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SHOOSH THE GAMZEE by NamiOki SHOOSH THE GAMZEE :iconnamioki:NamiOki 5,698 2,220
Grub!Gamzee x Reader: Don't Leave Me
You hummed your favorite song cheerfully as you finished folding your laundry, placing them into neat piles on your bed. The trolls were so kind to give you a bed instead of making you sleep in slime, which you weren't really sure you'd be able to do. The thought alone made you cringe in disgust. You wondered how Gamzee could stand to eat the stuff anyway, it smelled like plastic.
All of the trolls had been so nice, well, most of them. They had found you sitting calmly on a meteor after the earth had exploded (calmly wailing and biting your nails in anxiety), they were kind enough to take you in. Well, Kanaya was the one who insisted that they help you, being the motherly and caring troll that she was. After a while of living with them, though, they all seemed to warm up to you. Especially Gamzee...he was so sweet. He seemed to like you a lot, but you never knew for sure. He would sneak up behind you a lot and honk his horn, or sometimes he would just wal
:iconinu-neesan:Inu-Neesan 656 210
gamzee tutorial part 1 by b00ts gamzee tutorial part 1 :iconb00ts:b00ts 1,178 124
Third Time's The Charm (GamzeeXReader)
    You were the bookworm type, quiet and tried to avoid 99% of all social contact. So you were asking yourself, why would you, for all that is holy, come to this party where you knew your crush was going to be?! Oh well that was the reason, and that Nepeta was a scary kitty when someone wouldn't do as she asked especially if it had to do with her ships.
    You looked around the living room unable to quell the urge to run but your fears of Nepeta were stronger than your need to be alone. And just like Nepeta had said, everyone and their momma was there. Karkat was standing in a corner like you glaring at everyone, Terezi was trying to make him react in at least some way to her flirting, John and Vriska were watching con-air as Dave sat beside them looking bored, Sollux was ignoring everyone typing away on his husktop, Tavros and Gamzee were chatting by the snack table, nepeta and equius were talking and looking around the room, rose and jade were looking
:iconkoyukizaku:KoyukiZaku 458 223
Gamzee by doubleleaf Gamzee :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 5,326 497 gamzee tutorial part 2 by b00ts gamzee tutorial part 2 :iconb00ts:b00ts 426 14 Armature Plush - Gamzee Makara by pupukachoo Armature Plush - Gamzee Makara :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 1,085 97 Kurloz Makara and Meulin Leijon by nekozneko Kurloz Makara and Meulin Leijon :iconnekozneko:nekozneko 2,061 67 gamzee tutorial part 3 by b00ts gamzee tutorial part 3 :iconb00ts:b00ts 605 130 Look At Me. by HeyThereYoungDreamer Look At Me. :iconheythereyoungdreamer:HeyThereYoungDreamer 2,428 425 Gamzee vs. Grand Highblood by C33you Gamzee vs. Grand Highblood :iconc33you:C33you 1,813 240
Burn One- A GamTav fanfiction
Summary:  Your name is Gamzee Motherfucking Makara, and you aren't a good motherfucker when you're sober. That's why Karkat sent you to this place- so you could get better. You aren't going to get better. Nothing would change your habit, not Karkat, not Tavros- No one. And frankly, you're okay with that.
  Warnings (Feel free to skip them if you don't care):
Before we start, I'd just like to say that drugs are bad, kiddies. You should never aspire to be as dependent on drugs as Gamzee is in this story. Don't aspire to be that dependent on anything. Another warning- I have never been on drugs, nor have I ever been to a rehab clinic. This story will probably be a (very large) stretch from what it's really like (in fact, I'm pretty sure Rehab Clinics work nothing like how I portray them), but I will try my best to convey realism. Yeah, so… Don't take it too seriously.
