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Creepypastas Black Suit by DeluCat Creepypastas Black Suit :icondelucat:DeluCat 1,556 134 Trojan Horse by Keithwormwood Trojan Horse :iconkeithwormwood:Keithwormwood 3,396 230 -Lord of the Flies- by HennaFaunway -Lord of the Flies- :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 1,655 267 The IncREDibles by forte-girl7 The IncREDibles :iconforte-girl7:forte-girl7 1,687 199 Helen of Troy by GENZOMAN Helen of Troy :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 14,620 464 -Phantom of the Awkward- by HennaFaunway -Phantom of the Awkward- :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 1,173 86 The Batman by CheshireSpider The Batman :iconcheshirespider:CheshireSpider 4,296 549 Supergirl by daekazu Supergirl :icondaekazu:daekazu 3,459 154 Indecision by HennaFaunway Indecision :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 3,052 240 -HP The Next Golden Trio- by HennaFaunway -HP The Next Golden Trio- :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 3,380 514 Leda by GENZOMAN Leda :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 11,263 484 Moister by arvalis Moister :iconarvalis:arvalis 1,435 301 SUPER Alpha Squad, GO! by jeftoon01 SUPER Alpha Squad, GO! :iconjeftoon01:jeftoon01 1,631 228 -Pain- by HennaFaunway -Pain- :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 4,309 241 HP -How Do I look?- by HennaFaunway HP -How Do I look?- :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 1,729 206 Helen of Troy by asuka111 Helen of Troy :iconasuka111:asuka111 6,465 148 What Would You Say? by HennaFaunway What Would You Say? :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 1,842 309 I'm Too Old for This Shit by Py-Bun I'm Too Old for This Shit :iconpy-bun:Py-Bun 775 144 Helen of Troy by jasonlan Helen of Troy :iconjasonlan:jasonlan 1,362 93 Street Fighter 5 - Kolin by phamoz Street Fighter 5 - Kolin :iconphamoz:phamoz 1,107 45 Sonic + Tails : Tornado Trickster by tigerangel Sonic + Tails : Tornado Trickster :icontigerangel:tigerangel 1,234 130 -Can't You Hear It?- by HennaFaunway -Can't You Hear It?- :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 798 154 H.O.T. by Ninidu H.O.T. :iconninidu:Ninidu 976 54 Leave the saving of the world to the MEN?? by Liv-is-alive Leave the saving of the world to the MEN?? :iconliv-is-alive:Liv-is-alive 355 64 Bloody Painter with The Puppeteer by DeluCat Bloody Painter with The Puppeteer :icondelucat:DeluCat 942 68 Ivan Tsarevich, the Firebird, and the Grey Wolf by ramida-r Ivan Tsarevich, the Firebird, and the Grey Wolf :iconramida-r:ramida-r 616 32
AN: Okay folks this is gonna be a step outside the norm for me.  Not because I’m stepping away from elastic girls but because as opposed to trying to present my fetish within the boundaries of a continuous narrative, I’m going to do a breif “one hand” if you will, one shot that involves massive amounts of weight gain.  I did this fic who for Crinos ( who will be writing a similar fic for me because I find his writing quite good and I can enjoy well done weight gain just as much as I can pregnancy, elastic girls, and inflation.  In short if you’re looking for my usual skill with newaunce and character’s then saddly you’re not going to find it here.  Anyway on with the fic!
“And then you tuck him in.”  Helen Parr walked over to her baby Jack Jack’s crib and pulled the sheets up to his sleeping chin.  Normally if only members of her family had been pr
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Growing Violet
Growing Violet
AN: Warning, this story serves as a sequl to my previous story Elastibed.  As you might guess this means it contains massive amounts of weight gain, immobility, and bad girls managing to turn superheroines into helpless lumps of lard.  If you don't go for that kind of thing then don't read on.
Lilith, princess of the demonic realm slowly sneaked into her sisters bedroom a wicked smile upon her face.  
Her elder sibling Morrigan had been absolutely insufferable since her last visit to the human realm, chiefly because of the trophy/toy that she had brought back with her.  It didn't surprise Lilith that her sister had refused to share, in her place she also would have wanted to keep her newest treasure all to herself.
Of course she was equally sure that Morrigan wouldn't have batted an eyelash at the possibility of sneaking some private time with a possession that was suppose to belong solely to her younger sister, so Lilith felt not
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The Living Puppet Ballerina by minties The Living Puppet Ballerina :iconminties:minties 1,806 136 Helen Parr the incredible milf by Linkartoon Helen Parr the incredible milf :iconlinkartoon:Linkartoon 3,504 128 The incredible Bunny by Linkartoon The incredible Bunny :iconlinkartoon:Linkartoon 1,794 62
A Bovine's Blessing
         Melanie was a city girl. There was nothing that anyone could do to prove to her that anything was better than living in the bustling metropolis. With hundreds of places to go shopping, eat, and party, there was never a dull moment for her.
