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Masked Emotion :iconlaitz:Laitz 229 66 ogihcI ikasoruKurosaki Ichigo :icongeofffffff:Geofffffff 2,578 266 The Blade and I Are One | BLEACH :icondivineimmortality:DivineImmortality 1,733 114 BLEACH: HichiIchi :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 3,648 423 Wretched and Divine :iconmaithagor:Maithagor 1,033 208 Hollow rider :iconmontjart:Montjart 1,899 193 BLEACH -vamp Kurosaki Ichigo- :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 2,402 343 Rukia+Hollow Ichigo :iconmichsi:Michsi 2,033 267 _day of ice_ :iconnanfe:NanFe 1,398 35 GrimmIchi: The Colour of Blood :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 1,708 378 Hollow Ichigo: We meet again :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 2,685 372 Long haired Ichigo and Hichigo :iconmizashi:Mizashi 1,477 227 GRIMMJOW: You Rock My World :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 2,611 336 BLEACH: Hollow mode :iconsideburn004:Sideburn004 3,276 223 HOLLOW ICHIGO: Awakening :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 1,929 210 Hollow Ichigo -pissed- :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 2,997 282 BLEACH: Cocktail n Strawberry :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 4,983 643 GRIMMJOW: Wet Hot Sinner :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 2,051 238 Full Hollow Ichigo Cosplay 4 :iconelffi:Elffi 351 177 Hollow Side :iconevil-siren:Evil-Siren 1,268 336 Full Hollow Ichigo Cosplay :iconelffi:Elffi 478 214 Hollow Ichigo Bankai :iconmansarali:mansarali 1,018 118 Ichigo vs hulk :iconearache-j:earache-J 800 199
Ichigo KurosakixReader: Stay with Me
An explosion shook the area above your head. You looked up at the hole that was pierced in the fake sky above you. Up there Ichigo, your childhood friend, was fighting the Espada Ulquiorra. Uryu and Orihime stood next to you on the platform Uryu had created, which was floating up to the hole in the fake sky Aizen had created over his castle. You fists were clutched at your sides. You weren't a Soul Reaper. You were a human with powers like Chad and Orihime. You had control over the wind. You had come to this place to save Orihime. A little while ago Aizen and the other traitors left to go to the human world locking you in Hueco Mundo. Ichigo was now fighting one of two only Espada's left here. The other was taken down by Uryu a moment ago.
Uryu's platform finally reached the top of the fake roof and the three of you jumped off. You looked around for Ichigo and then looked up on the high platform. Your eyes widen at the sight before you. Ulquiorra stood on the platform, in what you assu
:icon13youko:13Youko 386 1,982
the Lust :iconnixity:Nixity 654 298 BLEACH: hooded Hollow Ichigo portrait :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 1,541 154 BLEACH -White Darkness- :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 1,469 214 BLEACH: Gang :iconsideburn004:Sideburn004 2,060 114 _Moon Walk_ :iconnanfe:NanFe 1,290 77 BLEACH: mullet Ichigo fanservice :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 1,683 162 Jaguars - Grimmjow :iconevil-siren:Evil-Siren 1,160 312 BLEACH: Hollow within :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 2,364 475 GrimmIchi: Spoils of War :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 1,138 125 HOLLOW ICHIGO: Summoning :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 2,301 262 why are you so sad like this? :iconnanfe:NanFe 1,018 36 The Grim and the Reaper -Morning Honey- :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 1,549 227 Full Hollow Ichigo Cosplay 3 :iconelffi:Elffi 296 109 GRIMMJOW -This a better view Shinigami? :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 2,096 270 BLEACH: Ishida-Kurosaki SPOILER :iconsideburn004:Sideburn004 1,601 111 Full Hollow Ichigo Cosplay 2 :iconelffi:Elffi 218 99 ICHIGO: What yer looking at? :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 1,786 341 BLEACH: Creatures Born From Tragedy :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 1,624 261 BLEACH: Gangasta Kurosaki Ichigo :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 1,597 120 Ripped Hollow Ichigo :iconmizashi:Mizashi 730 132 BLEACH: Two as One :iconmizashi:Mizashi 984 249 Bleach 501: We can not Escape Our Instincts :iconnanfe:NanFe 1,189 52 Bleach: Eyes Turned Inside Out :iconahnline:ahnline 600 69 Senbozakura's World :iconnanfe:NanFe 779 29 So.. You like to play rough, eh? | B-Day Present :icondivineimmortality:DivineImmortality 1,363 93 Tanjoubi omedetou Kurosaki-san! :iconblackstorm:blackstorm 1,284 121