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First Meeting
Disclaimer: I don't own IY or YYH. Thanks.
Pairing: Hiei/Kagome
The First Meeting
"Owie!" A four year old whined as she pulled herself up off the ground. Cocking her head, she looked around and saw the most amazing thing!
A firefly!
She squealed happily and chased after it, racing with all her might to catch it. She didn't see the hole until she could no longer feel the ground beneath her tiny bare feet. She didn't make a sound as she fell, use to her clumsiness, but let out a tiny grunt as her bottom hit the hard floor.
At first she thought she wet herself, but realized the dampness was from the puddle she had landed in.
"Icky!" She said as she stood up, looking at the brown stain on her otherwise yellow dress. She pouted, knowing her daddy was going to scold her. She looked around and saw only the ice covered walls. Why were the walls icy? It wasn't cold. Daddy said ice came from the cold fairies that came in with the wind!
Maybe they lived here! She giggled happily and followed the
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I don't own YYH or IY
It was impossible.
There was no possible way this could happen—ever.
Yup, all three males decided, this was some weird dream.
It had to be, because there was simply no other explanation.
Yusuke pinched himself, letting out a muffled yelp as Kurama's hand covered his mouth. Kuwabara was about to do the same but Kurama quickly put a stop to that as well.
All three stared on in wonder from their spot in the bushes.
The day had started out simple enough. Botan woke everyone and sent them out on a mission, which only lasted a few hours, Hiei left for Makai, and everyone began to go about their day until Yusuke called.
Yusuke had been frantic, seeing as Keiko was missing, and so called Kurama and Kuwabara. When they tried to contact Koenma so Botan would get Hiei they found out that she had been missing for two hours.
Koenma, himself, was worked up over the souls that were overwhelming the other girls.
And so the three set o
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