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Sick!England x Reader - Bath Talk
You were greeted with the gentle, faint aroma of tea and roses once you opened the door to your English friend’s house, his spare key clutched in your hand as you peered inside.
There was nothing out of the ordinary; as usual, Arthur’s house was kept in wonderful condition, with everything clean and not a speck of dust in sight. Closing the door behind you, you quickly locked it and put the key away before sighing.
Arthur had called you earlier, requesting that you come over. He was bedridden at the moment, and he absolutely refused to bring over Alfred to take care of him since last time the American had tried to place a hamburger on his head as a way of curing him.
It was funny, yes, but Arthur had informed you that he’d rather not have ‘that greasy morsel’ – you were quoting his words – on his forehead.
“Arthur?” you called out softly, quietly climbing the stairs so you wouldn’t disturb the ill Englishman.
There was
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Hetalia Dress Up Game by KawaiiPandah Hetalia Dress Up Game :iconkawaiipandah:KawaiiPandah 21,734 6,446 INTERACTIVE RUSSIA FLASH GAME by NamiOki INTERACTIVE RUSSIA FLASH GAME :iconnamioki:NamiOki 7,616 2,928
Grumpy Sleeper (England x Reader)
Grumpy Sleeper (England x Reader)
Warning Cheeky brit ahead! Hope you Enjoy it :3
~~~(Name) POV~~~
You couldn't decide whether or not it was sad or adorable, the fact that the grumpy brit was also a grumpy sleeper. Like seriously did this guy ever smile unless it was for a cup of tea, his magical ‘Friends’ or if he was drunk?
You were on your way back to England after visiting Alfred in America and were on a plane with only a few people on it- curtsey of Alfred and his government. Arthur was snuggled up into a blanket with headphones on next to you fast asleep, his face was quite adorable all scrunched up in annoyance as if he had just bumped into Francis.
His bushy brows kept twitching every so often and the occasional sleepy slur would pass through his smooth lips as if he was grumbling to himself. You giggled quietly as he mumbled in his sleep
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[APH] Nyo!Belarus: Marry Me
You sighed as you suddenly stopped walking. You turned around and showed an unimpressed looking face to nobody; since no one was even behind you. But you knew someone was following you. And you knew who that someone is so well. Nikolai, also known as Belarus is following you. He has been following you home, in fact, he has been following you everywhere since Anya [Fem!Russia] introduced you to him.
Anya was your close friend, someone who you could trust. You didn't knew why the others said she was scary. You didn't care even if she got really scary at times. You were there for her and she was there for you, that was all it matters. So one fine day, Anya decided to invite you over to her house. You gladly accepted her invitation, not expecting other guests in the house.
「 Flashback-sama 」
You knocked on the Anya's house- no- mansion's door. While waiting for someone to open up the door, you adjusted your appearance, just to look neat and leave others a good impression on y
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[APH] Russia: Become one, da?
You went to a world meeting for the second time; you didn't want to come again after what happened the first time. You sighed. They told you they won't fight during a meeting again but look what happened. The meeting hasn't even started yet. You stole a glance at Germany, wondering how he could stay silent after 10 minutes of The Allied Forces fighting among each other. He looked really annoyed, but he just sighed.
"If you all von't vant to take zhis meeting seriously, please leave. I have had enough of your uselesss fighting! Ve are here for a meeting for gott's sake!" Germany shouted in a really annoyed tone.
"V-ve... Doitsu, c-calm down!" Italy spoke up, trying his best to calm his best friend down.
"Hmm, Yeah I agree with Germany-aru! You all are such immature people-aru, fighting over little things!" said an annoyed China.
"Da! I agree with China." said Russia while holding a panda- China's panda.
"W-WHAT DID YOU DO TO PANDA ARU?!" China exclaimed and a small friendly fight starte
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Not So Innocent {Norway x Reader}
“Women love when we do this, don’t they?”
Warning: ‘Lime’ content— beware ;)
“I’m telling you; I’m the awesomest!”
