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True Friends by conniiption True Friends :iconconniiption:conniiption 1,702 139
Show me your smile (Dirk x Reader)
(A/N) There is literally ONE SWEAR WORD IN HERE. So yeah. Enjoy! :D
She smiled at him, hiding the feelings that she felt behind it. The smile that could trick everyone into thinking she was fine. She was a pro at using it. She thought he never noticed. She thought no one noticed or even remotely cared about it. It had gotten to the point where she couldn't even show her real smile. She didn't even know what her real smile looked like anymore.
"See you later, Dirk!" She smiled with that same emotionless smile again. He waved as they both parted ways in the street. Dirk Strider lived across from her, always walking her home and making sure she got home safe as well. The neighborhood they lived in wasn't the safest place, but it was still liveable. They had been friends since the first day they started grade one. Dirk and (Y/N) had spent most of their lives as best friends, making it inevitable that his f
:iconkekerox1:KekeRox1 268 63
It's never too late (Dirk x Reader)
Trigger Warning: #swearing #suicide #depression #slight OOC
Dirk realized it too late. He didn't know she was hurting so much inside. He didn't know she had been suffering alone, not even talking to anyone about it. Not even him.
That is, until she left him a message on his pesterchum.
I'm sorry, but everything has gotten really hard for me to bare. I can't take the insults and abuse anymore. I won't make this long but I need to get this off my chest before... before I'm gone.
Dirk, I love you. I always have since we first met in junior year. You really made me happy.
But I know you won't return the feelings. Don't feel bad! I'm just glad I got to love you.
This is going to be the last time you'll ever hear from me. I'm sorry.
Goodbye Dirk.

And so he ran. He didn't care about the fact that his brothers were yelling at him to get back in the apartment. He didn't care that his heart was racing, that his
:iconkekerox1:KekeRox1 186 91
Tutorial - Dirk Shades by ChibiEdo Tutorial - Dirk Shades :iconchibiedo:ChibiEdo 1,109 110 Love Was Made for Me and You by Jotaku Love Was Made for Me and You :iconjotaku:Jotaku 2,090 95
Dirk x Reader (Really really short)~ Sugoi as hell
"Come on [Name]. You promised me," Dirk called out to the bathroom door, slightly ajar. His lopsided smirk complimented his now shades-less face, his hair slightly disheveled.
"No! This makes me look...ridiculous!" retorted a meek voice from the bathroom. Dirk sighed and stood up, knocking on the wall besides the door with his smirk still firmly into place. 
"C'mon. I dressed up and acted like Johnny Depp for an entire night just for you. Now it's your turn."
He backed away from the door, crossing his arms and waiting. Finally, the door creaked open and out walked [Name], wearing an uncouthly short maid outfit, complete with hairband and stockings, the whole deal. Dirk couldn't see her face, since she was staring at the ground, but he could guess she was blushing profusely. He chuckled and took a long time to look her up and down, taking in every detail before stepping forward and wrapping his arms around her.
"How do I look?" she asked timidly, leaning against him as
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 245 39
Strider Charm: Bro/Dirk x Reader
You watched as the dark haired girl squealed in excitement, flinging her arms around the cool kid’s neck. Strider seemed to have finally worked up the nerve to ask Jade to Prom. If it wasn’t so unironic, you’d probably have grinned in pride.  Well, your work here was done and it was now time to return to the Bat Cave, even though Dirk insisted you not call it that. That, and you needed to pick up non perishable food.
Soon enough, you were letting yourself in to Casa de Strider, sidestepping upon entry with an armful of paper bag to avoid a katana. “Not now Dirk,” you said after setting the bag on what little counter space was available and began unloading it. “You should be glad to hear that Dave finally asked Jade to Prom, and that she said yes.”
“No one can resist the Strider charm.”
“Right,” you replied in disbelief.
