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Tulio x Miguel Hints
Reasons List - Miguel x Tulio
Miguel and Tulio are the two main characters from the Dreamwork’s production “The Road to Eldorado”. A children's film about two best friends seaking wealth and adventure, find the lost city of gold. The film is brilliant because the characters are very unique, compared to the cliché heroes you see in other movies.
So to prove my point, please read this ->
Miguel’s Hints:
1. He loves all of Tulio’s ideas, both good or bad (mostly bad ^^; )
2. Miguel has Tulio wrapped around his little finger, knowing exactly what to do or say to get Tulio to do what he wants.
3. Tulio made Miguel’s rich
4. Miguel can always trusts Tulio to come up with a plan on the spot to get them out of trouble.
5. Miguel became jealous seeing Tulio making out with Chel when they both promised that she was off limits, so not to affect their friendship.
6. Miguel was hurt hearing Tulio suggesting they (he and Chel) forget about him. He was deeply hurt b
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Uncle Sheogorath's Really Helpful Hints and Tips :iconisriana:Isriana 1,168 357 Apophysis Guide v.2.1 :iconclairejones:ClaireJones 533 106 Colored Pencils Tutorial :iconmeedup:Meedup 1,625 288 .:TUTORIAL - Shoes:. :iconkats-tan:Kats-tan 3,482 157
Story Writing Tips
Tip #1: Write about what you know. If you're writing a love story in which the main female character is dumped by her boyfriend, think about what you have been through in your own personal experience, and think about how she might react. Does your character have a strong personality? Are they normally quite likeable? Do they have a weak personality, and they let people push them around? Or do they have a personality that is mysterious, and unpredictable? Once you have established a main character, only you, the author, can predict how they will react to a certain problem.
Tip #2: When beginning a story, and a chapter, it often helps to start the story/chapter in the middle of an action, because then you immediately grasp the reader's attention.
Tip #3: When writing a summary, you might want to include a very short excerpt from your story. That way, you get the reader intrigued. In a real, published book, the first thing that a person sees is the cover, second the title, and third, the
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5 Tips for Choosing Your Story's POV Character
5 Tips for Choosing Your Story's POV Character
Anybody Can Write a Novel
Chapter 3 “Characters” – Section 9 “The POV Character”
With Links to Supplementary Material
Last time, we spoke about every story has a Narrator, and about how to create the narrator that will tell your story. Now, if you have decided to write with a narrator who is not an actual character in the story, you now need one last character—the one through whose eyes your Narrator will tell the story—and to know a few things about how to use this character. That character is the Point-of-View (POV) character.
Tip 1: Know that your POV character can be anyone in the story.
Your POV character is not necessarily going to be the protagoni
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Tribute to AAML Hints :iconcarinat:CarinaT 648 183
.:Mary Sue Guide:.
• MY OPINION: This is what I have gathered based on reading and analyzing all of the major Mary sue-related articles and looking at the tests multiple times. I hate reading, but I do read fast and its character stuff, so it does interest me. I didn't write all this for you or for anyone to say “___ doesn't make a character a sue! What are you talking about?” I typed this for you to know in general how I perceive them and list the traits based off an analysis. I’m not saying all sues have to have these—no, Mary sues are more often than not based off a combination of things, but how they are written is key.
• NO ONE IS SAFE: It typically varies fandom to fandom and most people make their own views of what a sue is or isn't. But a sue can be any character, fandom or otherwise. Unfortunately, any character can become a sue if they are written like one. So watch how you write and be careful to avoid the things mentioned abov
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Artistic Flare Infection Effect Tutorial :iconaleksparx:alekSparx 484 119 THE COSPLAY GUIDE: Tips :icongoddesofthemoon:Goddesofthemoon 445 229
Writing Tips 101
Over the 10 years of writing, from online role-playing to full out story writing, I've come to learn a few things that I find helps me when I write my stories. They're little tips that I wish I had known when I had first begun this crazy trip. Some of them are rather obvious, yet unless someone points it out you might not realize it until late into writing. As such, I'd like to share some of those things for you now. If you find this even remotely helpful, please consider faving it.
1. First Drafts ALWAYS Suck
It's a simple fact. You won't be a pro from the beginning, no matter how much natural talent you may have. Just accept this. So how do you deal with this? Just write. Write the first draft of whatever you're working on. Write a lot of it, if not all of it. From when you start and when you stop, you will see a HUGE progression in your writing. You'll see just how much your writing evolved and improved over time, especially if you got feedback along the way.
With that experi
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Proportionality :iconcosmic-empress:Cosmic-Empress 212 31 Deviation Notes :iconelectricnet:electricnet 353 269 Artistic Flare Fracture Effect Tutorial :iconaleksparx:alekSparx 758 204
Introduction to Gouache
Traditional Art