“And I’m telling you… there’s no way you’re better than the hero!”
“You’re both such fools—neither of you could be as great as me. I’m the King!”
You giggled quietly. Much to your amusement, you were hanging out with the ‘Awesome Trio’, which consisted of Prussia, America, and Denmark.
The four of you were currently at an evening festival to celebrate the opening of Japan’s newest capital. You weren’t even sure how you wound up hanging with them—but here you were, and their silly, self-centered arguing was undeniably funny.
“What are you giggling about over there, _____?” Prussia smirked, turni
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Exchange Experience ~Hetalia x Reader~ Intro

~Exchange Student~
    Ten minutes. Just ten more minutes and you’re free. Keep hoping the teacher doesn’t call on you... That’s right... There are 1 in 30 chances to go to the blackboard. Maybe today is your lucky day. Maybe…
    “Miss [L/N], would you be kind and come to the blackboard to show us the solving of problem number 5?” the teacher called on you, breaking the chain of your thoughts. Yeah, maybe it wasn’t that of a lucky day.
    “Sure, sir.” Stepped forward with the book in your hand, reading the problem in your head, not really sure how you should solve it. First things first, you grabbed a piece of chalk to write the given information on the blackboard, such as the speed, distance and acceleration of the vehicles. So far so good. Now what? “First of all we should…” you started, only to be
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Hetalia Motivational 1 by PristineDreamworld Hetalia Motivational 1 :iconpristinedreamworld:PristineDreamworld 832 79
[APH] America: It's time we part
Cheating!America x Reader
{ It's time we part }
awesome author's note; I'll be changing point of views because I can. Probably never ever going into America's point of view. Like 3rd person's point of view and narrator I guess? I think that's the same thing but oh well.
• happy reading •

[Y/N] hummed to herself as she walked home from work. [Y/N], is a beautiful [age] year old lady with breathtaking [e/c] eyes and [length] [h/c] hair. She works as a [job title] and thank doitsu, her boss allowed her to leave early today. She can't wait to cuddle with her boyfriend of 2 years, Alfred. She always comes home late because of the work given so she never had the time to do lovey-dovey stuffs with him. Just the thought of doing lovey-dovey stuffs made [Y/N] blush and squeal, recieving weird glances at her.
~ da da dun ~
[Name] unlocked the door of their shared house. The inside of the house was dark, like nobody was home. The air even felt cold. "...Al? I'm home." You mu
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Don't Mess with the Babysitter {Nordic 5 x Reader}
“Is it okay if we share you?”
Click, click, click.
Click, click…
You threw your head back, as far away from your computer screen as you could manage. You were so insanely bored out of your mind that you had nothing left to do—not even on the Internet. You had just stopped yourself from typing ‘Google’ into Google out of your pure boredom.
“Ughh…” You groaned, standing up. You slammed your laptop shut, only before realizing there would still be nothing left for you to do even if you did get up. Letting out another sigh of defeat, you plopped right back down.
“This has got to be my most boring vacation ever…” You grumbled aloud.
It was spring break—naturally anyone would think a teenager such as yourself would be going wild by now.
But not you. Instead, you were in your bedroom, pajamas on, shades drawn, doing literally nothing.
You were
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Bad Touch {Famous!Spain x Fan!Reader}
“Why can’t you just pick me?”
Warning:‘Lime’ content— beware ;)
You looked up at the poster. It was still a little crooked, but it would have to do.
You’d just finished putting up your newest poster of your favorite band, Bad Touch. It had all three members on it—Prussia, France, and Spain, looking as great as they always did.
They were currently your obsession. But not just you; they had fangirls all over the world. They were a national phenomenon. Starting out in Europe, they quickly became the world’s most famous boy band.
Lately, Bad Touch was all you ever thought about. Usually you didn’t obsess over boy bands, but this was an exception.
