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Homestuck - lots of Striders :iconnuriko-kun:nuriko-kun 14,393 852
Can't sleep (Dave x Reader)
Trigger Warning: #swearing #sexual themes
N-no! Please (Y/n)! You can't leave me!! Not like this!! Please! You have to live!!
No... No!!!

I jolted awake, my eyelids flying open as I sat up from the bed, looking at my surroundings frantically. My heart was pounding loudly, my chest falling and rising in a quick manner; each breath being inhaled as full on gasps of air, almost like I wasn't breathing at all and my lungs were dying from lack of oxygen.
The room was dark and quiet, only sounds of my rapidly beating heart and my quivering breath were to be heard. I looked around the room. My alarm showed the time: 3:49 am.
"Shit..." I muttered, rubbing the back of my neck. I slid my hand next to me. The bed was cold, and the blanket was missing from the other side. Sudden realization came to me.
Where did she go?
Oh fuck no.

I threw the blanket to the side and jumped out of bed, completely forgetting about my
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Parent!Dave x Child!Reader- b l a c k b i r d
〓 Black Bird 〓
. . .
You sat at the park together, on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Time passed by slowly.
Through his ironically cool shades he watched you pick flowers and knit them into crowns and rings and necklaces.
Arms draped over the back of the bench, he relaxed against the hard wooden back, ignoring the chipped paint that got on his wickedly cool clothes. Clothes could always be washed, and he didn't want to disturb you while you played.
Sunlight streamed through the trees and landed on your figure, hunched up and wearing a face of concentration. Your brows would knit together, just like Dave's bro's when he was having a particularly fierce sword battle. But Dave had learned through his bro's mistakes; and never allowed you near weapons.
Sure he lived a pretty sweet childhood, but he didn't want you to wake up every morning on the defense, wondering when he would appear from no where and challenge you to a fight.
Even though a peaceful life may sound boring (and
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Dave Strider x Reader: These Shades Protect Me
"Daaaaave!" You moaned. "I wanna see your eyes!" You swatted, trying to rip the shades off his face.
"Woah! Get away!" Dave said as he grabbed a hold of your wrist. "Why won't you let me se theeeem!" "Because, your ovar-" "Yeah, yeah, I know my ovaries will explode." You rolled your eyes.
"Now come on! Lemme see!" You swatted for the shades again, failing miserably as Dave grabbed your wrist every time. You pouted.
Then, it hit you.
A smirk grew across your face. "Well fine, I can just call Terezi over. She can lick your face until she knows what you're hiding and trust me, she'll find out." You smirked at him. He gulped. "You wouldn't." "I would." You giggled grabbing your cell phone.
Before you knew it he had tackled you to the floor, pinning you down. "Dave! What the hell are you doing!" You yelped. He smirked. "This."
He pressed his lips to yours. Your lips melted together. You slowly reached a hand up to his shades while you two were still kissing and swiped them off. He immediate
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The Sly Prince [Dirk x Reader]
{Part Three in the
      Halloween Series}

'Thy pearl is gone' the witch doth said
Immediately his heart filled with dread
'My pearl is gone? Blasphemy!
It's somewhere here, now give it to me!'
The teal eyed witch cackled and gave a wink
'I made a good choice with you I think!
Scour the earth until you find your prize
Eventually thou will'st see it before thine eyes!'
The fox now scours year by year,
Not finding his treasure is his biggest fear.
'Run, little kitsune, tear this world apart
I've always known that you were a Prince of Heart.'

Groaning and slapping at his alarm, Dirk rolled over and blinked his eyes blearily at the ceiling. Another day gone; another day I don't have my full power.
It was all because of that stupid witch that he couldn't even get revenge on because she went and got herself killed. "Fucking Terezi," Dirk mumbled, rising from his bed and throwing on a pair of jeans. Running a hand through his hair, he left his shades on t
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Chemistry (Dave x Reader) Part 2
    A red faced teacher paced throughout the classroom, rage growing as the voices got louder and louder. The students actually working could be counted on one hand. They glanced at the clock and spoke.
     “Finish the question you’re working on because I’m checking your work. If you haven’t done anything you will be spending afterschool in the library with me and working on it there. And don’t bother just writing nonsense down to make it look like you did something. I wrote this worksheet, I know what should be written down.”
    Towards the back of the classroom a (color) haired girl’s eyes widened in horror as she stared at her blank paper covered in bits and pieces of her eraser. She had realized she had been using the wrong formula moments before and erased it all. She groaned along
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All the right friends in all the right places
The sound of something crinkling underneath you arm is what woke you up. You groaned as you shifted in your bed, opening your eyes a crack to see what it was. There, nestled between your sheets, was a blank red envelope, slightly wrinkled. You rubbed your eyes as you reached over, clumsily ripping the paper. You pulled out a note with seven neatly printed words that looked somewhat like instructions.
Get dressed and head to the kitchen
You mumbled something about roommates as you threw on a pair of jeans (which you placed the envelope in) and a t-shirt as you hopped down the stairs to meet the person whom you shared a house with. She was humming softly as she tidied up the kitchen, moving swiftly while keeping an eye on something on the stove. When she noticed you, she gave a small knowing grin before giving you a hug.
“Good morning, [Name]. How did you sleep?”
You hugged back, replying, “I slept fine, Aradia.” You stepped back, pulling the
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