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Full Team, Full Power by SilverBuller Full Team, Full Power :iconsilverbuller:SilverBuller 103 19
Digimon: Heroes Episode 27
Redemption and Truth
*Inside the palace of the Digital World, Superimon was watching a replay of the previous battle between Alexandermon, Darcmon and SkullSatamon on the monitors in his throne room. Darcmon was standing behind him, observing the video as well*
Darcmon: My lord? Are you alright?
Superimon: *sighs* It seems like every day, those miserable human children and their pet Digimon grow stronger…and I grow weaker.
Darcmon: That's not true, sire… You're still strong enough to defeat them. We've just had some flaws in our battles. We just need to strategize, that's all…
Superimon: Look at this. *turns the screen onto the Regis and Kelly Show*
Regis: Alright, folks. On today's show, we have with us some very special guests.
Kelly: That's right, they're the heroes of New York with the help of their Digimon friends, please welcome the Digimon Heroes!
Regis: Robert Willis, Eva Doherty and Chris Christie!!
*Just then, Robert, Eva and Chris walked out on stage as
:iconhewytoonmore:HewyToonmore 27 19
Digimon: Heroes Episode 30
*The deserts of Afghanistan, late morning. A convoy of humvees drive through the rough terrain. Inside one of the humvees were Chris, Rixu, Monodramon, d'Arcmon, and Angelomon*
Driver: How are you all handling back there?
d'Arcmon: It's unbearable. I'm sweating up a storm.
Chris: It's like an oven back here...
Sergeant Wilson: Don't worry Chris, you'll get used to it. *ruffles Chris' hair*
Chris: So do you know where they took my dad, Wilson?
Sergeant Wilson: No idea. But I promise we'll get him back for ya. You're like a nephew to me.
Driver: Yeah Chris, relax.
Rixu: Speak for yourself.
Angelomon: You have a lot of family...
Chris: Yeah, you can say that. I've known these guys for years.
Angelomon: So why would these guys take your dad anyway?
Rixu: They're terrorists, that's why.
Monodramon: Bad guys.
Angelomon: Like Superimon?
Chris: I guess you could say that.
Rixu: They want him for a ransom. It's what they do.
d'Arcmon: The difference between these terrorists and Superimon, is th
:iconhewytoonmore:HewyToonmore 23 11
Team Aqua Wing for Angel by YukariAsano Team Aqua Wing for Angel :iconyukariasano:YukariAsano 77 33 Hippogriffomon Commission by allocen Hippogriffomon Commission :iconallocen:allocen 42 3 RWBY-mon: In the Sky by mainkore RWBY-mon: In the Sky :iconmainkore:mainkore 22 0 D'arcmon by frolis-maneuver D'arcmon :iconfrolis-maneuver:frolis-maneuver 13 0 DZX - Aqua Wing-jinkas by StarXrossed DZX - Aqua Wing-jinkas :iconstarxrossed:StarXrossed 12 8 Request - Team Aqua Wing by StarXrossed Request - Team Aqua Wing :iconstarxrossed:StarXrossed 12 5 DZ CMC -- 'Lovebirds' by StarXrossed DZ CMC -- 'Lovebirds' :iconstarxrossed:StarXrossed 10 11 Gravimon by EnoGreymon Gravimon :iconenogreymon:EnoGreymon 9 0 POLITICAL DIGIMON JOKE by Blitzkrieg1701 POLITICAL DIGIMON JOKE :iconblitzkrieg1701:Blitzkrieg1701 8 2