Since your family didn’t have a lot of money, you couldn’t afford to go to concerts or even buy much of their merchandise. But you did spend all of your allowance on magazines. Mostly just to rip out the Bad Touch posters and put them up on y
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{Weightless} Bully!America X Carefree!Reader
Weightless (Songfic)
Bully!America X Hopeful!Bullied!Reader
(A/N: The song is 'Weightless' by All Time Low. There will be swearing.)

    All the names filled your head and ears as you walked through the halls. What did you do to deserve this? Nothing. People just did it to you for fun. Everyone has called you a name at least once. But, the majority of people don't stop. Alfred. F. Jones was the one who started it, he caused this to happen. You wanted people to laugh at you, but not in this sense. You wanted them to laugh at your jokes. You wanted to laugh along with them, but you can't... You'd just be laughing at your failures. It hurt, it hurt a lot. You just wanted to be happy along with them, but you can't, apparently, you're different from them.
    You want to give up. You want them to feel what you do. You'd be ecstatic
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Germany x Sick!Reader
You lay back on your bed, feeling the effects of your country's depression taking their toll on you. Your economy was in shambles, your government was corrupt, your people were suffering, and it was all piling up to make you horribly ill.
But you were a part of the Axis now, and you were doing everything you could to stay strong for them. The depression you could deal with. You could brush it off and smile away the pain, to make your allies not worry about you. Now that you could barely move, you were worried. What if Germany, the unofficial leader of your little group, now saw you as useless and threw you out in the cold? You were determined to hide this from the others at all costs.
The comforter around you did nothing to ease your chills, and your house was drafty and falling to shreds due to your economic troubles. Then your phone rang out, and you rose to grab it, taking the comforter around your shoulders. After hitting the button, you coughed for a second and watched the blood s
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We Speak No Americano (Romano x Reader) (Request)
Wow… Italy seemed like such a cool place.  Spacious canals, a lot of lovely tourist spots, and the architecture was quite astonishing all in itself.  The townspeople were kind and some of men you found, were quite flirtatious, especially with you (because you were new or if they thought you were really beautiful, you weren’t sure).  What you found the most captivating, however, was the food.  They had their pastas and their pizzas, yes, but their culinary arts branched out far beyond those examples.  Polenta served with Sopressa and mushrooms, tiramisu, cotoletta alla milanese, and one newly Americanized product - Nutella!  You wanted to eat it all!
You stopped by a simple-looking cafe and ordered yourself a table and some (fav/drink).  You had been settled in for only 5 minutes when you felt someone staring at you.  You looked up from the menu and saw a man, a little older than you, looking at you, with dark brown hair and a strange
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Guilty Pleasures GermanyxReader
    You sighed, crossing one of your bare legs over the other as you watched your rather attractive German boyfriend run around the nearby track. Fanning yourself with one hand, you tilted your head back, closing your eyes, a groan leaving your lips. When Ludwig had told you he would be going out for a quick jog, you had made the mistake of taking him literally. It had been an hour. In this heat.
    Your tongue ran over your lips as you leveled your head, raising a hand up to touch the frames of your heavily tinted sunglasses, sliding them slowly down the bridge of your nose just enough so your piercing (e/c) gaze could look over the accessory. You let yourself smirk just barely as you caught sight of your boyfriend. He had taken his shirt off only moments after you two had gotten here, and you had to say that you didn't object.
    The track was close to where you sat, the small, paved, oval, sitting only a few feet away from you. Continuing to keep your
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Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader: Sweden
Warning: I tried using/writing out Sweden’s accent. So just imagine his accent, because I didn’t write it to be so strong that you can’t read it. Which I think is actually a good thing, because you can't read what he's saying half the time in fanfics. :P
“Go ahead und choose, (Y/n).”
Your little hand dove down into the bag, and pulled out a black case with a little rectangular symbol on it—you didn’t know the Swedish flag, but that was what was on top of Sweden’s glasses case.
