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Girl, you can't conceal it by shoomlah Girl, you can't conceal it :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 11,885 616 Thunder Lizard by Rodrigo-Vega Thunder Lizard :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 1,370 88 The Empress_2 by GreatQueenLina The Empress_2 :icongreatqueenlina:GreatQueenLina 718 19 Kataphraktoi! by DamianOswald Kataphraktoi! :icondamianoswald:DamianOswald 91 16 Mares of Diomedes by AJFrena Mares of Diomedes :iconajfrena:AJFrena 211 7 The Empress by GreatQueenLina The Empress :icongreatqueenlina:GreatQueenLina 341 6 Last Days by ckoffler Last Days :iconckoffler:ckoffler 180 65 Ancient Corinth by Kevrekidis Ancient Corinth :iconkevrekidis:Kevrekidis 118 36 Goddess by GreatQueenLina Goddess :icongreatqueenlina:GreatQueenLina 207 8 Acropolis 05 Odeon of Herodes by Kevrekidis Acropolis 05 Odeon of Herodes :iconkevrekidis:Kevrekidis 135 70 Greek Goddess Athena by BasakTinli Greek Goddess Athena :iconbasaktinli:BasakTinli 114 2 Hellenic Blue II by Kevrekidis Hellenic Blue II :iconkevrekidis:Kevrekidis 124 65 Apollo, Lord of Light by Bjulvar Apollo, Lord of Light :iconbjulvar:Bjulvar 92 9 Hadrians Library by Kevrekidis Hadrians Library :iconkevrekidis:Kevrekidis 58 18 zodiasuiphasea II wip by JuleeMClark zodiasuiphasea II wip :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 175 17 Zosimos by Avanii Zosimos :iconavanii:Avanii 51 19 Hellenic Blue III by Kevrekidis Hellenic Blue III :iconkevrekidis:Kevrekidis 100 37 Hellenic Blue IV by Kevrekidis Hellenic Blue IV :iconkevrekidis:Kevrekidis 76 88 Hellenic Blue V by Kevrekidis Hellenic Blue V :iconkevrekidis:Kevrekidis 80 46 Inktober day 4 - Taurus (updated) by Kaizoku-hime Inktober day 4 - Taurus (updated) :iconkaizoku-hime:Kaizoku-hime 102 25 Hellenistic Rome 350AD by Artaxes2 Hellenistic Rome 350AD :iconartaxes2:Artaxes2 18 3 The Chronead by suburbanbeatnik The Chronead :iconsuburbanbeatnik:suburbanbeatnik 110 11
Heathens of Cybele
Safe harbors come and go so swiftly,
Truly, the bane of the reckless life.
The sunset looks so fine with
The hero's silhouette tattooed across its face,
But no one knows the chill of the deep night
Without a home
Quite like the bravest strangers.
And truly, your eyes are the blackest diamonds
I've ever looked upon,
Glittering ruins of primal places where once we lay,
Counting stars and gods and sacrificing both.
My warm and conquering heretic,
Gray skies march throughout your veins,
And mine.
Memories of the lesser immortals,
The ones who keep coming back
To find each other,
And themselves.
Part of me can hardly believe it,
But the rest of me sings
Of the way you feel under my fingerprints.
On my tongue dances
A thousand names from a hundred lives
We've lived and ended.
With blood-drawn pomerium,
We burrowed deep through death
And ageless air
To light the stars, to show the way.
The way back.
To continue on
Where we left off,
Drawing down the skies
One piece at a time.
:iconfallenidle:fallenidle 24 18
Gargoyale II by ckoffler Gargoyale II :iconckoffler:ckoffler 81 9 Hellenistic vessel by constan-lerois Hellenistic vessel :iconconstan-lerois:constan-lerois 24 4 Barefoot Servants, Too by LaVioletta Barefoot Servants, Too :iconlavioletta:LaVioletta 26 46 Inktober day 3 - Aries (updated) by Kaizoku-hime Inktober day 3 - Aries (updated) :iconkaizoku-hime:Kaizoku-hime 67 13 Acropolis 04 The Propylaea by Kevrekidis Acropolis 04 The Propylaea :iconkevrekidis:Kevrekidis 55 6 Hellenistic Rome 1AD by Artaxes2 Hellenistic Rome 1AD :iconartaxes2:Artaxes2 15 5 SCYTHIAN NEAPOLIS. THE HEROON OF ARGOT by Badusev SCYTHIAN NEAPOLIS. THE HEROON OF ARGOT :iconbadusev:Badusev 70 14 Inktober day 5 - Gemini (updated) by Kaizoku-hime Inktober day 5 - Gemini (updated) :iconkaizoku-hime:Kaizoku-hime 60 26 Zosimos Studies by Avanii Zosimos Studies :iconavanii:Avanii 135 24 The Two Towers (of Perge) by Syltorian The Two Towers (of Perge) :iconsyltorian:Syltorian 64 8 Myst Island Library by Mister-oo7 Myst Island Library :iconmister-oo7:Mister-oo7 50 10
Art History:Greek and Hellenistic Art
"Hellenistic art is the art of the Hellenistic Period dating from the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC to the emergence of ancient Rome as signified by the Battle of Actium in 31 BC" (Wikipedia, sorry. LOL
In the Hellenistic era,most of the art had a Greek hue to it. Much of the culture and way of life were Greek at this time. (Because they were Greek! I am a dummy!
"Idealism gave way to naturalism, the culmination of the works of fourth-century b.c.e. sculptors Lysippos, Skopas, and Praxiteles, all of whom emphasized realistic expression of the human figure."
:iconpiratelotus-stock:PirateLotus-Stock 21 8
The Lion king by Marcodalidingo The Lion king :iconmarcodalidingo:Marcodalidingo 69 6 Acropolis 01 Parthenon by Kevrekidis Acropolis 01 Parthenon :iconkevrekidis:Kevrekidis 43 21 The Winged Victory by TomasProchazka The Winged Victory :icontomasprochazka:TomasProchazka 118 9 SCYTHIAN NEAPOLIS. THE KINGS' MAUSOLEUM by Badusev SCYTHIAN NEAPOLIS. THE KINGS' MAUSOLEUM :iconbadusev:Badusev 44 9 Inktober day 8 - Virgo (updated) by Kaizoku-hime Inktober day 8 - Virgo (updated) :iconkaizoku-hime:Kaizoku-hime 49 12 Eternal Olive by Kevrekidis Eternal Olive :iconkevrekidis:Kevrekidis 44 29 THE CRIMEAN TALE OF THE CYPRESS TREE by Badusev THE CRIMEAN TALE OF THE CYPRESS TREE :iconbadusev:Badusev 60 14 I Am Your God Now by Zombiesatemyyoghurt I Am Your God Now :iconzombiesatemyyoghurt:Zombiesatemyyoghurt 55 30 Aoede Muse  Helix Rhythm by JohnFarallo Aoede Muse Helix Rhythm :iconjohnfarallo:JohnFarallo 18 0 Acropolis 03 The Caryatids by Kevrekidis Acropolis 03 The Caryatids :iconkevrekidis:Kevrekidis 37 10 Inktober day 6 - Cancer (updated) by Kaizoku-hime Inktober day 6 - Cancer (updated) :iconkaizoku-hime:Kaizoku-hime 48 5 Seleucid Imperial Cataphract by LordGood Seleucid Imperial Cataphract :iconlordgood:LordGood 51 11 Torso IV by RyckRudd Torso IV :iconryckrudd:RyckRudd 74 14