Homestuck_Doodles_3 :iconpanikari:Panikari 666 109 purple haze by pupukachoo purple haze :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 1,612 48 Homestuck - Gamzee and faygo by Rika-Wawa Homestuck - Gamzee and faygo :iconrika-wawa:Rika-Wawa 9,772 598
Kurloz Makara x FEMReader Purple Dreams ch3
Soothing sounds of melodic instruments began playing. What I had seen to be a luxurious hall filled to the brim with trolls in fancy outfits, to what seemed of a masquerade occasion, I looked down at myself, I was wearing a nice looking dress. It was purple with black lace covering it, touching the mask, the music slowed down and people began to flow across the dance floor, revealing only what my dreams could muster up. Kurloz in a tux with grey-like lines racing up from the bottom of the fabric to the top, his mask was that of a skulls. It kind of gave him away.
 I looked around, everyone had disappeared, leaving Kurloz and I alone, standing in front of each other.
Kurloz began to walk closer, and closer, the hall behind him slowly disappearing until he was right in front of me, black surrounding us. Kurloz leaned in slowly, his eyes gazing intently into mine through his mask. Beginning to think he was about to kiss me, I leaned in as well, I was so wrong, putting his finger pres
:iconchochiosu:Chochiosu 162 132
ARE YOU NEXT?! :o) by DarkHeartache ARE YOU NEXT?! :o) :icondarkheartache:DarkHeartache 421 42 dirty gamzee by vesabean dirty gamzee :iconvesabean:vesabean 2,130 239
Kurloz Makara x FEMReader Purple Dreams ch1
My earliest memory. The starting point of where I am now. This memory, was it a blessing? Or that of a sin?
 I couldn't tell.
That memory I cherish so closely but so cautiously, defined what I know now, and defines that of which I do not know.
 Rather than a sin or blessing, a chance, for better or for worse, it was a chance.
I've heard the stories, the rumors about the mute girl, never once showing expression since the day she was found. Rumors on which start as a fact but being so used and stretched, that it is a lie beyond one could comprehend.
 She never asked for this, she never knew why this was her fate, and, I still don't.
I'm not mute, nor do I never show emotion, they just believe what they hear and believe what they see, not once have they looked pasted that. Not once have they listened in so deeply, so determinedly, that in the midst of the silent abyss, there's a small voice, that of a girl, wanting someone to be there and to just listen. Not once have they
:iconchochiosu:Chochiosu 192 27
eighty six by implodes eighty six :iconimplodes:implodes 535 26 hOnK hOnk HONK by DarkHeartache hOnK hOnk HONK :icondarkheartache:DarkHeartache 457 66 Old Friends by Nirrum Old Friends :iconnirrum:Nirrum 1,177 42 [S] Gamzee: Do the Bard-man by LingeringSentiments [S] Gamzee: Do the Bard-man :iconlingeringsentiments:LingeringSentiments 210 87 GAMZEE by Timeless-Knight GAMZEE :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 663 128 Gamzee by MachoPie Gamzee :iconmachopie:MachoPie 1,392 106 Gamzee by Timeless-Knight Gamzee :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 870 121 fAnCy dReAm by DarkHeartache fAnCy dReAm :icondarkheartache:DarkHeartache 382 32 Almost Sober by IWANNASEEMORE Almost Sober :iconiwannaseemore:IWANNASEEMORE 382 74 Three by Kitkaloid Three :iconkitkaloid:Kitkaloid 1,377 54 Special fairydust by BLooDy-TeaRs-PanThEr Special fairydust :iconbloody-tears-panther:BLooDy-TeaRs-PanThEr 212 64 Dark Carnival Canvas Shoes :o) by shadowmer92 Dark Carnival Canvas Shoes :o) :iconshadowmer92:shadowmer92 220 35 CALM YO TITS by Kitkaloid CALM YO TITS :iconkitkaloid:Kitkaloid 1,570 118 best buddys by DarkHeartache best buddys :icondarkheartache:DarkHeartache 280 23 Homestuck - Gamzee by Rika-Wawa Homestuck - Gamzee :iconrika-wawa:Rika-Wawa 773 43 Love Is A Losing Game. by HeyThereYoungDreamer Love Is A Losing Game. :iconheythereyoungdreamer:HeyThereYoungDreamer 692 78
Miracle Two
You can be the peanut butter to my jelly
You can be the faygo fizzing in my belly