The tall country stood as several people leaned back into their seats, uncomfortable. He was blonde, and just a few seats away from you. Everybody was silent as the laconic man walked up to you, taking the case and opening it to put the glasses back on his face. Now you could see his blue eyes more clearly, up close.
You were scared by this man.
“H’llo. I am Berwald Oxenstierna. You c’n also call me Sweden.”
You nodded slowly at
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Germany x child reader
England read the paper and scowled. “Your father’s Germany,” the Brit stated curtly. “Alright West!” Prussia chirped. Germany approached China. The Chinese man, rolled his eyes and gave (Name) to Germany. “I’d say this meeting is over da?” Russia announced. The others silently agreed with the massive Russian man and started gathering their stuff.
    Germany was holding her tightly and hadn’t said a single word. (Name) let out a small squeak of pain, as the German’s grip tightened even further. The blonde jumped in surprise. “I am sorry, fraulein. I didn’t mean you any pain,” he said quietly. (Name) found it odd for the country to be so soft and kind. “I’m an uncle!” Prussia yowled in delight and launched himsel
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Bad Luck: 2P!CanadaXReader
Bad Luck
You chuckled as Alfred made a fool out of himself, yet again. He really was an idiot sometimes, but one of your best friends none the less. There was a growling sound behind you that sent shivers down your spine. Then Arthur pulled up beside you with an amazing smelling pink frosted cupcake.
"Would you like it?" He asked, his smile a little sadistic.
You laughed nervously and pushed the cupcake away. "No thanks, I, uh, don't want to get a cavity. Too many of your delicious sweets can do that, you know," you gave a nervous smile.
With a sneer, the personification of England put away the treat. He turned to Alfred, the personification of America. "Come on Al, let's go home."
"No way!" Sneer Alfred, glaring at him, "You'll just try to feed me more of those poisonous cupcakes! I'm gonna hang out with __." He sent a seductive grin your way.
The pink haired nation growled again. "We are going home and you will eat my cupcakes!" He snapped, getting a death grip on the red eyed
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I taste maple syrup... 2p!Canada x Reader
Warning: I swear in this one too. But I don't give a shit anymore. See, I just swore in a warning about swearing...
Your boyfriend broke away from the kiss with frown on his face. Staring back at him you tried to keep the sheepish look off your face. “Is something wrong, Matt?” you asked.
“We didn’t have pancakes for breakfast.” he said.
Damn it, you thought, he knows.
You just frowned trying to keep an innocent look on your face, “So?”
“I taste maple syrup.” Matthew said, catching your lips again. You knew it might be better to keep your mouth shut, but you couldn’t resist your sexy Canadian boyfriend. When he finally pulled back, he said, “I definitely taste maple syrup.” You nodded on instinct, still lightheaded.
He leaned down and started to kiss your neck, making you moan. “Did you make pancakes without me?” he asked. Unable you speak you just shook your head. “Then what troub
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Hetalia motivational poster 1 by AlgaCerebrum Hetalia motivational poster 1 :iconalgacerebrum:AlgaCerebrum 1,089 191
| Dear Stalker | ~ Male!Belarus x Reader

| Dear Stalker |
Patient! Male! Belarus x Psychiatrist! Reader
“Do you… ever get the feeling that you’re being watched? Because if it bothers you, I’ll stop…”
    The shifting of papers and files were all you could hear as you began unpacking into your new office. It was your first time on the job as a licensed psychiatrist, and in all honesty, you were a bit nervous.
    It was mostly a case of the jitters, however. You’d recently graduated college with a degree in psychiatry, finished the internship, and were now working at a mental health institution called Sutter Medical Center. Today was your first day, and though you were slightly anxious, you knew you’d be okay once you began talking with your first client.
    You’d always been eager to help people, especially wit
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Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader: Russia Part 1
Warning: Russia's Vodka.

“Go ahead und choose, (Y/n).”
You gave the blonde man a shy look, digging your hand down to the left a bit but keeping it on the top of the bag, and grabbing onto what you thought was the stem of a flower you often loved to watch grow outside your house. And it was: a sunflower!
