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Tf2: That Sentry's a Spy by Saoshi-kun Tf2: That Sentry's a Spy :iconsaoshi-kun:Saoshi-kun 2,750 317 Ed Edd n Eddy's Zodiac by Brah-J Ed Edd n Eddy's Zodiac :iconbrah-j:Brah-J 2,592 713 Hen Family by Oborochann Hen Family :iconoborochann:Oborochann 799 157 Ballad of Reynardine by UlaFish Ballad of Reynardine :iconulafish:UlaFish 940 36
Farmer's Daughter--Hen TF
Farmer's Daughter--TF Story
Julia looked in the mirror at 9 AM one morning
and frowned. She was of average height for her age, with
red hair down to her neck, freckles splattered all over
her tanned face, and a mild amount of muscle which she
gained from working on her father's farm.
Just like every other day of the week, it was
time for Julia to go through her morning chores. After
getting out of bed that morning, her first job was to
add some food to the hens' trough and then take a basket
and collect the eggs from the chickens' last night's
laying. Slipping her clothes and a pair of working boots,
she grabbed the basket by her bedroom door and set out to
begin her work.
The walk from the farmhouse to the chicken coop
was quite a little ways down the path. She decided to
organize her thoughts along the way. "Once I get there,"
she thought, "I'll need to walk around the coop instead
of heading straight towards the door. I wouldn't want to
startle the hens."
She was wise to think this;
:iconchicken-wannabe:Chicken-Wannabe 192 33
Silly bunny by Kipine Silly bunny :iconkipine:Kipine 3,425 207 Plushie Zodiac Avatars + Bases by xXAli-StarXx Plushie Zodiac Avatars + Bases :iconxxali-starxx:xXAli-StarXx 2,404 452 Zodiac by synconi Zodiac :iconsynconi:synconi 1,007 211 Mamenoko Jack by JohnSu Mamenoko Jack :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 2,861 549 M by Skia M :iconskia:Skia 855 73 Draw this again meme - bunny by Kipine Draw this again meme - bunny :iconkipine:Kipine 1,142 125 Bawk bawk by Gerwell Bawk bawk :icongerwell:Gerwell 746 64 Heen - Howl moving castle by Piquipauparro Heen - Howl moving castle :iconpiquipauparro:Piquipauparro 812 137 Hen by GaudiBuendia Hen :icongaudibuendia:GaudiBuendia 889 42 Five Golden Rings by screwbald Five Golden Rings :iconscrewbald:screwbald 1,386 112 Cockerel and Fox by MumblingIdiot Cockerel and Fox :iconmumblingidiot:MumblingIdiot 1,083 98 Happy Easter by CindysArt Happy Easter :iconcindysart:CindysArt 184 164 Chickenraptor by Skia Chickenraptor :iconskia:Skia 2,236 327 The Unexpected Guest by Creature-Cave The Unexpected Guest :iconcreature-cave:Creature-Cave 906 190 Barbarian by BryanSyme Barbarian :iconbryansyme:BryanSyme 199 8 chicken by Valerei chicken :iconvalerei:Valerei 2,125 121 Inuyasha ' Wind' by Inuyasha-no-e Inuyasha ' Wind' :iconinuyasha-no-e:Inuyasha-no-e 1,602 291 Peep. by Skia Peep. :iconskia:Skia 1,220 107 New Life by Sapphiresenthiss New Life :iconsapphiresenthiss:Sapphiresenthiss 386 154 bup BUP by Nambroth bup BUP :iconnambroth:Nambroth 1,106 139 Fantastic Mrs Fox by Commoddity Fantastic Mrs Fox :iconcommoddity:Commoddity 379 19 3 Cuties At The Beach by LeonKatlovre 3 Cuties At The Beach :iconleonkatlovre:LeonKatlovre 627 98 Z- Rooster by TFed-Artist Z- Rooster :icontfed-artist:TFed-Artist 425 19 ~ Chicken Shop ~ by SCIFIJACKRABBIT ~ Chicken Shop ~ :iconscifijackrabbit:SCIFIJACKRABBIT 539 90 Basilisks and cockatrices by Rodrigo-Vega Basilisks and cockatrices :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 369 21
Sunrise Curse Ch. 1--ChickenTF
Sunrise Curse—TF Story
Chapter 1
There was a sound nearby, Cid thought. It seemed like it at least. Buzzing, repetitive beeping, or something of the sort. He had heard it before, but he couldn’t remember where or why. Suddenly a few shakes on his bed woke him up, forcing him to get out of bed.