You can be my bro and I can be your best mate
You can be the chills I feel on our first date
You can be Pupa Pan and I can be your faerie
You can be there for me when I get scary
You can be scratches that are up across my skin
Or you can be the miracle I see in the mornin'
Don't know if I could ever be
Without you cause boy you complete me
And in time I know that we'll both see
That we're all we need
Cause your the faygo to my pie
Your the troll to my pail
Your the happy to my high
And your gonna be my moirail
Cause your the one for me
And I'm the one for you
You take the both of us
And we're the miracle two
We're the miracle two
We're the miracle two
Tavros me and you
We're the miracle two
You can be the hero and I can be the villian
You can be the one to make me alright again
You can be the crowd and I can be the juggler
You can be the one I'm completely flushed for
You can be the joke and I can be the
:iconblackrougeraven:BlackRougeRaven 34 24
Another HS Tumblr Dump by Squidbiscuit Another HS Tumblr Dump :iconsquidbiscuit:Squidbiscuit 689 121 Homestuck_Doodles_2 by Panikari Homestuck_Doodles_2 :iconpanikari:Panikari 691 70 shooosh by chienoir shooosh :iconchienoir:chienoir 1,065 36 Gamzee Makara, HONK. by AxidenProne Gamzee Makara, HONK. :iconaxidenprone:AxidenProne 245 43
Little clown.
Little clown, Little clown.
What have you done?
Little clown, Little clown,
Theres nowere to run.
You see the flaws.
The hole is there.
Your never tame.
And you dont care.
You live a dream,
Its all imagination.
And locked inside your body,
Is a horrible creation.
It destroys.
It harms,
Its why many have died.
And you promised yourself,
You would never cry.
Dont wake up.
You have to deal with this everyday pain,
Because you know it runs in your veins.
From one of you to another,
The insanity carries on,
Keeping you awake,
Yet still dreaming,
From night till dawn.
Keep dreaming little clown,
Keep dreaming.
Little clown, Little clown,
Its not in your head.
Little clown, Little clown,
Everyones dead.
:iconpatience-chii:Patience-Chii 28 10
Lets beat up Equius by NamiOki Lets beat up Equius :iconnamioki:NamiOki 688 178 Homestuck: Gamzee - Minecraft by MorgantheKeaton Homestuck: Gamzee - Minecraft :iconmorganthekeaton:MorgantheKeaton 354 94 krabby kat by loonytwin krabby kat :iconloonytwin:loonytwin 1,006 39
Kurloz Makara x FEMReader Purple Dreams ch2
When I had reached my room, after grabbing a snack from the kitchen, Kurloz was sitting there, looking around my room and spotting recent addings to my collection, giving them a good stare then moved on. I placed the tray of food down I had pinched on the dresser table, that seemed a bit too fancy for me, it was made out of a complete gold like substance with purple gems decorating it. I walked over to Kurloz, "Hey [name]." he signed, smiling as much as he could, I felt special that I heared his voice before he decided to shut it off forever, I missed it.
"Hey Kurloz." I replied, giving him a smile before I retreated to my closet, looking over my sleeping garments, separated from everyday clothes to fancy clothes on special occasions.
Kurloz sneaked up behind me and placed his hand on my own, which was about to grab an item of clothing. I stopped and looked at him, he eyed the area and spotted what he wanted, the clothing he especially got for me, a full body suit of a skeleton, the bo
:iconchochiosu:Chochiosu 107 23
Bloody rainbow by Timeless-Knight Bloody rainbow :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 470 91 A sOnG fOr My BrOs - Homestuck AU by Saku-x A sOnG fOr My BrOs - Homestuck AU :iconsaku-x:Saku-x 186 54 Cookin With Gamzee by MelvisMD Cookin With Gamzee :iconmelvismd:MelvisMD 762 106 Highbloods by Spritetacular Highbloods :iconspritetacular:Spritetacular 629 36 homestuff by Nadiezda homestuff :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 506 23 Homestuffed Contest prizes by Squidbiscuit Homestuffed Contest prizes :iconsquidbiscuit:Squidbiscuit 580 35 Gamtav by Biology-of-Pencils Gamtav :iconbiology-of-pencils:Biology-of-Pencils 341 22