“Dat is my sunflower.”
Arthur froze above you, as did most countries, as a tall man with platinum blonde/white hair stood from several seats down...You noticed another man that had been beneath him, who immediately got up to move seats. The tall man gave you a child-like smile and walked over.
The entire room was quiet.
He held out a hand. “My name is Ivan Braginski, little one. You will be one with Mother Russia from now on, da?”
“You’re a Mommy?” You asked, staring up at him.
“In a sense.”
These words made you feel even more nervous than before. You didn’t make eye contact, but shook his hand as Arth
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Hetalia GermanyxReader - Stuck In a Box
"Ugh," groaned Gilbert as he downed the rest of his drink. "I'm so bored!"
"Well, this is your party, mon ami," chided his best friend Francis. "We should do something entertaining."
"Oh! I know!" said Gilbert's other best friend, Antonio. "Let's play Hide-and-Seek!"
"Good idea!" Gilbert climbed onto a tabletop. "Everybody! I've got a cure for all of your boredom! We'll play Hide-and-Seek!"
_____, hearing her friend's announcement, put down her drink and smiled. "That sounds like fun!"
"Seriously?" said her boyfriend, Ludwig, with a raised eyebrow. "Games are for kleine Kinder."
"C'mon, Luddy!" _____ took his hand, making him blush. "We all need to take time to play. Loosen up!"
Ludwig sighed. He could never say no to her. "Alright, schatz. I'll play one game."
_____ pumped her fist in the air. "Yes! Hey, Gil! Luddy and I'll play!"
"Awesome! Alright, peeps! You go hide! Toni, Francis, and I'll be it! Go!" And with that, the Bad Touch Trio turned around, covered their eyes
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~Not Again!~ Drunk!EnglandXReader
There you were, reclining in your living room with an episode of your favorite show and a bag of chips. A typically boring Friday night. You were feeling exhausted from exams, and you decided to spend the night in, rather than going out with your friends. Plus Arthur was in the group, and heaven knows you were done with going out in anticipation of a good time, only to end up babysitting your british friend and making sure neither of you died in the process.
Sure, you loved the guy, but his drinking habits were ridiculous. You've never seen anyone deteriorate into an emotional wreck after one shot like Arthur did. One second he was holding an intelligent conversation, and the next he was starting fights and confessing his apparent undying love for you. You've never mentioned the last part to him.
Well, you weren't going to think about that now. This was the first weekend in months where you weren't being dragged out to some party by Alfred or persuaded into some crazy antic by Gilbert
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It's Cute (Romano x Reader)
It’s Cute (Romano x Reader)
Warning I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this! Hope you Enjoy it :3
~~~(Name) POV~~~
You sighed and nervously twiddled your figures as you looked at the article of clothing gently laid over your bed. A simple white lace dress with a light brown belt next to it was spread across your sheets.
You rarely wear dresses due to lack of confidence but sometimes you would, it’s just that ‘sometime’ hasn't happened for a long time and you were nervous, especially since it would be the first time your boyfriend will of seen you in a dress. You’re hot-headed, judgmental, Italian boyfriend Romano that is.
‘What if he doesn’t like it? Or he thinks it looks strange!?’  these and various other thoughts raced through your mind until you were pulled out of your little r
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Hetalia ScotlandxReader - Stuck In a Box
"Oy, _____!" called a familiar voice.
_____ turned around to see her friend and long-time crush, Allistor Kirkland, standing with his hands in his pockets. "Oh, hi, Allistor. What's up?"
"The ceilin'," he replied curtly, his shoulders rising slightly as he spoke, then relaxing back to their original position. "Gilbert's havin' a party tonight. You comin'?"
"A party? Sure! I'd love to!" said _____ with a wide smile. She knew that Gilbert's parties were the best around, despite how crazy and out of control they became.
Allistor nodded, making a half-smile. "Great. You want me to pick you up?"
A light shade of pink dusted _____'s cheeks. "Uh. . . sure. Okay. . ."
