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Skyrim: Valentine's Heist by Isriana Skyrim: Valentine's Heist :iconisriana:Isriana 1,223 256 Book Heist (Demo) by CertaintyPrinciple Book Heist (Demo) :iconcertaintyprinciple:CertaintyPrinciple 267 1,149 Creature Collection: Bunny by ALRadeck Creature Collection: Bunny :iconalradeck:ALRadeck 1,152 34 MILL10NAIRES by yakonusuke MILL10NAIRES :iconyakonusuke:yakonusuke 1,467 81 DuckTales BADASS by Tohad DuckTales BADASS :icontohad:Tohad 2,170 278 The Heist by Earl-Graey The Heist :iconearl-graey:Earl-Graey 447 18
Cell Zero
    It would’ve been a bit too obvious to place the cell door at the end of a long hallway. Blueprints had originally called for heavy doors and extra security along the hallway - tripwires, security cameras, sensors, and more. They had been all thrown out. There was no need for such excessive force. Such measures mere enticed a breakout and added mystique.
    Cell Zero was hidden in plain sight. It had no label and only a simple nine-digit keypad for entry. As an alternative, an ordinary metal key would do the trick. There was no need for obscene defensive measures when the cell could’ve been mistaken for a broom closet.
    Inside its padded walls, the VIP sat in darkness. Clad in canvas and cross legged, she wasn’t quite certain if the lights were on or off. A thick, padded blindfold had been locked over her eyes, and an open-face hood covered her hair and neck. She had been unconscious while she was dres
:iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 65 19
It's payday, motherfuckers! by Nebulaluben It's payday, motherfuckers! :iconnebulaluben:Nebulaluben 239 26 Payday cosplay by Nebulaluben Payday cosplay :iconnebulaluben:Nebulaluben 255 20 Garrett PCgamer by I-GUYJIN-I Garrett PCgamer :iconi-guyjin-i:I-GUYJIN-I 1,173 43 THE HEIST  [Sci-Fi Concept] by nobody00000000 THE HEIST [Sci-Fi Concept] :iconnobody00000000:nobody00000000 157 24 Thief cover pitch by I-GUYJIN-I Thief cover pitch :iconi-guyjin-i:I-GUYJIN-I 680 18 BT_Heist_Character by barontieri BT_Heist_Character :iconbarontieri:barontieri 846 16 Motoqueira by CrisVector Motoqueira :iconcrisvector:CrisVector 889 140 Leap by MattRhodesArt Leap :iconmattrhodesart:MattRhodesArt 673 27 Don't Mind the Clowns by lonefirewarrior Don't Mind the Clowns :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 776 370 BT_Heist_Ballroom by barontieri BT_Heist_Ballroom :iconbarontieri:barontieri 352 14 Black Cat's Bad Luck by CdubbArt Black Cat's Bad Luck :iconcdubbart:CdubbArt 1,156 43 Mermaid Pirate by Horus-Goddess Mermaid Pirate :iconhorus-goddess:Horus-Goddess 439 21 BT_Heist_Character #2 by barontieri BT_Heist_Character #2 :iconbarontieri:barontieri 413 15 The Train Heist by petura The Train Heist :iconpetura:petura 1,952 154 Payday 2 by Grobi-Grafik Payday 2 :icongrobi-grafik:Grobi-Grafik 164 22 Grand Theft Auto V 4K by Fedota Grand Theft Auto V 4K :iconfedota:Fedota 210 10 Garrett by I-GUYJIN-I Garrett :iconi-guyjin-i:I-GUYJIN-I 377 10 Garret watching landscape by I-GUYJIN-I Garret watching landscape :iconi-guyjin-i:I-GUYJIN-I 321 9 Blackguard by I-GUYJIN-I Blackguard :iconi-guyjin-i:I-GUYJIN-I 1,331 33
Hypnotia and the weird heist, part 1
Routines, however reassuring they are, always need to be pushed aside from time to time.
This was the thought that had kept on popping up in her mind as Hypnotia was still working through another intricate plan in which she was a part of. The super-villain, still serving the Mandarin loyally, had begun to see a certain pattern emerge from her day-to-day cycle. Plan, act, one of her allies would make a mistake, get beaten by Iron Man and his allies, rinse, repeat. While she did have her small victories from time to time, nothing seemed to conclude in a way that could be deemed satisfactory for her. Things had to change.
Getting away from her partners for one single night, the villainess strutted in the streets of New York City in civilian clothes. With her costume hidden underneath, she began to ponder about what could potentially excite her. A fight with another super-hero, perhaps? There were, after all, a very vast selection of capes and tights in the big apple that would surely be v
:iconincredibleintruder:IncredibleIntruder 127 20
Growmonga Vs THe Amazonian Thief by Jackurai Growmonga Vs THe Amazonian Thief :iconjackurai:Jackurai 679 159 The Tg Heist by unit1138 The Tg Heist :iconunit1138:unit1138 282 4 THE HEIST - 1000 WATCHERS SPECIAL by TheRopeBaron THE HEIST - 1000 WATCHERS SPECIAL :icontheropebaron:TheRopeBaron 396 42 Foiled Again! by Shabazik Foiled Again! :iconshabazik:Shabazik 158 59 Heist WIP by TD-Vice Heist WIP :icontd-vice:TD-Vice 107 50 Train heist in the West by wavenwater Train heist in the West :iconwavenwater:wavenwater 159 23 Chapel by I-GUYJIN-I Chapel :iconi-guyjin-i:I-GUYJIN-I 212 4 Stray Beast by OhAnneli Stray Beast :iconohanneli:OhAnneli 373 41 Do You Like Ninjas? by lonefirewarrior Do You Like Ninjas? :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 460 216 Fakemon FELINHEIST by psychonyxdorotheos Fakemon FELINHEIST :iconpsychonyxdorotheos:psychonyxdorotheos 770 189 Plagued men1 by I-GUYJIN-I Plagued men1 :iconi-guyjin-i:I-GUYJIN-I 127 3 Crypt by I-GUYJIN-I Crypt :iconi-guyjin-i:I-GUYJIN-I 155 3 Let's rock? by Bombird Let's rock? :iconbombird:Bombird 240 89 StrayBeast by OhAnneli StrayBeast :iconohanneli:OhAnneli 327 22 Two-Eleven In Progress... by lonefirewarrior Two-Eleven In Progress... :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 252 83 Let's break bad... by Nebulaluben Let's break bad... :iconnebulaluben:Nebulaluben 137 15 Heist by PuddingzZ Heist :iconpuddingzz:PuddingzZ 177 10 Punishment by CrisVector Punishment :iconcrisvector:CrisVector 664 110 Head jar by I-GUYJIN-I Head jar :iconi-guyjin-i:I-GUYJIN-I 151 8 Commission - Wolf0fParadise by Ravietta Commission - Wolf0fParadise :iconravietta:Ravietta 167 16 HEIST by caramelaw HEIST :iconcaramelaw:caramelaw 1,261 100