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The Allemande by savivi The Allemande :iconsavivi:savivi 259 43 Ivan and the Chestnut Horse by fresco-child Ivan and the Chestnut Horse :iconfresco-child:fresco-child 149 14 Outlander A Marriage Takes P by lillywmw Outlander A Marriage Takes P :iconlillywmw:lillywmw 209 56
The Skies were Blue [Chapter 1]
You stared at your Lieutenant, unsure of whether to believe him or not. It felt like a sick joke, a trick played on you by Central Command. It just didn't make any sense, your squad was doing fine; there was no need for the Yankees to be there. It was almost like a slap in the face; a declaration that you weren't worthy, no matter what you had done.
And you had done a lot. Thanks to you, your squadron was now well almost infamous in the south west. Both you and your beloved Bristol Beaufighter had reached almost legendary status. And now all your successes were being ripped from you, as if you were worth almost nothing to the force, your entire squadron being uprooted to make way for the Americans.
They didn't admit that part; the official word was that the two squads would just 'work together' and whatnot. But you could tell that was just a bluff; they were going to replace you with a bunch of inexperienced Yankees, who had probably never seen war before. If the statement was true, th
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SpainXReaderXEngland~Despite The Time(FINAL)
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You glided your fingers over the petals of flowers as you walked through the garden, your dark orange dress trailing on the ground. You turned to your left to see Arthur spying you and making his way over. To your right, you heard footsteps and turned your head in that direction to see Antonio making his way over to you also. You groaned, already expecting their banter.
They both gave you a smile, sweet and genuine. When they saw each other, they gave each other horrendous glares. Both of them each took one of your hands, claiming some sort of possessiveness over you.
"You both seem like you have something important to say." You looked at each of them whilst glaring at each other. They heard your words, but they were just waiting to see who would respond first.
"At the same time?" Antonio
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The Skies were Blue [Chapter 2]
A few weeks had passed since the Americans had joined your squadron. And during that time, everything had been relatively quiet; almost too quiet, like they were plotting something.  It made you feel uneasy, forced your instincts to defence.
Your squad seemed to share the sentiment. Mettler and Saunders in particular, had seemed utterly on edge, waiting for the signal to sound. It wasn't normal; there shouldn't be this long between missions. Unless your, otherwise paranoid sounding, theories were correct; the Americans had been sent to replace you.
You knew it wasn't logical; the yanks were young and inexperienced; they'd never even seen war, let alone had time to get used to it. There was still this naivety about them, especially from that one who had tapped you, Alfred, as you'd learned he was called. You had no idea how he'd even survived training, let alone made it this far. It was true; realistically no hope that they could out perform you.
But there was still this fear
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The Skies were Blue [Chapter 3]
The Nissen hut was completely empty now; not even the recently aborted engines making a sound. The smell of fuel was still in the air, but it was less overpowering, less intoxicating than before. It wasn't a familiar experience but it still felt welcoming, giving you a chance to get away from your duties, even just for a minute. You loved your job really, but you couldn't give it absolutely everything; there still needed to be something left for you.
You could hear the footsteps behind you; hesitant, like the person was having second thoughts. You sighed heavily, not wanting your peace to be broken this easily and turned around. What you saw didn't surprise you; it was Alfred, around five paces away. But there was something off about him, even if you couldn't tell exactly what it was. He was looking at the floor, the usual youthful spark gone from his eyes, replaced by worry. It felt very odd- not that you cared or anything. But you didn't have to like him to want to keep tabs on the s
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The Skies were Blue [Chapter 4]
You sat on the rough, straw stuffed mattress, across the room from the other men, trying desperately not to seem like you were acting oddly. While the forces had become a lot more accepting recently, you were almost certain that they'd go back to normal once the war was won. And there'd be only one outcome from your superiors finding out, and it wasn't going to be a pretty one.
Why did he have to do this to you? You weren't a 'nancy boy'; you couldn't be. Everything up until that moment had been fine; you had a girl back home, who you'd always thought you'd loved and besides, the possibility had never even crossed your mind. That damned Alfred; he'd ruined everything from the moment he'd entered your life.
It was neither normal nor right; you couldn't, and wouldn't, let yourself be taken over by any feelings you had towards him. You were both men; it was a sin, as you had been told since you were a lad. A perversion, an illness to be cured. No, you couldn't let the infection take hold
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The Border Hostage by KittyKati727 The Border Hostage :iconkittykati727:KittyKati727 33 10 I Love You with an Everlasting Love by Stagsleap I Love You with an Everlasting Love :iconstagsleap:Stagsleap 27 7
Elizabeth X Ciel: Love Story Chapt. 5
30.7.1892, Middleford Mansion
At first Lord Middleford just stared at Ciel, but then he sighed.
