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nosebleeds [hinata shouyou x reader]
No way was Hinata Shouyou a pervert, but he always found himself bleeding when he saw [Name]. Specifically bleeding through the nose. It was still a mystery, even to Tsukishima who was a know-it-all smart ass. But, maybe it was because it was hot in the gym? Or maybe was it because he liked her, in a sexual kind of way?
No way. He was way too innocent.
But then again, as a teenage boy, he thought she was sexy. Beautiful. Flawless. Wonderful. All of these words ran in and out of his teenage mind when he saw her walk through the gymnasium doors with Kiyoko, their dear manager.
There was a time when [Name] hugged him from behind and the blood just gushed out without warning. It was horrible. He hated himself because of it. It was only a simple hug, yet he felt her breasts pressed against his back and that was the trigger. How an act of kindness could trigger his teenage hormones was ridiculous. But, of course still possible.
And, there she was again, oblivious to his adoration as she talk
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[Hinata] [Soulmate!AU] Shorter
Hinata Shouyou x Short!Reader

Soulmate!AU where the first words your soulmate says to you is inked onto your wrist

The first bell rang, its shrill ring sounding throughout the school corridors and students began to make their way to their new classes.
[Name] shuffled towards the second year classroom, greeting some of her friends and ex classmates when she passed by. After a long vacation, waking up early for school is something she probably wouldn't get used to until the second or so week of the term.
Covering a yawn with her hand, she walked into her new class, looking for some familiar faces. Most of her friends were in a different class, and unfortunately for her, she didn't see anyone she knew.
Her mood was dampened as she saw that most of her new classmates were a lot taller than she was. Height was a rather sensitive issue for her, considering how she always got teased for being short, and the stupid words on her wrist didn't help in making her feel better either
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KageHina - First Kiss by Amanduur KageHina - First Kiss :iconamanduur:Amanduur 783 112
Not that dense [Hinata x Reader]
It was just an ordinary cold morning, as Shouyou locked his bicycle, he headed towards the gym. When he pushed open the door, he could see Nishinoya and Tanaka sitting at the side of the court together with Sugawara while Kageyama was practicing his serve It seems like Nishinoya was holding his phone, showing Tanaka some stuff and Sugawara was looking too, the three of them started smiling, as if they just saw something that brightened up their day. Shouyou blinked in curiousity and greeted them in a loud and cheerful voice.
"Oh hey! Good morning!" ,"Whats up" and " You're so slow" was the reply he got.
"Shut up Kageyama! You came at 5am again, didn't you?" Hinata shot back at him, making him go "geh!"
"Morning! Hey Shouyou, c'mere!" Nishinoya called out in an exciting tone. Hinata tilted his head in confusion but still went over, bending down to get a better look of the phone's screen. As he slowly read the content , his bright golden eyes was still filled with uncertainty.
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Haikyuu Creature Collection - Intro
Alright, so you're probably wondering what exactly this is. To put it simply, it's a collection of one-shots for the Haikyuu characters starring one of them as a fictional creature. Or in some cases, the reader will be the creature. However if I am able I would like to avoid that.
Anyway, since there are over 55 different characters that I can do, I will only do one for each character (maybe a sequel or two if it's asked for.) Also, I'm letting you guys help decide who will be what creature. I'll limit it to creatures with a human or human-like form, but other than that, no restrictions! All characters and creatures are welcome! (Even coaches, managers, and siblings of the main characters!)
However, once someone has been decided, they won't be changed!
Currently Decided:
Toru Oikawa, Hajime Iwaizumi, Akiteru Tsukishima, Koushi Sugawara, Tadashi Yamaguchi, Kei Tsukishima, Hayato Ikejiri, Satori Tendo,
Asahi Azumane, Shoyo Hinata, Natsu Hinata, Manabu Naoi, S
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Haikyuu!! - Hinata Shoyo by Laovaan Haikyuu!! - Hinata Shoyo :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 2,384 98 Template - Haikyuu - Shouyou Hinata by Verloria Template - Haikyuu - Shouyou Hinata :iconverloria:Verloria 233 2 Summer Boys by PenguinFrontier Summer Boys :iconpenguinfrontier:PenguinFrontier 908 20
Tease: Pajamas [Hinata Shouyou]
“Thank you again for allowing me to sleep over while my parents are away on business, Hinata-san.”
[Name] bowed deeply to the older female of the house, receiving a kind smile and a pat on the head in return. The older woman bid the two teenagers in the living room a good night, instructing them both to change into their nightwear soon so they could go to bed and rest up for the next day. Receiving reluctant nods and muffled groans, the older woman turned on her heel and ushered her youngest child towards her own room so that she may be put to bed.