         Her life was always moving. Melanie lived by a strict schedule and never went anywhere without her phone. Missing a text, a snapchat, or an Instagram post would immediately make her day go from good to bad in seconds. Standing around was basically a sin for her. Every wasted second could have been used as valuable time spent shopping.
         When Melanie headed off to college, she had to adapt to the lack of shopping areas around and resorted to buying things online to keep up to date on the latest fashion trends. The last thing she wanted was to find another girl with the same top as her. Last time that happened, Melanie ended up changing her outfit within
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Mother's Day: Helen and Mom by Aeolus06 Mother's Day: Helen and Mom :iconaeolus06:Aeolus06 2,041 231 Helen and Violet by thehumancopier Helen and Violet :iconthehumancopier:thehumancopier 1,074 25 Let Go by Ehryel Let Go :iconehryel:Ehryel 2,523 167 Silent Dreams by Andoledius Silent Dreams :iconandoledius:Andoledius 1,238 49 Wherever you are...-spoilers- by HennaFaunway Wherever you are...-spoilers- :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 1,839 326 Helen Parr / Elastigirl by Phillip-the-2 Helen Parr / Elastigirl :iconphillip-the-2:Phillip-the-2 1,356 56 Helen of Troy by gppr Helen of Troy :icongppr:gppr 717 261
Comission: Helen's Temptation
All Helen, heavyset mother of two, had wanted was a quiet lunch in the park. Enjoy her meal in peace, and feel that gentle breeze through her hair, and the warm daylight on her excess skin. Not to mention a nice, wide open space to rip a fart without needing to empty a can of aerosol.
She hadn’t asked for a little girl to run up and start playing her stomach like a drum.
“Wow, lady, you’re huge! Are you having a baby?”
“Oh, no sweetie, n-not at the moment…”
Now, this young lady clearly had no sense of personal space, but the large woman’s past gave her a few more reasons to be uneasy about her close proximity to her hungry belly.
She was bite sized. This girl was like a little snack cake. Memories of vanishing neighbors and quickly emptying classrooms danced across her taste buds, and she gulped.
“Oh no, no, no…”
The girl pressed both hands into the woman’s fat, gasping at how deep they sank. “How’d you
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You Chose Helen's Underwear by Azorador You Chose Helen's Underwear :iconazorador:Azorador 631 8 I'm at the top of my game! by Liv-is-alive I'm at the top of my game! :iconliv-is-alive:Liv-is-alive 180 31 Helen:I hate Cockroach!!! by DeluCat Helen:I hate Cockroach!!! :icondelucat:DeluCat 826 146 -All About Us- by HennaFaunway -All About Us- :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 458 88
Motherly Love Part 1
"Mmm, delicious! You were quite the treat." I moaned giddily as he struggled to escape my fleshy stomach. We both knew that wasn't going to happen, but he insisted on struggling anyway. Just the way I like it! Strugglers are the best meals because of that internal massage they give you. Quite lovely, to say the least. I doubt anyone else on the entire planet has experienced as much pleasure as me, merely for the fact that they've never swallowed down a whole person before. It felt good to see them push and kick on the walls of my stomach; the numerous layers of fat pillowed the hits, making the activity on the outside a little more subtle, and a bit sneakier, making the experience even better. But there was no time to just laze about on my enormous butt, I had dinner to cook!
With each thunderous step, I came closer and closer to the bottom of the stairs, and likewise, the beautiful faces of my two precious darlings, Brook and Joel.
"Mom?! Oh my god, you didn't!"
"Didn't what, sweetie?
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-Our Last Embrace- by HennaFaunway -Our Last Embrace- :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 560 112
Don't Eat The Neighbours
Helen didn't like the new neighbors.
“Well we just loved the neighborhood. It seems so peaceful and quiet here. With the baby on the way, we figured we should take things easy.”
Oh, they seemed like nice enough people. A few years out of college, finding their feet in real estate, expecting.
“Then you’re in luck. I’ve lived around here a good while and I’ve got no complaints at all. Though I suppose the kids think it’s a little boring as they get older. Well, boring neighborhood is better than a bad one, I suppose.”
In fact, it wasn’t entirely accurate to say she did not like them. Matter of fact, they were lovely, well-adjusted people. That was not the problem.
“Well hopefully we’ve grown up to handle things by then. Right now the worst they can do is give my belly a good kick-oh, there he goes.”
Helen wanted to eat the new neighbors.
And that was a problem.
It had been so long since Helen stopped eating people, j
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Elastigirl Booty Spanked by ButLova Elastigirl Booty Spanked :iconbutlova:ButLova 966 57 angel eyes by AlisaKiss angel eyes :iconalisakiss:AlisaKiss 385 102