"She's a strong girl and if she has left last night, we will catch her a few hours after she arrives to London. We have nothing to worry about..."
"Except, Lord Middleford, if I'm allowed to interrupt, we actually do have a case going in London. Her Majesty Queen Victoria has been very nervous about some vanishings taking place in the alleys of London. She has been exctremely worried about her young granddaughters, because the kidnapper seems to specialise on young girls..." the butler announced with neutral look on his face. His eyes glinted when all colour disappeared from the face of Elizabeth's father.
"It can't be true... We can't lose her! What should I do?" Lord Middleford started to walk a circle thinking.
"I would give anyone anything if they'd bring my daughter home safe!"
Ciel suddenly smiled.
"Oh, anything?"
30.7.1892, London
I arrived to London around noon. The sum
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The Sky was Blue [Chapter 5]
He went to the woods again the next night. He didn't notice you walking up to him, despite the loud crackle the drying leaves made as your feet pressed against them. His bright blue eyes were fixated on the dark sky above, blocking out everything happening around him. The breezes pulled at his hair, almost forming a halo around him, golden even when there was no sun. You knew instantly why he was here; the same reason you were.
Something inside of you softened; you could feel it. No longer denying, no longer lying. You knew you'd probably regret this in the long run, but for now it didn't matter; you would finally give into your instincts.
It was only when you were literally two steps away from him that he noticed your presence. He immediately opened his mouth, wanting to give an excuse, an apology, an explanation. But you didn't give him the chance; you sat down next to him, your weight compressing the forest floor. You looked up at the sky, just as he had until just a minute ago, ign
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Beauty's Beast: The Paperdolls by Valky Beauty's Beast: The Paperdolls :iconvalky:Valky 21 16 The Kiss by WilltheArtMan The Kiss :iconwilltheartman:WilltheArtMan 22 4 The Five Dollar Mail Book 1: The Green by Dulcinaya The Five Dollar Mail Book 1: The Green :icondulcinaya:Dulcinaya 12 17
The Skies were Blue [Chapter 9]
You went off on duty again. From what you had heard, it was important; almost vital. You would succeed, even if you did suffer from having him serving as a distraction; you had to. This single mission was probably the most important your squad had ever been faced with; you couldn't let such a insignificant thing as anger get in the way.
Besides, he probably felt even worse about it than you; you'd taken extra care to make sure he was watching when you kissed Miss Grounds. Not that you regretted it; there was a streak of cruelty within you that just wanted to see him suffer, to watch as everything he could have had was taken by somebody else. The only piece of regret or remorse you felt was for Miss Grounds; it was immoral to use her in such a manner, but your other emotions seemed to run deeper than that, blocking it out from your everyday state of mind.
The plane engines rumbled once more, a sound that was almost as familiar as the sound of your own voice.
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The Skies were Blue [Epilogue]
Alfred walked towards the middle of the field, the blue of the skies reflecting in his eyes. Every step was cautious, as though he didn't want to be seen, his arms cradling a bouquet of white poppies possessively. He stopped, checked there was nobody around to see what he was doing, before speaking. The wind was strong, pushing his hair into his face, muffling his words a little.
"[Name], how're things going? We won, y'know, we won. Course, not everyone made it; Alex, you remember Alex? Well, he didn't make it back. Got shot down just as we were reaching home shores."
He paused, searching for what to say next; the only sound the trees rustling. It was chilly, despite the summer sun, forcing Al to shiver. He swallowed and continued to speak.
"It's different without you, [Name]. Kinda lonely. I mean, there's still lots of us, but it just doesn't feel the same."
A slight smile slid onto his face, widening every second.
"I met your brother last week. Nice guy; talks a lot though. Me
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All it took was one glace v.1 by browniecheesecake All it took was one glace v.1 :iconbrowniecheesecake:browniecheesecake 10 2
The Lonely Queen
July fifth the day she had dreaded for the longest time. That was the day her husband to-be walked out on her for another princess. Ilayna was now queen of her nation and her nation thrived and she proved that she and her kingdom didn't need a king. But some days in the back of Ilayna's mind doubts start to swirl and creep in. Am I good enough? I am a terrible queen. Who could love you? You’re not worthy of love.  The doubts started to cloud the truth and Ilayna began to believe that she wasn't worthy of love and happiness so she poured her entire soul into her kingdom. But as she poured her soul into the nation she kept her heart guarded and her emotions under a mask of stony ice.