“[Name]-chan, let’s watch a movie together,” Hinata piped up once his mother was out of ear shot. He gave his female companion a grin, remote control in his grasp as he pointedly looked at the television.
“Okay, let me change into my pajamas first,” [Name] answered enthusiastically, practically skipping her way to the guest room she would be sleeping in.
Turning his attention towards the television,
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HQ - Dog by kata-009 HQ - Dog :iconkata-009:kata-009 1,451 48 + Haikyuu - Hinata + by SaraFabrizi + Haikyuu - Hinata + :iconsarafabrizi:SaraFabrizi 2,211 158 Volleyball Kitty by RoyalNoir Volleyball Kitty :iconroyalnoir:RoyalNoir 1,375 55 Haikyuu!! by Fishiebug Haikyuu!! :iconfishiebug:Fishiebug 1,593 69 The King's first team mate by Dagneo The King's first team mate :icondagneo:Dagneo 639 95
Shouting [Soulmate AU] [Hinata x Reader]
Hinata sighed as he brushed over the numbers on his wrist.
He didn’t feel sad exactly, he just felt empty. He had missed his soul mate, and the fact that he didn’t notice until after the volleyball games had happened was even worse. If he had maybe noticed just a second later, he could’ve possibly ran after them…but he didn’t.
He reached up to touch his face, his fingers coming away wet. He didn’t even know when he had started crying. Laying on his bed in the welcoming darkness of his room, he sighed once more.
It was barely a whisper, but in the silence of the room it felt like he was shouting.
You clutched tightly to the pillow you had, squeezing it as tightly as possible as you sobbed.
Maybe if you had been paying more attention, you would’ve met them. You could have met the one person you were bound to since birth. You should have stopped, or at the very least realized your timer was running down.
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Haikyuu!! doodle by PenguinFrontier Haikyuu!! doodle :iconpenguinfrontier:PenguinFrontier 1,018 19 Haikyuu - Karasuno by Miyukiko Haikyuu - Karasuno :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 1,361 30
Spiders || Hinata Shouyou x Male!Reader
You were currently hanging out at your boyfriend's house, mostly to do your homework together and then to simply relax to some stupid, random show that would be airing in the TV.
Being already finished and helping him from time to time, you were lying upside down in his bed with the legs high up and the heels leant against the wall as something small and black caught your eye.
And you exactly knew what that thing was.
“Jesus Christ... Maria and Joseph. S–Shouyou!”, you yelled and rolled of the bed in panic, scaring the hell out of the orange haired boy and caused him to flinch in surprise.
“What is it, [Na–”
“Look at that... that monster!”, you cut him off and pointed wildly at the black button like thing that was sitting on the wall while crawling behind Hinata and holding onto his shoulders with the other hand, tightly pressing down with your nails, which didn't seem to bug him at all; his shirt was probably
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After Sex Talks - Hinata Shouyou x Reader
After Sex Talks (N12)
This one was quite a struggle to write, so forgive me if it doesn't live up to your expectations.
Thanks to my queen, :iconVanilla-CherryXII: for giving me some helpful advice :)

A small lamp resting on the nightstand flashes a faint light over the bed. For how many years has Hinata had this lava lamp? You've been lying there beside him long enough to determine how many smaller flickers there are between each vivid one.
Keen twinkles keep laying a soft tint of orange over the boy's face, making his skin tone fade with the colour of his hair. You can see blush blooming over his cheeks and the bridge of his nose as his lips curl into agitated waves. There's a glimpse of guilt beaming brighter than his ancient lava lantern within Hinata's hazel irises.
"Shouyou?" You ask, almost in a whisper, and feel his body flinch over yours.
He shifts to th
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Murder of Crows - HAIKYUU!! by vythefirst Murder of Crows - HAIKYUU!! :iconvythefirst:vythefirst 596 16 haikyuu! snapchats by OrangeMouse haikyuu! snapchats :iconorangemouse:OrangeMouse 697 41 Thanks, mum! by Emily-Fay Thanks, mum! :iconemily-fay:Emily-Fay 489 54
Passing Faces [Soulmate!AU] [Hinata x Reader]
Looking down at your timer, you rubbed your thumb over the numbers on your wrist. You were so nervous. You have been since yesterday. Not even yesterday, actually. You've been nervous for this whole week.
Actually, nervous didn't even begin to cover what you felt. It was just a flurry of emotions, mixing and mashing and hitting you with a barrage of mood swings every second.
That was what was on your timer at this very moment. Thirty-four minutes and sixteen, no fifteen, no fourteen- Agh! Thirty-four minutes until you would meet your soul mate.
You wondered if-
"(Nickname)-chan! Hey!"
You were jolted out of your thoughts as one of your friends, Aoi, called out to you.
