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Gt: Guardian 9
Sunlight penetrated the thinly veiled skin of Erin's eyelids. Slothfully, she slid onto her forearms and her head swiveled around in confusion. Traces of electricity tingled throughout her nerves; no doubt remnants of her intimate encounter from last night. Where was she? More importantly, where was he? Light drowsiness continued to anchor her mind as she tried to observe her surroundings. It looked as if she were in a small room…or hut of some kid; four wooden walls were set around her in a comfortably sized square. Obliviousness faded, she finally noticed that she was snuggly wrapped in, she counted, three thick blankets. She shook off the remaining confusion and lethargy from her head and scanned the room for any sort of explanation. Why was she here?…and where the hell was Elias?
The sickeningly bright songs of larks fluttered outside, disregarding the dreariness of her situation. Erin sat up fully. There had to be a good reason why he wasn't there with h
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it's because i'm short, isn't it?
chopped off at the knees;
           hunched over between the shoulder blades, and
riddled with insecurities - 
just like your love.
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There was a little girl in my neighborhood, her name was Charlotte Johnson and she was really lookin good. I still remember the very first time she had me over to her house.
As I walked up to the house she was on their front in a swing. My eyes struggled to take in everything about her. She was as pretty as the angels when they sang.
She was wearing cut off jeans that hugged that magical place where leg meets backside. Little cut off strings hung slightly onto her thighs. Her long shapely legs helped propel her back and forth on the swing with a grace that belied the fact that she was on an old country front porch swing. Her feet completely exposed to the warm spring time air touched the ground with ease but she only used her toes to help guide her through the space she occupied.
She wore a cut up tee shirt that exposed her slim, soft mid section. The sleeves had been removed mostly exposing her delicate yet defined arms and shoulder, with just the smallest hint of the side of her ampl
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