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Canada x Reader~ Goal!!!

~ One of the oneshots on my list by the doll, thebluestchu! Hope ya like! BTW not my pic~
    Cheers erupted from the stands, drowning out the sounds of the goal siren and filling the entire ice arena. You stood among the crowd of excited fans, cheering and clapping along as you watched your home team skate gracefully on the ice. People were shouting for various team members, all part of the fanbase. Though you were only interested in one player on the hockey field.
    "GO MATTIE!" 
    Even through the screams of fans and curses on the field Mathew could hear your voice calling to him. His lavender eyes scanned the large crowd, the lights making it hard to see, but he could still find your bouncing (h/c) hair and trademark smile through the darkness.
    He also saw his brother sitting next
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BTLG- My Manly Defender- 2p Canada x Reader
*bam* *bam bam* *animal screech*
‘What the F*CK-?’
You heard gunshots and the poor helpless cry of a huge animal as it collapsed to the ground with a crash. Then almost a few seconds later you heard disgusting crushing sounds. It sounded as if a knife was cutting through flesh and bone. You wanted to puke because you knew whoever shot that animal was now cutting it up.
Thankfully, the grating sound stopped and you heard the person stand up. You heard a gruff voice whisper to himself, “Finally caught that son of a b*tch. Now I can mount him on my wall” You heard him turn and it sounded as if his footsteps were coming toward you!
You looked around for a place to hide. Fortunately, there were a lot of adult maple trees surrounding you so you could at least hide between one of them.
You found one particularly huge maple and tried to make your way toward it. Sadly, your body felt as if it were drugged with
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My Girl's Got A Gun. [CanadaxReader]
              My Girl's Got A Gun.
              [Canada x Reader]
   In this reader insert, there are mentions of Skeet Shooting. If yu don't know what that is, don't be alarmed. I was kind enough to go into detail about how my school does it, so you don't have to do extensive research on it.
Whoever told her that Ivan was scarier on the ice than Matthew was lying through their teeth. As [y/n] sat in the bleachers at the school's hockey game, she was the only one who saw the change in her best friend. Off of the ice, he was a shy teenage boy that no one paid any attention to. However, once he gets the hockey stick in his hands he's a completely different man. He has a fierce look in his violet eyes and anyone could tell that he was the star of the night- and to stay the hell out of his way.
This was his place to shine.
Seeing the change in his over all demeanor made [y/n] more excited than she should have been for a high school hockey game. She was jumping to her feet, cheering
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2p!Dad!AmericaxTeen!Reader:Like Father Like...
“Daddy,” you said smiling at your father.
Behind the paper you could hear a snort, “What do you want?”
Your eye widened, “What do you mean, daddy?”
The paper was lowered so you could see your father’s face, “You only call me daddy when you want something. So what is it…advance on your allowance…you need to use the bike…what?”
Dropping the act you sat down at the kitchen table, “Promise not to over react?”
“_________ Jones I swear if you wrecked the bike I’ll-!”
“No! I didn’t touch the bike,” you said quickly, “I promise…dad, there’s this boy and I need you to be act nice when I bring him over before our date tonight.”
Now your father was not a nice guy. He was a good guy, but not nice. You were his daughter, his only child, the thing he loved in the world the most. And he was not about to let some boy come into the picture. Usually if he ca
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Going GJock! (Dash Baxter TF)
Going GJock! (Dash Baxter TF)
Written By Zachary Everlust
A mixture of a sunny shinning morning and a windy weather afternoon, a perfect day to pump iron. Well not for Danny Fenton though.
Of course aside from my ghostly half with supernatural, and superman powers, being a teenager, fighting with raging hormones and lack of muscle, it is torture compared to ghost fighting with Vlad every week. Not that the high school bullies ever gave me any break.
“Why didn’t I become sick today?” Sighing as I leaned against the wall of the restroom, raven black hair pressed against the cold hard tiles.
“Sam and Tucker are both absent from school today for whatever reason. Even Valerie’s off doing her dad knows what? Can this just get worse?” Knowing Casper high, misfortune is just around the corner. As the male bathroom doors swing open, revealing my blonde haired ‘friend’ who just loves to pick on me.
“Hey Fenton! It
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