"Come on! We're gonna be late for our own school's game!"
You nodded, waving a hand as a sign for her to go first.
"Yeah, you go on! I'm just gonna get myself some snacks first."
"Get me some gummy worms, would ya?" She grinned, looking behind her and giving you a thumbs up before running off to another one
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haikyuu babies 12.20.14 [PAGEDOLLS] by Lu-tan haikyuu babies 12.20.14 [PAGEDOLLS] :iconlu-tan:Lu-tan 435 25 kagehina kiss chu by Flarefyre kagehina kiss chu :iconflarefyre:Flarefyre 929 20 Haikyuu!! Render by BastisHasi Haikyuu!! Render :iconbastishasi:BastisHasi 789 16 HAIKYUU!! [ KageHina ] Get off me~ by NicoleIsCrazy HAIKYUU!! [ KageHina ] Get off me~ :iconnicoleiscrazy:NicoleIsCrazy 837 30 Haikyuu: Look through crow's eyes by Feeri-Theme Haikyuu: Look through crow's eyes :iconfeeri-theme:Feeri-Theme 523 23
Haikyuu!! Kisses (Hinata x Reader)
"Hey! Hinata!" came a familiar voice.
Turning away from the group of boys he was walking with to the party, Shouyou Hinata saw you smiling and waving at him.
"(F/n)! Hi!" he shouted back enthusiastically, waving back wildly.
"Oi! Calm down, dumbass," Kageyama growled, smacking him in the back of the head.
Rubbing the sore spot, Hinata winced as you caught up with them.
"Hi, Kageyama. Yamaguchi," you addressed the other boys with a smile. "Where are you guys going all dressed up like this?"
"We're going to a party for all the volleyball teams in the area! It's at the venue at the top of this hill!"
"No way! I just started working there part-time. I mean, I just help clean, but it's kind of funny that we're all going the same direction, right?"
Kageyama shrugged, but Hinata was quick to agree. He didn't really find it funny, however. He would say it was more "lucky" than anything else. With the two of you in the same class, he developed an enormous crush on you during the school yea
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Summer Boys - Haikyuu!! Visual Fanbook by PenguinFrontier Summer Boys - Haikyuu!! Visual Fanbook :iconpenguinfrontier:PenguinFrontier 504 24 06/13 by s-haa 06/13 :icons-haa:s-haa 545 52 karachuno by s-haa karachuno :icons-haa:s-haa 775 108 Haikyuu!! screenshot redraw by Tenshi-no-Hikari Haikyuu!! screenshot redraw :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 972 25 colour palette compilashon by Flarefyre colour palette compilashon :iconflarefyre:Flarefyre 227 6 Haikyuu!! by kahmurio Haikyuu!! :iconkahmurio:kahmurio 838 20 Haikyuu - Hinata by IchigoRanch Haikyuu - Hinata :iconichigoranch:IchigoRanch 478 21 Hinata by Suixere Hinata :iconsuixere:Suixere 755 72
Hinata x Reader |One More Time|
”Mou ikkai!”
”One more time!”
it's what you always say, but…
Shouyou paced outside the bathroom, waiting for you with a nervous tick in his tapping fingers. The lady known as (Name) Hinata, or yourself, was currently inside taking a special sort of test. It made his heart race with excitement just thinking about it. This was a life-changing moment for both of you, if you passed. All you needed were two little lines.
And just like that, you’d be parents.
At least that’s what you hoped. The five excruciating minutes he spent waiting for you to come out with the results was driving him crazy. He was more than ready to be a dad, just like you wanted to be a mama. Raising a little fire-haired shrimp with twice as much energy as Shouyou and double your cuteness? What more could you ask for?
So Hinata just about leapt up to you when you came out of the bathroom. He grasped your ar
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HQ!! - Get along by Tenshi-no-Hikari HQ!! - Get along :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 1,083 57 Hinata Shoyo by lorenzbasuki Hinata Shoyo :iconlorenzbasuki:lorenzbasuki 131 5 2015 Kagehina Day by IchigoRanch 2015 Kagehina Day :iconichigoranch:IchigoRanch 266 17 haikyuu cosplay kageyama tobio hinata shouyou by dat-baka haikyuu cosplay kageyama tobio hinata shouyou :icondat-baka:dat-baka 213 3 i dunno by Vaenite i dunno :iconvaenite:Vaenite 491 36 Haikyuu!! Cat Cafe by yuerise Haikyuu!! Cat Cafe :iconyuerise:yuerise 618 21 Haikyuu!! I by AoTsuyu Haikyuu!! I :iconaotsuyu:AoTsuyu 612 17 Haikyuu: Prepare for Flight! by Haiyun Haikyuu: Prepare for Flight! :iconhaiyun:Haiyun 670 40