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His Curl (Germany x Male!Reader)
It had been a long day of dealing with loud countries that all believed that they were right. You sighed wearily. I’m not even a country, why do I always end up going to all of the meetings? Although you weren’t a country, you were a capital. You were the capital of Italy, or Rome, to be more specific. The Italy brothers were fiercely protective of you and Lovino was not afraid to cuss off anyone who came too close to you. Ah, well, they could use all the help they can get. The meetings were chaotic and normally consisted of much fighting.  You were so zoned out that you didn’t notice your name being called.
“(M/N)! (M/N)! Mein gott, is he deaf? (M/N)!”
You finally turned around and saw Ludwig approaching you. You blushed and looked at your feet embarrassedly. “Sorry, Luddy. I was thinking…”
Your boyfriend sighed exasperatedly but shook his head with a smile. You and Ludwig had been going out for two months now and nobo
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His Seme (Uke!Levi Ackerman x Seme!Male!Reader)
WARNING: Mild sexual content and language. Strong language (I mean come on. It's Levi)
The wind was whipping your (Short/long/choppy etc.) hair around as you sped through the trees. You had a gleeful smile on your face and you were laughing. You loved the feeling of zooming in the air, the feeling of adrenaline rushing through your blood. Some of the other cadets gave you weird looks for laughing but you shrugged them off.
“Oi! Shitty brat! What are you laughing at?!” Levi yelled at you.
“Nothing, Levi~! Just enjoying the feel of being in the air!” you responded.
“Fucking idiot,” Levi growled under his breath. You had always refused to call him Corporal or give any recognition to his superiority over you. Although the Lance Corporal would never admit it, he thought your personality was adorable.
You heard Levi and replied with, “Right back at’cha Levi-chan!” and flew off.
Your 3DMG skills were perfect and you made the
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Metamorphosis (Chapter 1)
Chapter 1
"Chase, it's time to get up!" I rolled over, not wanting to get out of bed. I was so comfortable…in fact, I had slept better tonight than I had slept in a long time. For so many nights now I had slept so uncomfortably…and I would only sleep for maybe 3 or 4 hours at a time. Part of the reason was because my bed was a bit too small for me. The twin size bed was fine when I was still 6 feet tall…but now I'm 6 feet and 5 inches and athletically built! My feet dangle off of the sides and I can never get comfortable. Then there are the nightmares and thoughts that fill my head. The thoughts of going to school…and the people that were there. It seems odd, right? I mean, why would someone like me be afraid of my peers at high school. The fact wasn't that I wasn't really afraid of them…they were afraid of me.
I'm not a bad person! I'm no bully! In fact, for the first part of freshman and sophomore year…I was beating down on the bullies
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Metamorphosis (Chapter 13)
When the party finally came, I sat up in my room, only in my underwear. I hadn’t changed into my party dress that mom had gotten and I hadn’t come downstairs for anything. The note that I had found was sitting on my bedside table. I didn’t wanna show my parents yet because I had a plan on how to talk to them about it. I sat quietly, just readying myself. I looked at the dress hanging in my closet and got up from the bed to grab it. As I touched the silky fabric, I remembered the secrets mom and dad were keeping from me, and I felt an undying urge to rip of the garment. I breathed in and exhaled sharply, calming myself. I slipped on the dress and adjusted it in front of the mirror. If my plan was going to work, I needed to look my best for this.
I fixed up my hair and I washed my face. I put on a pair of nice sandals and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked lovely, and I knew that no one would ever guess I was Chase…which was just what I wanted. I smiled and
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Metamorphosis (Chapter 9)
I walked with her into the room. I was dressed in a fine red button down shirt and khaki's, and she was in laid back, yet lovely attire. I was Chase again...I was a boy again...and I was with Naomi. She smiled at me...and I smiled back. The room was crowded with people and everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves. Naomi touched my hand and motioned for me to walk with her. Her soft hand caressed my arm muscles and I felt a wave of excitement run through me. The world around me seemed strangely dull...almost like someone had caused it to go distorted...the only thing I could see was this image of beauty standing in front of me...looking up at me with those beautiful eyes. I didn't want to leave her...I didn't want to think about anything else but Naomi. Our bodies moved together and we found ourselves in the middle of the room.
"Are you alright, Chase?" She asked me. I nodded.
"Of course...why do you ask?" I said with a smile. Suddenly Naomi stepped away from me.
"Because you just
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Metamorphosis (Chapter 10)
The phone rang loudly. I groaned and rolled over on the couch. My head was pounding and I was so exhausted and I seriously didn’t want to get up to answer it. I hadn’t fully registered where I was or why I was there...then I felt the weights on my chest…the hair in my face…the sweat on my brow…and it all came back to me.
“I’m coming, damn it.” I growled. I stumbled off the couch and leaned against the counter, reaching for the phone, still ringing loudly. I grabbed it in my weak fingers and held it to my ear. “Hello?”
“Cheryl? I…I was expecting Chase to answer.”
I froze in place at the sound of Naomi’s voice. She sounded happy to hear me…but also a little disappointed. I, on the other hand, was quite surprised. I didn’t know Naomi knew my home phone number, let alone would call me.
“Naomi!?” I answered after a long pause. “Why…why are you calling?”
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You Know You're Obsessed
...With HIM and Ville Valo When:
1. Tattooing the portraits of dead poets on your body makes perfect sense.
2. You know EXACTLY what DILLIGAF means.
3. In fact, you might even have DILLIGAF somewhere on your skin.
4. November 22nd is an International holiday and should be celebrated by all.
5. If you see anything with a heartagram on it, you either buy it, or resist the urge because your house is already covered in them.
6. Your favorite colors are red, black, and purple.  And sometimes hot pink.
7. You know who Daniel Lioneye actually is.
8. Someone says Our Lord and you instantly say, “Oh, you’re a fan of HIM, too?!”
9. You considered purchasing a chicken foot.
10. $50 seems completely reasonable for a Limited Edition CD.
11. Your internet screen name has one or more of the following in it- heartagram, 666, 616, Valo, razorblade, sin, poison, redemption, or any other HIM lyric reference.
12. Getting Ville Valo’s water bottle at a concert is the eq
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Metamorphosis (Chapter 12)
The day felt like it would never end. I constantly had to go to the bathroom and change the pad resting between my legs, and more than once I broke down and cried randomly. I couldn’t rationalize my actions…I had no idea what made me do these things or make me snap or scream in anger, sadness, or frustration. It was as if my emotions had been set loose and were running wild. I simply lay in bed, unwilling to move…unwilling to face the world in this state.
The afternoon wore on, and I finally felt the urge to change my pad again, but as I made my way to the bathroom, I stopped and looked at the box I had gotten earlier. It was addressed to mom, but curiosity tugged at me. What was in that thing? Was it something to cure me? Would it make me a boy again? I cautiously opened the box and pulled the lid off to get a look inside.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. I reached into the box and pulled out the contents.
In my hands was a beautiful monstrosity. A gorgeous dress
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