He was asleep, and the noise was his alarm clock. Cid had never been good about waking up on time, and he wasn’t about to change anytime soon. Of course, he needed to if he ever wanted to go somewhere in life. He had a semi-lame job, he believed. Who really wants to work at McDonald’s anyway? And in the mornings, on a Monday? Surely nobody wanted to work then. Yet he had the luck enough to apply and get the unfortunate positions. At least it paid.
He checked the time, 7:30. His alarm clock had only just gone off. Then who woke Cid up? He looked over to the right, seeing his roommate Kenneth staring at him with arms folded. Kenneth was the luckier of the two, he had the night s
:iconchicken-wannabe:Chicken-Wannabe 65 23
Thunderous Tides by Nambroth Thunderous Tides :iconnambroth:Nambroth 1,148 191 Mini Derperella the chicken (1) by Nambroth Mini Derperella the chicken (1) :iconnambroth:Nambroth 324 30 BEHOLD by Nambroth BEHOLD :iconnambroth:Nambroth 1,292 186 Silkie Chick by Sapphiresenthiss Silkie Chick :iconsapphiresenthiss:Sapphiresenthiss 318 155
The Biggest Chicken Part 2 (Chicken TF TG WG)
Some say one can never be too motherly, but I disagree. Heck, I'm a man, I should be fatherly! That being said, I don't feel too manly or fatherly at the moment. Heck, I'm not even a human anymore either! You see, my whole life changed in the blink of an eye one day. It all happened during my summer vacation. I had decided to hike through a forest just some nearby prairies. I hiked and hiked as my body started to sweat more and more. Eventually, I stopped off at a nearby rock to just relax.
I thought about why I had traipsed through this forest, it was something that had occupied my thoughts for a long time. You see, I was a huge believer in paranormal phenomenon. Ghost trains, flickering lights, the words. However, I heard of something so hard to believe yet so easy to find. I heard tell of an old abandoned farm, and in this farm swirls mysterious tornado made out of feathers. The tornado is known as "The Dance Of Feathers" and it happens to be in a town near where I lost a dear frien
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 60 71
Mini Watercolor collection I by Nambroth Mini Watercolor collection I :iconnambroth:Nambroth 489 36 Chicken Stew by AsyaYordanova Chicken Stew :iconasyayordanova:AsyaYordanova 967 223 Cornish Hen by WaterGleam Cornish Hen :iconwatergleam:WaterGleam 209 32 Rooster And Hen by Reptangle Rooster And Hen :iconreptangle:Reptangle 157 36 Leucistic White Peacock by La-Vita-a-Bella Leucistic White Peacock :iconla-vita-a-bella:La-Vita-a-Bella 582 125 Velocirooster Mongoliensis by Nambroth Velocirooster Mongoliensis :iconnambroth:Nambroth 732 87 Vegan Madness by FlexDreams Vegan Madness :iconflexdreams:FlexDreams 409 51 I Want to Grow Old With You by Nambroth I Want to Grow Old With You :iconnambroth:Nambroth 457 61 Little Hen by Nafah Little Hen :iconnafah:Nafah 409 33 Ooze by Azot2017 Ooze :iconazot2017:Azot2017 168 18 TARAN AND EILONWY by FERNL TARAN AND EILONWY :iconfernl:FERNL 639 115 Busted - Easter 2016 by eltonpot Busted - Easter 2016 :iconeltonpot:eltonpot 814 86