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Thor and Loki by eleathyra Thor and Loki :iconeleathyra:eleathyra 1,759 263 Hiddles WIP by Cataclysm-X Hiddles WIP :iconcataclysm-x:Cataclysm-X 1,535 150 Avengers Banner 1 by hobo95 Avengers Banner 1 :iconhobo95:hobo95 1,325 178 Loki: Something wicked this way comes... by Soul-Invictus Loki: Something wicked this way comes... :iconsoul-invictus:Soul-Invictus 2,851 148 Loki by Soul-Invictus Loki :iconsoul-invictus:Soul-Invictus 2,871 134 Thor sketchdump by Phobs Thor sketchdump :iconphobs:Phobs 15,174 1,187 The Avengers - He's real by maXKennedy The Avengers - He's real :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 4,529 615 The Avengers - Don't go by maXKennedy The Avengers - Don't go :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 12,304 1,405 Loki by AnnikeAndrews Loki :iconannikeandrews:AnnikeAndrews 2,489 265 Thor Loki Crack Art by ramida-r Thor Loki Crack Art :iconramida-r:ramida-r 4,326 126
Myths - Loki x Pregnant!Reader
Two months pregnant, it didn't seem so bad. But the mood swings and the cravings were becoming irritable.
Even the great God of Mischief was growing annoyed with it.
One minute you would be completely happy without a care in the world and then in a split second it would all change. You would be cuddling into his chest and crying your heart out over something pointless.
It was strange, he must admit. But it didn't matter how much it bothered him so, he knew that he had to make you feel better no matter what.
Even if that did mean vanishing off to the store to buy you something that would make you smile again. Either that or he would disappear for several hours to get away from your constant whining and moaning.
Today, surprisingly, you were rather..quiet. Which was strange and otherwise alarming. And at the same time, terrifying.
Especially seeing as Tony Stark had decided to pay a visit to the pair of you, his arrogance forcing Loki to almost snap his neck. If it wasn't for you stoppin
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The hunt by eleathyra The hunt :iconeleathyra:eleathyra 1,306 155
Please, Just Hold Me (Loki x Reader)
"Loki..." You murmured, hugging the pillow like a surrogate teddy bear. "Please."
The room changed. At least the air did. You could feel him now, his heavy presence permeating the darkness.  A warm hand pressed into your back, soothing your aching body for a moment. You laid still among your bedsheets, waiting for him to crawl in after you. Loki still hovered over your being, looking concerned under a thick mask of arrogance.
"You called?" He tilted his head, rounding the room so he could face your tear filled eyes. "My love, who has hurt you?"
You tried to answer before choking back a sob, dissolving into a deeper sadness. Trying to say it aloud made the pain sharper.
"Tell me his name. Tell me so I can cut his mortal string short. I'll make him feel a pain much worse than yours." Loki spoke through gritted teeth.
"Don't." You whispered with a crack in your voice. "Could you, I, I just need you to hold me."
He finally got into the bed, his armor disappearing out of necessity. He
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#9000 THE AVENGERS by Sheridan-J #9000 THE AVENGERS :iconsheridan-j:Sheridan-J 10,245 979 Loki da Vinci by Cataclysm-X Loki da Vinci :iconcataclysm-x:Cataclysm-X 2,934 455 The Avengers - Loki x Tony Stark by maXKennedy The Avengers - Loki x Tony Stark :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 3,164 352 Control and Chaos by eleathyra Control and Chaos :iconeleathyra:eleathyra 1,231 129 The Avengers - Kneel by maXKennedy The Avengers - Kneel :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 1,764 256 Loki - The Avengers by EternaLegend Loki - The Avengers :iconeternalegend:EternaLegend 5,713 384 The Avengers - Tony Stark by maXKennedy The Avengers - Tony Stark :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 2,290 136 Iron Man by Sheridan-J Iron Man :iconsheridan-j:Sheridan-J 3,662 318 Thor and Loki: The Dark World by ramida-r Thor and Loki: The Dark World :iconramida-r:ramida-r 1,456 33 LOKI- TESSERACT by Sheridan-J LOKI- TESSERACT :iconsheridan-j:Sheridan-J 3,569 165 Loki II by alicexz Loki II :iconalicexz:alicexz 7,331 235 Thor and Loki - Blood Brothers by Renny08 Thor and Loki - Blood Brothers :iconrenny08:Renny08 2,796 310 Who am I by Nero749 Who am I :iconnero749:Nero749 2,170 415 The Avengers - Hands off by maXKennedy The Avengers - Hands off :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 2,452 239
Loki x Depressed!Reader You're Never Alone
Ok, warning. This one is a little depressing but Loki saves the day. If your not into sadness then I caution you not to read. I really don't want to offend anyone either. Welp...Here you go.
You had had enough. From the laughing faces of kids at school to the parents and siblings that were never there for you. In your mind you were all alone. You had no other family that truly understood you and you had no friends at school. School life was painfully slow as the kids talked about the shy, quiet girl who sat alone at lunch and would always sit in the back of the classroom.
Hopefully tonight, you could get away from all of the loneliness. You had left a note on the kitchen counter, saying farewell to your family for the last time. They weren't home, as usual. They had went to the movies and left you alone in your room. You didn't even realize they were gone until you ventured down for a glass of water, wher
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Dressup Avengers by Arlequinne by ElinTan Dressup Avengers by Arlequinne :iconelintan:ElinTan 3,451 645 LOKI by Zen by siguredo LOKI by Zen :iconsiguredo:siguredo 3,388 70 Loki: On course... by Soul-Invictus Loki: On course... :iconsoul-invictus:Soul-Invictus 2,434 310 Loki with Avengers plushies by invaderk8 Loki with Avengers plushies :iconinvaderk8:invaderk8 4,086 832 The Dark World by eleathyra The Dark World :iconeleathyra:eleathyra 1,143 139 Loki - Incomplete by LindaMarieAnson Loki - Incomplete :iconlindamarieanson:LindaMarieAnson 977 181 Loki Laufeyson Headphones by RidaChan Loki Laufeyson Headphones :iconridachan:RidaChan 859 242 Tom Hiddleston sketch by Cataclysm-X Tom Hiddleston sketch :iconcataclysm-x:Cataclysm-X 3,380 540 Thor 2 - Die Young by maXKennedy Thor 2 - Die Young :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 1,365 270 A Second After Revelation by LindaMarieAnson A Second After Revelation :iconlindamarieanson:LindaMarieAnson 1,294 187 Loki, Prince of Asgard by alicexz Loki, Prince of Asgard :iconalicexz:alicexz 15,090 542 Loki's children. by jen-and-kris Loki's children. :iconjen-and-kris:jen-and-kris 3,085 203 Loki - King of Asgard by Quelchii Loki - King of Asgard :iconquelchii:Quelchii 4,739 854 Loki Laufeyson by teralilac Loki Laufeyson :iconteralilac:teralilac 4,074 414 Thor by Phobs Thor :iconphobs:Phobs 7,831 469 Loki feels by Cataclysm-X Loki feels :iconcataclysm-x:Cataclysm-X 4,510 526 Loki's Softer Side by JazzySatinDoll Loki's Softer Side :iconjazzysatindoll:JazzySatinDoll 3,329 780 Thor 2 Loki by teralilac Thor 2 Loki :iconteralilac:teralilac 4,767 580 Loki by alicexz Loki :iconalicexz:alicexz 10,013 371