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Teen Holy Rome x Reader: Home
The warm summer breeze picked up Holy Rome's tattered white cloak and made it dance lightly against his worn leather boots as he trudged up the familiar hill he had lived on with Austria, Ms. Hungary, Chibitalia, and- _____. The clatter of the carts could be heard from behind him as they struggled to get up the hill as well. Looking over his shoulder quickly, he looked down at the men that had managed to survive to the last battle and see Holy Rome become victorious.
A slight grin tugged at his lips as he turned to look up at the dark brown roof of the entry arch that stood at the entrance of the mansion's estate. His heart skipped a beat and he started to pump his weary legs so he could walk faster. Memories flooded his mind as he looked into the familiar trees and archway up ahead.
'I wonder if they will recognize me'
You blew air from your pursed lips and leaned back as you looked up at the cloudless summer sky above you. A trickle of sweat dripped from your brow and you w
:iconchiarochi:Chiarochi 207 87
The Exquisite Palace of the Crane :iconalayna:Alayna 1,781 33
Can Christians Like Dragons?
HEADS UP!!! The Biblical half of this version of the article is relatively outdated as of 02/11/2016, so please follow the below link to read the revised and expanded edition! Thank you!!!
In other words, can a Christian morally have a love for dragons? The logic behind the question is that dragons by Biblical standards seem to be evil creatures. Therefore it should be incompatible to follow Jesus Christ and love dragons at the same time, right? This is what I've been accused of many times, being a firm holder to Truth yet having a soft spot for dragons. I would like to answer in detail these accusations, thus the reason for this article.
Let us look at dragons from every angle, starting with what The Sacred Scriptures say. In The Holy Bible the Hebrew word used for dragon(s) is 'tanniyn' and shows up 29 times in The Old Testament. But, do note t
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