  Now that that's over with, this story is for my girlfriend. I hope she likes
:iconsailormoon1fan:sailormoon1fan 142 68
Trickster Kurloz Makara and Meulin Leijon by nekozneko Trickster Kurloz Makara and Meulin Leijon :iconnekozneko:nekozneko 1,743 59 Ohgodgamzee by pupukachoo Ohgodgamzee :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 514 23 Stuck on Steampunk by IWANNASEEMORE Stuck on Steampunk :iconiwannaseemore:IWANNASEEMORE 403 59 Militarystuck by nekozneko Militarystuck :iconnekozneko:nekozneko 2,302 137 Homestuck Gamzee by DZIU09 Homestuck Gamzee :icondziu09:DZIU09 1,424 95 gamzee no by mr-radicals-art gamzee no :iconmr-radicals-art:mr-radicals-art 2,890 426 Yet Another Homestuck Stamp by AlClair Yet Another Homestuck Stamp :iconalclair:AlClair 10,065 1,203 Homestuck: Just trollin' by PrinceKarakuri Homestuck: Just trollin' :iconprincekarakuri:PrinceKarakuri 255 53
Sober!GamzeeXReader: Why?
Tears rolling from your eyes and your mouth was slightly ajar
The sight before your eye's was your boy friend covered head to toe in blood and the head of your best friend was dangling from his grasp the expression on her face was showed she was terrified
Blood was dripping from where the rest of her body was supposed to be attached her red blood forming a puddle below onto the dirty
"gamzee...why" you whispered out
His piercing black eyes met with your (E/C) one's
A 3 clawed scratch ran over the middle of his face the white makeup was running down his neck into his blood splattered shirt "Why?" His smile grew larger if that was even possible "I have to kill all of you" His eye twitched
The tears kept running down your face as you stared at your boyfriend
.......this isn't the Gamzee you knew........
.............this was a monster....................
You snapped out your daze as you heard steps and his figure moved closer you
Your body automatically took a step
:iconmadmancosplays:MadManCosplays 85 21
Water Tribe:  Gamzee Makara by Kamden Water Tribe: Gamzee Makara :iconkamden:Kamden 1,469 149 Gamzee Makara by Timeless-Knight Gamzee Makara :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 913 105 The Twelve Trolls of the Zodiac by LingeringSentiments The Twelve Trolls of the Zodiac :iconlingeringsentiments:LingeringSentiments 275 83 Militarystuck Trolls - HOMESTUCK by Galefic Militarystuck Trolls - HOMESTUCK :icongalefic:Galefic 575 33 Homestuck_Doodles_3 by Panikari Homestuck_Doodles_3 :iconpanikari:Panikari 666 109 purple haze by pupukachoo purple haze :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 1,612 48 Homestuck - Gamzee and faygo by Rika-Wawa Homestuck - Gamzee and faygo :iconrika-wawa:Rika-Wawa 9,772 598 HS: gamzee by Quere HS: gamzee :iconquere:Quere 1,309 65 Brorailmance by chibigaby Brorailmance :iconchibigaby:chibigaby 658 89
Kurloz Makara x FEMReader Purple Dreams ch3
Soothing sounds of melodic instruments began playing. What I had seen to be a luxurious hall filled to the brim with trolls in fancy outfits, to what seemed of a masquerade occasion, I looked down at myself, I was wearing a nice looking dress. It was purple with black lace covering it, touching the mask, the music slowed down and people began to flow across the dance floor, revealing only what my dreams could muster up. Kurloz in a tux with grey-like lines racing up from the bottom of the fabric to the top, his mask was that of a skulls. It kind of gave him away.
 I looked around, everyone had disappeared, leaving Kurloz and I alone, standing in front of each other.
Kurloz began to walk closer, and closer, the hall behind him slowly disappearing until he was right in front of me, black surrounding us. Kurloz leaned in slowly, his eyes gazing intently into mine through his mask. Beginning to think he was about to kiss me, I leaned in as well, I was so wrong, putting his finger pres
:iconchochiosu:Chochiosu 162 132
ARE YOU NEXT?! :o) by DarkHeartache ARE YOU NEXT?! :o) :icondarkheartache:DarkHeartache 421 42 dirty gamzee by vesabean dirty gamzee :iconvesabean:vesabean 2,130 239 Homestuck: off to prom by animegirl000 Homestuck: off to prom :iconanimegirl000:animegirl000 1,532 37 Gamzee Iron-On Template by ShiroChaan Gamzee Iron-On Template :iconshirochaan:ShiroChaan 404 32
Kurloz Makara x FEMReader Purple Dreams ch1
My earliest memory. The starting point of where I am now. This memory, was it a blessing? Or that of a sin?