Often lords and diplomats stayed within the castles walls of Ilayna's kingdom and Sir Flynnigan Beckett was no different. Sir Flynnigan, Flynn for short, was an adventurous risk-taker and always had a cool and calm demeanor. He seemed to worry about little and had an almost cocky confidence in him
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Special - All I have! - Reprise! - page 5 by Dedasaur Special - All I have! - Reprise! - page 5 :icondedasaur:Dedasaur 13 15 Heir to the Underworld: The Paperdolls by Valky Heir to the Underworld: The Paperdolls :iconvalky:Valky 13 2 Lights the Storm Peltier from The Five Dollar Mail by Dulcinaya Lights the Storm Peltier from The Five Dollar Mail :icondulcinaya:Dulcinaya 15 3 Cover - Silence in the Mist by RazzleDazzleDesign Cover - Silence in the Mist :iconrazzledazzledesign:RazzleDazzleDesign 9 2 Am I a Machine Without Feeling by Addicted-2-Apples Am I a Machine Without Feeling :iconaddicted-2-apples:Addicted-2-Apples 14 5 All it took was one glace v.2 by browniecheesecake All it took was one glace v.2 :iconbrowniecheesecake:browniecheesecake 8 3 Rings of Passage Print Cover by PJFriel Rings of Passage Print Cover :iconpjfriel:PJFriel 9 0
The Skies were Blue [Chapter 8]
The Captain picked up one of the loose sheets floating around the Marshal's desk. He didn't mean to pry; far from it! His only intention was to order the place a little, keep everything running properly. It was only on a whim that he started to read what was on the sheet, the crisp paper lying utterly flat in his hands.
'Dear Air Marshal Warren,
The mission plan you proposed last month has been given approval by the Higher Command. However, they have raised concerns that the details of the plan are not fully worked out, making the mission as it stands a large risk.'

The Captain swallowed; he didn't envy any man who was required to follow out the Air Marshal's plans. From the ones he had seen, he guessed this one was an almost suicidal mission; an unnecessary risk for very small gains. The Air Marshal really was an enigma; one would have assumed he'd have learned from the Great War that tactics had changes. And here he was, writing up utterly illogical plans.
'However, given t
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Cover for The Five Dollar Mail, Book 1: The Green by Dulcinaya Cover for The Five Dollar Mail, Book 1: The Green :icondulcinaya:Dulcinaya 8 15 The Awkward Gentleman by Lovely-Madness-13 The Awkward Gentleman :iconlovely-madness-13:Lovely-Madness-13 9 0
A Last Dance - Chapter 1
Laws and rules are not peculiar to humans. The Nations, those beings perfect and superior, immortal and unalterable, are also submitted to them.
Those laws are not written and approved texts, for the most of them. But implied agreements respected and taught, without having to spell things out, to the young fledgling Nations.
One of those laws was set out in the fifteenth century. After Jeanne d'Arc's death.
France's despair was such, that the most important of those agreements was decided.
It was now forbidden to love a human.
Prussia remembered the sobs, tears and whines of the Great France. The hatred his friend felt towards England. His long contemplations in front of her grave. His pain, for something that would have inevitably happened someday.
The humans die. The Nations stay.
Prussia knew all of this. It was with this same stare, melancholic and reddish, that still today he watches Germany and Italy hanging around. Full of jealousy, too.
Prussia had pl
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Obsession can change the world by browniecheesecake Obsession can change the world :iconbrowniecheesecake:browniecheesecake 6 2 'ambidextrous?' by sirwellie 'ambidextrous?' :iconsirwellie:sirwellie 8 7 Captain Guy Blake by SeraphiniteGames Captain Guy Blake :iconseraphinitegames:SeraphiniteGames 6 3 Lord Isaac Stanton by SeraphiniteGames Lord Isaac Stanton :iconseraphinitegames:SeraphiniteGames 6 1 I play you like a piano by mandalorianmedjai I play you like a piano :iconmandalorianmedjai:mandalorianmedjai 3 4 Sakura: movie poster by xxdReaMcHas3r913 Sakura: movie poster :iconxxdreamchas3r913:xxdReaMcHas3r913 5 13
True Love
I awake and receive the morning dew
A day is awakening anew
As I dress in elegant lace,
I heartily await your embrace
Doing what we may,
There are three words we can always say
We have nothing to rue
When we proclaim "I Love You."