That night, _____ sat in her living room. She had on black Converse shoes, a plain white shirt, a black leather jacket, and a pair of skinny jeans with the Union Jack painted across the right thigh. With every minute that passed, she became more and more anxious. She wondered if she would finally gain enough courage to tell A
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2P FACE x Abused!Teen!Reader Prologue
Rain poured down with a force, making any window sound like there were pebbles being thrown at it.
The grey, cloudless sky rumbled with thunder, as cold wind blew. People with colorful umbrellas could be seen walking along the sidewalks and hugging their coat if they could to get warmer, as they hurried to get to their nice, warm home. 
Some walking from their work place, and some from the local school, while others drove their car in the watery road. 
School had just gotten out and students could be seen walking out of a big white building and through the arched entranced. Some were giggling discussing their love life to their friend or rumors, while others could be seen with their headphones in and their music blasting loudly that it could easily be heard from the headphones. Every girl and boy could be seen in their own groups as they walked. 
A lone girl was could be seen walking without any sort of shield from the cold rain that fell. Sh
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Bullied!France X Reader I Know What You're Not
(Name) stepped out of her mom’s car and shut the door behind her.
“Have fun at school (Name),” her mom said from behind her. “Call me when you’re ready to leave.”
“Okay mom,” (Name) responded before turning back and going into her new school. She hoped her first day wouldn’t be too bad, or at least not as bad as it was in her previous school. She never really liked it there anyway, and no one ever really liked her.
That’s why her mom thought she should move from (y/home state) to (state of your choice) and change schools. Her mom was hoping that (Name) would make some friends if she moved to another school and started over.
(Name), however, thought it was pointless. She sucked at trying to have conversations, and she was really shy. Any friend she every had in the past had either moved away later or drawn away from her by the popular crowd. What was the real point in trying? Getting her mother to stop pestering her about it, s
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Exchange Experience ~Prussia x Reader~

“No person was ever honored for what he received.
Honor has been rewarded for what he gave."
―Calvin Coolidge
A/N: Warning. There might be some curse words.
         “Hello, I believe you must be [Y/N] from the exchange program. I am Gilbert Beilschmidt. And I can guarantee, this will be one hell of an experience, especially with me as a partner.” Well, that was one of a cocky grin! Usually you didn’t like people with such a boastful personality, but something was drawing your interest towards the dude. You would lie if you said that the guy in front of you wasn’t attractive. It was actually pretty handsome. He was an albino, with vibrant red eyes and white shiny hair. You could swear he came to life from an anime or something. “You like the view, Fräulein? I’m telling you, I’m only the awesomest.”
         “Well, yo
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Army Dad!America x Daughter!Reader: Coming Home
Contains: Mild Cursing...
The sound of a loud BEEP cut through the air of the quiet and dark room where you slept. Groaning, you began to slap your nightstand in your lazy attempt of finding your cell phone. After feeling a rubbery case, you picked it up, lifted your face from your pillow, eyes open, and unlocked the device, which caused you to squint. Shutting off the alarm that had disturbed you from your dream and locking the phone, you let your head fall back onto the soft and plush pillow.
Pulling your hand back under the covers, taking the phone along with you, you tried to fall back asleep, not wanting to face the day. “It's too early for this,” you yawned out, a small stretch following close after.
As soon as you thought you could get away with sleeping in, you were proven wrong. A hand came on your shoulder and shook it gently, kisses peppering the back of your head and side of your face.
:iconshadowcaster-635:ShadowCaster-635 623 175
Stubborn Love {Romano x Reader}
“Okay, so I love you. Deal with it… idiota ragazza.”
You’d never been more worried in your entire life.
You continued to sit in that uncomfortable hospital chair, simply watching him, for hours. Though no matter how long you waited, he still wouldn’t wake up.
You had no tears left, your knees weren’t shaking anymore, and your heartbeat wasn’t thumping erratically. Not like it had been during the time of the accident, of course.