 I couldn't tell.
That memory I cherish so closely but so cautiously, defined what I know now, and defines that of which I do not know.
 Rather than a sin or blessing, a chance, for better or for worse, it was a chance.
I've heard the stories, the rumors about the mute girl, never once showing expression since the day she was found. Rumors on which start as a fact but being so used and stretched, that it is a lie beyond one could comprehend.
 She never asked for this, she never knew why this was her fate, and, I still don't.
I'm not mute, nor do I never show emotion, they just believe what they hear and believe what they see, not once have they looked pasted that. Not once have they listened in so deeply, so determinedly, that in the midst of the silent abyss, there's a small voice, that of a girl, wanting someone to be there and to just listen. Not once have they
:iconchochiosu:Chochiosu 192 27
eighty six by implodes eighty six :iconimplodes:implodes 535 26
Through the Wall (Karkat x Reader) 2/2
I surveyed the darkening sky as dusk settled in, the warmth of the (coffee/tea/hot chocolate) heating my fingertips. Karkat’s first two classes were canceled and I had free time on my hands so when he pestered me I didn’t think twice. Carefully balancing the two drinks, I slipped inside Karkat’s unlocked apartment.
I couldn’t help but beam as I thought about how I had managed to coerce Karkat into agreeing to spend our time watching movies, a horror movie at that. At first he had fought to see a comedy, romance movies had been out of the question the last few weeks, but offering to make (drink) had sealed the deal. He didn’t need to know I had already made it before he called.
With a bounce in my step, I sauntered down the hallway intent on waiting for him on his couch like normal but I stopped halfway. Karkat’s door was open for once, normally he was pretty particular about his privacy. Shuffling from inside drew me in. A mischievous s
:iconsybellaxstrange:SybellaxStrange 189 63
hOnK hOnk HONK by DarkHeartache hOnK hOnk HONK :icondarkheartache:DarkHeartache 457 66
Grubssitting/babysitting! (Homestuck x reader)
Hi-llo! Before we start, I just want to say Hi, and I finally decided to post something! I've been carefully planning This thing out, and I will post them. I will take request on what comes first, but I'm very lazy so this may take some time to come out!

It was a rainy afternoon sometime around the colder days of fall. You were wrapped up in a nice warm blanket with a cup of (Favorite hot Beverage). You were watching (Favorite show), when you heard your Phone go off. You groan, not wanting to move form your comfy position to walk to the other side of the room. After a while it went to voicemail, then rang again. You sigh, only one person would call you two times in a row if you didn't answer the first. You still didn't want to get up, so you attempted to use the force to bring it to you. You're not a Jedi, so get up and get it. You groan and hiss as your feet touch the cold floor. 
"Hello, you've reached hell, resident speaking."
"YO gurl! Hey, rememba how
:iconnevereverafter1234:nevereverafter1234 139 75
Seagoat Dad Cosplay by Brixyfire Seagoat Dad Cosplay :iconbrixyfire:Brixyfire 187 84 Old Friends by Nirrum Old Friends :iconnirrum:Nirrum 1,177 42 [S] Gamzee: Do the Bard-man by LingeringSentiments [S] Gamzee: Do the Bard-man :iconlingeringsentiments:LingeringSentiments 210 87 GAMZEE by Timeless-Knight GAMZEE :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 663 128 Gamzee by MachoPie Gamzee :iconmachopie:MachoPie 1,392 106 Gamzee by Timeless-Knight Gamzee :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 870 121 fAnCy dReAm by DarkHeartache fAnCy dReAm :icondarkheartache:DarkHeartache 382 32 Gamzee Grub by Cursed-cat Gamzee Grub :iconcursed-cat:Cursed-cat 1,266 79 Almost Sober by IWANNASEEMORE Almost Sober :iconiwannaseemore:IWANNASEEMORE 382 74