“You picked up groceries today didn’t you?” the blond said leaning against the
:iconlivingisdivine:livingisdivine 203 135
Dirk: Synchronize USB by uropygid Dirk: Synchronize USB :iconuropygid:uropygid 386 60 Dirk: Go grimdark. by Rolling-Mozaik Dirk: Go grimdark. :iconrolling-mozaik:Rolling-Mozaik 935 47 timeausTestified by Lindzar timeausTestified :iconlindzar:Lindzar 1,175 50 So very orange. by AngryOct So very orange. :iconangryoct:AngryOct 908 28 Prospit and Derse by Puchiko-Chan Prospit and Derse :iconpuchiko-chan:Puchiko-Chan 1,017 81 Homestuck: Prince by Shilloshilloh Homestuck: Prince :iconshilloshilloh:Shilloshilloh 1,355 17 Dirk Strider - Homestuck by Dareedse Dirk Strider - Homestuck :icondareedse:Dareedse 883 72 C'mere Strider by DahliaGrimm C'mere Strider :icondahliagrimm:DahliaGrimm 366 61 The Bro Strider: A Swagger of a Strider by LingeringSentiments The Bro Strider: A Swagger of a Strider :iconlingeringsentiments:LingeringSentiments 156 47 what if dirk and roxy had kids by mr-radicals-art what if dirk and roxy had kids :iconmr-radicals-art:mr-radicals-art 1,382 124 Tiny Dave Strider by IntoTheFrisson Tiny Dave Strider :iconintothefrisson:IntoTheFrisson 620 51 Orange sunset by buww Orange sunset :iconbuww:buww 261 22 Dirk Strider by SybLaTortue Dirk Strider :iconsyblatortue:SybLaTortue 901 39 dude where's my samurai? by TweedVest dude where's my samurai? :icontweedvest:TweedVest 245 26 HS - Dirk Cosplay - drawing porn by ChibiEdo HS - Dirk Cosplay - drawing porn :iconchibiedo:ChibiEdo 198 84 Dance with me on Rooftops by Psychocereals Dance with me on Rooftops :iconpsychocereals:Psychocereals 442 189 Across Universes by Love-Joker Across Universes :iconlove-joker:Love-Joker 205 7 The Prince Is Awake Deco Case by BloodTypeBPositive The Prince Is Awake Deco Case :iconbloodtypebpositive:BloodTypeBPositive 137 38 Horse Cakes by Squidbiscuit Horse Cakes :iconsquidbiscuit:Squidbiscuit 987 161 HS Sketch Dump 53 pt1 by Squidbiscuit HS Sketch Dump 53 pt1 :iconsquidbiscuit:Squidbiscuit 1,128 140 HS Sketch Dump 41 by Squidbiscuit HS Sketch Dump 41 :iconsquidbiscuit:Squidbiscuit 1,096 136 Bot Love by Squidbiscuit Bot Love :iconsquidbiscuit:Squidbiscuit 941 63 Little Fairy Bulls by Twinkle-Chamst Little Fairy Bulls :icontwinkle-chamst:Twinkle-Chamst 677 43 Derse Dreamers Alpha: The Dirk Knight by LingeringSentiments Derse Dreamers Alpha: The Dirk Knight :iconlingeringsentiments:LingeringSentiments 197 36 Anbroids n brobots by SIIINS Anbroids n brobots :iconsiiins:SIIINS 795 26 Bots and Bellyaches by Squidbiscuit Bots and Bellyaches :iconsquidbiscuit:Squidbiscuit 1,081 113
Dear Jake
Dear Jake,
24 Days Since Power Outage.
It's been a while hasn't it? Maybe not for you, but for me. It's really quite amazing when you think about it, how much we rely on technology. How much of our lives are dictated by the ease and security that electricity provides us. It's actually moronically ironic. The thing that keeps us close is the thing that rips us apart. I pray my last letter reached you. I can't really be sure; it's so hard to calibrate the transporter without my computers aid. There's only enough power to run that one machine, anything else would be pushing my small generator a bit too far. Repairs should commence soon. I hope you're alright, Jake.
Your Friend,
Dirk Strider.