You sighed, and continued to watch his sleeping face. He looked so cute and innocent that way. The nurses had cleaned him up pretty well; so his body wasn’t covered in blood and dirt anymore.
The beeping of the heart monitor was what kept you from going insane. You feared for his life, yes, but that monitor kept your hopes up. It had maintained a healthy, steady beat, just as the doctors had told you it would.
It wasn’t too serious of an accident- in fact the doctors assured you he would
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I Swear I'm Not Bad [France x Reader]
You'd never met this "Francis Bonnefoy" before. Your friend, Arthur, told you he was a no-good pervert. Your other friend, Alfred, told you he was an okay guy if you didn't mind being hit-on. Anyone else told you he was a rapist, so you avoided the man for a long time.
Until you couldn't.
You were left at (school name) after hours because of a club you were in, and you were waiting for (parent/sibling/guardian) to pick you up. You were sitting on a bench, flipping through a notebook, when you suddenly felt someone tap your shoulder. "I heard you were friends with Angleterre?" A voice asked. You turned around to see that one man everyone talks about. Francis. You began to panic a little on the inside- not because of the warnings from other people echoing in your head - but because, for some reason, your heart began to pound in your chest a thousand times faster. You'd seen him from a distance and thought nothing of it. But up close, he was amazingly beautiful.
"I know I am gorgeous, but
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Germany x Sick!Reader Part II
You nodded into his chest. Everything was going to be alright.
When you awoke, it was in Germany’s arms. Under any other circumstances it would have brought a smile, and probably a blush, to your face, but you were waking for a different reason. You tore out of his arms with surprising force and made your way to the adjoining bathroom as quickly as you could manage. You tried as hard as you could to retch quietly, and when you saw the blood blooming in the water you thought you ought to wake him. Weakly you made your way to the doorway when you heard a knock on the door downstairs. Germany was still sound asleep. Taking care of you must have really tired him. Something possessed you to get to it and found your boss, drunk off his ass.
“Hey,” he slurred, “you weren’t at your home.”
You stared at him in disbelief. You knew what was behind this cloud of alcohol. Before you stood a cold and calculating man, concerned only with power and wealth.
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Japan x Reader: Hug...Part 1
"Run faster Italy! What is your problem?!!" Germany shouted, glaring at the whining Italian behind him.
You smiled softly as you watched the scene before you; the Axis powers training. But you weren't watching Germany or Italy. Sure they were your friends but honestly you didn't care about them right now. No….you were watching your friend Japan.
You had been friends with Japan for a long time now…and in all honesty, you had fallen for him. You had pretty much fallen in love with him from day one. Those beautiful brown eyes and his silky black hair and perfect skin…and his absolutely adorable accent…everything about him made your heart pound.
There was only one thing that bothered you though. The day you met Japan, you tried to hug him.  You were absolutely unaware that he felt very uncomfortable with that sort of thing. His face had filled with panic and he hadn't even let you touch him.
It had been a whole year of you two being friends and you still hadn'
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INTERACTIVE JAPAN FLASH GAME by NamiOki INTERACTIVE JAPAN FLASH GAME :iconnamioki:NamiOki 7,072 3,156 APH - Bump in the Night by R-ninja APH - Bump in the Night :iconr-ninja:R-ninja 3,869 450
Bully! Nordics x Bullied! Reader
Nordics x Reader: Pity Party (songfic)
Theme #5: Fake
'I guess they're a bunch of fakes after all.'
You checked your phone if there are new messages to your popular friends, your friends from the Nordic regions. They promised that they will go to your house and play games like Super Smash Brother or Mortal Kombat or any game that you wished. But, it seems that it all vanished into dust.
Did my invitations disappear?
Why'd I put my heart on every cursive letter?