Definition of the Medium
Gouache is similar to watercolor and acrylic. But it has unique characteristics that differentiate it from both of them.
Like watercolor, it's water soluble and its binder is gum arabic (M. Graham & Co use honey ιn their gouache). The pigment ratio however is much higher compared to watercolor. It's also opaque (containing chalk). However, it can be thinned down to washes and worked just like watercolor. In that form it's less translucent than watercolors but you'll have a hard time to tell the difference. Most importantly it can build up opaque layers.
When it dries - like acrylic - the lights tend to be a bit darker and the darks a bit lighter. It dries fast and flat. Although - unlike acrylic - the opaque layers of gouache can be reactivated with water. Despite the matte look, gouache has a special vibrancy in opaque form due to the high pigment load.
If you work in watercolor, y
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Characters and Names :iconflorian-k:Florian-K 95 32 Little Robin :icontinyasuo-cosplay:TinYasuo-Cosplay 215 54 Hints of Spring :iconmousemakesmess:MouseMakesMess 286 35 Cookie charm tutorial :iconcitruscouture:citruscouture 228 21 Custom LPS tutorial :Part 1: :iconlolly-pop-girl732:Lolly-pop-girl732 87 24 Basics of Character Creation and Conception 2 :iconflorian-k:Florian-K 55 4 Intermediate Coloring tutorial :iconmisspinks:MissPinks 745 66 Ways to develop your characters :iconlightlybow:LightlyBow 60 13 Dragon tutorial :iconunibomber703:Unibomber703 392 61
Cosplay Tips and Tricks
Tip 1 - Wigs!
Always try and get the best looking wig for your character!  If you've gone to all that effort with your costume it's honestly in your best interest to get a wig that looks good to complete the look. You don't need to break the bank if you don't want to, and don't worry if you aren't the best stylist out there!  Just make sure that it's the same colour as your character and vaguely resembles their hair style and it will instantly look so much better than using your own hair if it looks nothing like the character you're trying to portray. Make the effort and you won't regret it!
Tip 2 - Putting on a wig!
Ok!  So one of the best things to make wearing a wig easier is to wear a wig cap underneath the wig - this helps to hold all of your hair in neatly underneath the wig and will also help to hold the wig on more securely. You can either buy a premade wig cap or go for the slightly cheaper option of cutting the legs off a pair of ti
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Vortex :iconsatania:SaTaNiA 93 14 Intermediate hair coloring tutorial :iconmisspinks:MissPinks 814 36 Tutorial pencil to digital art :iconmeedup:Meedup 665 124
Creative Writing
If you want to write a novel/novella/short story you should always start with a seed. If you ever catch yourself asking a question that starts with "What if...." be sure to write it down. Those questions could lead to a great work of fiction one day. But be careful, you don't want to start a story with too much baggage since it could limit your creativity in the writing process. You may have some idea where you want the story to go, but don't create too many constraints for yourself! The story will unfold if you are ready to work hard on keeping up with what it has to say.
When you sit down to start your story, let it write itself and be sure to keep your characters and dialogue realistic. This is accomplished through many different approaches.  As a writer, you must learn to hone your powers of observation and watch people and how they interact.  Research can come in a variety of forms, from reading other authors to watching movies as well.  Keen observat
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Hints of Spring :icontimemit:timemit 64 28 How to scan pencil sketches :iconpowflip:PowFlip 181 20 Syn's Emote Hints + Tips :iconsynfull:Synfull 211 190 Hint of Spring :icongamerfromhell:GamerFromHell 104 34
How to make a character
Creating a new original character for your own use can be both an exciting and scary time, not just for you, but for those who will be hearing about your character in one way or another.  That is the main idea behind this guide, to give you some ideas to think about when it comes to making your own character (also called an OC).
Come up with a good background for the character:
One thing I can't stress enough is to get at least a decent idea of your character's history before whatever you decided on as the "present time".  Things to keep in mind here would be the relationship with parents (if any), natural tendencies while growing up, relationships with friends, things like that.  Now I'm not saying you have to have every single little nuance down before you go anywhere else with it, you can paint the background in some fairly broad strokes zooming into one or two major incidents that help shape the character's personality today.
Ex: Thunderbird. 
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Hints and Tips #1
Hello and welcome to the first instalments of 'Hints & Tips' and 
I hope these short and simple Tutorials will help boost and
inspire YOU to learn and create your own works in the many 
forms and mediums that you may work in.
SO... The first Hint/Tip is -
(lumpy or uneven surface)

1- The warped painting
2 - Turn the painting around and cover the back
with plenty of water from corner to corner
3- Place in a large hardback book between blank pages
4- Close the book and place something heavy on it and wait 
30 to 50 minutes so that the pages absorb the moisture
5- You open the book and the painting is flat

=to show that it doesn't remove paint, here is the finished piece=
I hope this helps
Bye :wave:
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---blue :iconlovedrain:loveDRAIN 295 72 Step By Step Tutorial / Hints Brushes Explanations :icondiivon:Diivon 287 40 How to draw cartoon trees :iconhitryi-pryanik:Hitryi-Pryanik 403 11 Hints for Drawing Bicycles :iconpowflip:PowFlip 121 13
To be great you must
recognize yourself as great!
Others will follow~
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tell me the song, i'll sing it
i'm just full of insecurities and i don't think i'm ready for you to be one of them.
i could tell you anything. i really could, i would be open to that. but it seems to be three am and you're not around so i find myself telling this blank sheet of paper instead. but if you were here right now, i would talk to you about my day, and my family and my life and how scared i am and maybe, just maybe
you would understand. and tell me it's okay. and keep me company through the night and tell me if you were here you would be holding my hand. maybe you would make everything okay, after dark. i'm alright with that, i'm alright with you, and i could be alright with us if maybe i could find the courage to tell you and if you could find the ears to listen or the eyes to read or the mind to pick up on all the clues i've been dropping like bread crumbs.
i'm not gretel, but you could be my hansel, if you wish.
i mean, i would let you. i would let you be my anything, really. you are just so pleasant - s
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How to draw with soft pastels on a black paper? :iconilojleen:Ilojleen 311 80