Dear Jake,
30 Days Since Power Outage.
I've dove down to the seafloor with help from Sawtooth. As I expected the power lines are fine. We've been cut off Jake. Taken off the grid by the Empress. It could have been an accident, but a mix of paranoia and common sense makes me believe otherwise. I haven'
:icontien13:Tien13 73 88
Dirk Valentine's Day Card by Z-Raid Dirk Valentine's Day Card :iconz-raid:Z-Raid 418 12 [GIF] Dirk: Synchronize. by Twinkle-Chamst [GIF] Dirk: Synchronize. :icontwinkle-chamst:Twinkle-Chamst 753 35
Dirk x reader Swim party
It was empty….
You looked up at (f/n) who was staring at something behind you. You turned and saw none other that Dirk Strider standing on your bed holding an orange one piece swimsuit with (anime character) on the back, “is that your swim suit Dirk? I didnt take you as the one piece kind of guy.” He looked down at you and flipped you off before sitting next to you, the bed bouncing slightly, “this was in the bag. I wanted to approve it first.” You waved him off and grabbed the swim suit, looking it over, “why do you need to approve it?” he shrugged, “had to make sure it wouldn’t draw to much attention to you.
Yo slapped his shoulder and stood up, “im going to go and try this on.” After pushing a persistent Strider out of the bathroom a few times you finally got to change.
You looked at yourself in the mirror in your room, “ I like it.” Dirk nodded from where he sat on your bed, “looks good on you.
:iconbrambledei:brambledei 339 46
HS: Boys Unite by CluelessCaptain HS: Boys Unite :iconcluelesscaptain:CluelessCaptain 449 13 What A Happy Family by Gunmi What A Happy Family :icongunmi:Gunmi 378 46
Make me Feel Better - Dirk x Reader
Make me Feel Better -  Dirk x Reader
(Happy Birthday Fabs!)
     You wandered around the smupet filled home of Dave and Dirk Strider. Dave had invited you over a while ago since his older bro had come down with a case of break up blues.
  You found Dave rocking on his turn tables. He looked up and gave you a nod.  "Hey ______," the blonde boy said in a monotone voice. "Thanks for coming over, Dirk has been less than awesome lately after that whole incident. So I thought you, being his best friend, could talk some sense into him. He's somewhere moping around the house."
Sadly, you were unable to find your blonde devil. But you found something, er.... someone, who might be able to help you.
"Hey Lil Cal," you say happily to  the always smiling puppet, giving him a fist bump. Lil Cal's wide blue eyes merely stared at you. The puppet wore a long blue t-shirt and a grey backwards hat. He had a gold tooth and chains, proving that he is not the puppet you wa
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 85 22
HS: stridercest go by dark--romance HS: stridercest go :icondark--romance:dark--romance 127 10 Princess Jake and Prince Dirk by uberchicken Princess Jake and Prince Dirk :iconuberchicken:uberchicken 502 147 Only True Bros Bump Their Robots Together by LingeringSentiments Only True Bros Bump Their Robots Together :iconlingeringsentiments:LingeringSentiments 122 24 Prince of heart by Asiulus Prince of heart :iconasiulus:Asiulus 557 44 what ifs by meggiefox what ifs :iconmeggiefox:meggiefox 577 10
The Prince of Lightning. [DirkxReader]
    Denzenia. A very well known world throughout the known universe. It’s stationed spot in the tear between this reality and the next was a perfect position for criminals to escape. It was also a prime location to send and receive anything from any other world. With technology well advanced, and with the kings and princes of the lands holding strict control over their citizens, it was hard for any being to not break the laws.
    More laws and rules makes for a more rebellious population, right?
    However, with the punishment and degradement so harsh in this world, the known criminals were few and far between. Those daring few were always caught, exploited, and sentenced to death.
    Yet, a select few- four kings and four princes- were told that these rule placements were going to result in their ultimate demise.
    At the conventi
:iconmaybelle-maple:Maybelle-Maple 329 53
dirk by MICHELANGELO12 dirk :iconmichelangelo12:MICHELANGELO12 550 14 Offstuck DirkJake by uberchicken Offstuck DirkJake :iconuberchicken:uberchicken 449 140 HS - Brain Ghost [GIF] by feshnie HS - Brain Ghost [GIF] :iconfeshnie:feshnie 548 29