Tell me why the hell no one is here
Tell me what to do to make it all feel better

You wiped the tears that welled up in your eyes, you must be strong, though you are falling apart. Your friends, Lukas, Mathias, Emil, Tino and Berwald have left your for popularity. Mathias and Emil started bullying you, while Lukas, Berwald and Tino would just ignore you and would sometimes give you a glare. They would always say that you're too lame to go to their parties that they initiate.
Maybe its a cruel joke
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APH - Cepe Indicum by R-ninja APH - Cepe Indicum :iconr-ninja:R-ninja 2,762 307
The Matchmaker {Canada x Reader}
“All this time, I… only wanted you. Just… you.”
You sighed, and glanced over at him with pity. He was invisible to them again.
Russia was sitting on him, as usual. Why did it seem like you were the only one who could see poor Canada?
The only time the rest of the Allies noticed him was when they were looking for America. His brother. Never did anyone see him otherwise.
You felt bad for the little guy. A loud, crazy, somewhat obnoxious guy like America was bound to overshadow his own quiet, shy brother like that. You were pretty sure Canada had spent his whole life getting stuck in his brother’s problems, only because people confused them.
Once in a while, you would catch a sad expression on the Canadian’s normally sweet face. You could never imagine what it would be like to be in his position.
Is he invisible because… they ignore him? You wondered sometimes.
America ended the meeting, and everyone began to leave.
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Paperchild- Hungary by Moony006 Paperchild- Hungary :iconmoony006:Moony006 429 73
Hetalia EnglandxReader - Stuck In a Box
"Alfred! Where are we going?!" I said as Alfred pushed me along through his gigantic house.
He snickered. "You'll see~!"
I rolled my eyes.
We arrived at a door, which Alfred opened and shoved me into the room, closing and locking the door. It turns out the room wasn't a room-- it was a closet. It was a small, empty closet, barely able to fit two people.
Wait. Two people. . .
I banged my fist on the door. "Alfred Foster Jones! Get me out of this closet, or so help you, I will--"
Before I could say any more, the door opened and Arthur was pushed in. The door closed, pushing Arthur closer to me. I could see his emerald green eyes staring at me through the darkness. My face heated up, and I felt his heat up as well.
"Ah. . . Arthur. . ."
"Oh, _____," he muttered. "H-Hello, love. . ."
"Um. . . Did Alfred drag you in here, too?"
He nodded. "Yes. He didn't even bother explaining to me why."
"Ah. . ."
He didn't know, but I did. Alfred knew about my crush on Arthur; he probably thought t
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Good Morning | Hetalia x Reader | Discontinued

       The cool evening air hung upon ____'s shoulders. She shivered, but continued to press forward, her sneakers gently tapping on the the sidewalk. Normally, she would avoid parties, her boyfriend typically didn't want to have anything to do with them. She could still remember how much he spited her party attitude. Honestly, it was innocent - she liked seeing her friends drunk. That was all she liked about them. Now that she and her boyfriend were broken up - she could go to all the parties, since she knew he wasn't going to be there. Fortunately, Alfred had actually invited her to his New Years' Party. They didn't really talk much at school, but they surely were friends. He was aware of what had happened too.
     That was good. No ex problems tonight.
     ____ approached the door of Alfred's hose. She gently rapped on it, holding her wrist tightly in her hand. Within the minute, the door had op
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America x Reader - Hero
Hetalia: America x Reader fic

Thunder rumbled, shaking your entire house and causing you to stiffen. Stupid weather... you couldn't believe it. Why did it have to rain on Halloween night?!
"So much for trick-or-treaters..." you sighed sadly, looking at the large bowl of candy on the table. Your mom and dad had left earlier for a Halloween party, so you told them that you would distribute the candy. You never cared for trick-or-treating anyway. You then looked at yourself in the mirror. You had even put on a costume for the kids. It was a witch costume that you had worn for a couple years now, but you didn't mind. You could hear the rain beating down on your house.
"I guess I can call it a night..." you said to yourself. Suddenly, there was a loud rapping on your front door, making you jump. That couldn't be a trick-or-treater, right?! A person would have to be crazy to be out in this weather!
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