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Hellbender Graphic from The Five Dollar Mail by Dulcinaya Hellbender Graphic from The Five Dollar Mail :icondulcinaya:Dulcinaya 5 0
Blood Loss (Turkey X Greece Fanfic) {Part 3}
"How'd it go?" an overzealous Cyprus cried out the moment Greece stepped through the door. His face was pulled into a broad and anxious grin, and his eyes were flashing with a variety of emotions-worry, pity, joy, sympathy, readiness, and so much more. However, the younger man's expression softened once he saw the blank, stunned look Greece's face was paralyzed in.
"I....I don't really know," Greece mumbled, still staring into space. Cyprus rushed over, and ushered the Grecian to their couch.
Once the two had settled down comfortably in the sinking couch, Cyprus turned back to his brother. Locking eyes, Cyprus firmly commanded "Tell me everything" (putting extreme emphasis on everything).
"It went....strangely," was all a puzzled Greece could manage. He was breathing at a steady pace, though he felt his lungs screaming for air. The light-headed feeling buzzing through his head wasn't helping him come out of shock. He was shivering, and his palms were drenched in sweat. Words weren't fo
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Victorian romance by EricaCoverBook Victorian romance :iconericacoverbook:EricaCoverBook 4 2
Her Little Secret
It was too late. She'd been caught.
"Lady Roxanne?"
The tone was politely inquiring, but mockery and irony had been laced into it. It was expected that she would deny the association with such a name. He knew and she knew that she would not.
They were on an abandoned dockside. Alone, because it was late. Around midnight perhaps and no right mind would ever be caught outside at that time.
But they two, of questionable minds, were outside now, at twelve, with the soft sighing sounds of the sea to one side and the haunting quiet of a deserted street on the other.
Roxanne contemplated whether to answer or not. But the decision was snatched away as the voice drawled, "Well, well, well..."  
She bristled at that. "Good evening to you Mr. Axle." It offered no invite to speak further, those words.
"Lady Roxanne. I find myself dying to ask...was there a costume party that I was not invited to?"
In the shallow lamp light, half of him was illuminated. His visible eye wandered over her. The t
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Book Cover - Mistress by Midnight by RazzleDazzleDesign Book Cover - Mistress by Midnight :iconrazzledazzledesign:RazzleDazzleDesign 3 1 Harry and Poppy by Lyndsey-Catastrphe Harry and Poppy :iconlyndsey-catastrphe:Lyndsey-Catastrphe 5 1 Jesse Hanson Graphic from The Five Dollar Mail by Dulcinaya Jesse Hanson Graphic from The Five Dollar Mail :icondulcinaya:Dulcinaya 4 2 A Devil's Proposal by GriffinCoverWerks A Devil's Proposal :icongriffincoverwerks:GriffinCoverWerks 3 1 Caroline and General Murat by SKatInk Caroline and General Murat :iconskatink:SKatInk 3 0 Jesse  Hanson from The Five Dollar Mail by Dulcinaya Jesse Hanson from The Five Dollar Mail :icondulcinaya:Dulcinaya 5 5
The King's Slave 2: A SuG Fanfic: Chpt.4
"Kaede... Cheer up. Today should be a wonderful day..." Chiyu said as he held onto his wife.
Kaede shook her head. She continued to cry. "It's not fair...we got to marry, but he didn't."
"This was the king's decision..." Chiyu said. "Have some food at least..."
Kaede shook her head. "Not hungry..."
"My dear lady Kaede..." a voice was heard from behind the couple.
The two couple turned around to see who it was. "Yes?"
Masato held out his hand towards Kaede. "A woman must never cry, but smile and laugh"
" look so good," Kaede jumped out of Chiyu's lap and took a hold of Masato's hands.
"She's mine, Masa," Chiyu said a bit of jealousy in his voice.
Masato winked at Kaede. "May I ask you for a dance, my dear lady?"
"What about me, Masa?" Yuji asked as he caught up to his lover.
Both Kaede and Chiyu looked at Yuji. "My lord!"
"Sh," Yuji placed a finger on his own lips. "At the moment I am Yuko."
"Yuko?" Kaede giggled. "I would love this dance, Masato..."
"Hey," Both Chiyu
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