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Seheron :iconlas-t:LAS-T 698 37 Dragon's Egg Steampunk Locket :iconsteamsociety:SteamSociety 531 28 Glacial Warfare Cyber mask and goggles :icontwohornsunited:TwoHornsUnited 118 9 The Experiment v2 cybernetic demon warlord costume :icontwohornsunited:TwoHornsUnited 123 8 Steam Freak Biopunk/Steampunk light up armor :icontwohornsunited:TwoHornsUnited 199 16 Steam Freak Biopunk/Steampunk light up armor :icontwohornsunited:TwoHornsUnited 117 5 Old Uncle Sanguine :iconmaeveschild:MaevesChild 213 27
Her green circles
open wide and
her pitch black
mouths whisper
that your face
is close to her face-
it is close enough,
and that she
also said: "only
the hands", but
you chose to
forget, because
it feels better
this way and
what is wrong
with a hedon
who wants to be
from gold
and loud music.
:iconfallingasleeptonight:FallingAsleepTonight 40 14
The Experiment v2 cybernetic demon warlord costume :icontwohornsunited:TwoHornsUnited 70 8 Hedonists :iconzalas:zalas 580 77 Bioenhancer Cyberpunk LED gas mask :icontwohornsunited:TwoHornsUnited 92 12 GREAT GATSBY Gears Necklace :iconsteamsociety:SteamSociety 108 8
The Blood Parade
The Blood Parade
When the evening began, they had all slithered in
With the men in their finest of poppy-red suits,
And the women wore gowns of Violets and scarlet
That shimmered in the moonlight,  seeped through their flesh
As their trains pooled onto the floor.
They had gathered together for the Blood Parade,
The first of many to come.
Oozing from cars and down patio steps,
Surging through streets, trickling down cellar doors,
Flowing from room to room, all the while
Smiling impossibly empty  wide smiles
That disappeared back inside of themselves
As soon as the gestures were formed.
In waves and embraces—through each other they moved
in the wake of the memories of happier crowds;
Though each moan in their hearts burbled forth to a sigh.
And steaming from the cold, they began to rely
On those bottles that thinned their gelatinous skin,
And kept warm as they drew close together.
And each of them played their instruments,
Clotted silhouettes you could smell for
:iconniedec:niedec 22 20
Tarot: The Devil :iconrevolverwinds:RevolverWinds 167 15 Pinnacle of Bliss :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 156 55 A Hedonist's Profile :iconstigmatattoo:stigmatattoo 293 90 Imp King :iconrevolverwinds:RevolverWinds 147 11 The Experiment v2 cybernetic demon warlord costume :icontwohornsunited:TwoHornsUnited 84 8 Demiurge and Dragon :icontaski-guru:Taski-Guru 190 28 Hedonism :icontomasz-mro:Tomasz-Mro 137 10 Hedonism :iconthaess:Thaess 649 39 A Hedonist's Profile - wip :iconstigmatattoo:stigmatattoo 214 142
Mark of the Beast
When you haven't spoken to somebody
in years, it's like meeting someone new
as God whispers their name
into your ear along with one or two secrets.
You notice, astutely, that as you are gossiping
with the divine, she is as well. Head tilted, smiling.
And she believes in God. And you do not.
But you both believe in things that are easy to believe
like dirty blonde hair, tattoos of stories,
stories of tattoos. I believe
in the twenty dollars I paid for the concert,
the sixteen more for the bus north
upon my hedonistic hajj. On that bus
my friend (suffering from nosebleeds), me unraveling
toliet paper to stuff him up, us
both reading a free booklet on THE MARK OF THE BEAST
blood speckles on my bleached pinkish jeans,
the caged driver pulls us all in
to Portland. A part of town
where the sidewalks are asking for money
and a homeless man with lazy eyes
touched three fingers to my chest when I told him
I didn't have any money.
Not even at the show, already bloodstained, gypsy cursed,
:iconfallingasleeptonight:FallingAsleepTonight 16 8
Glacial Warfare Cyber mask and goggles :icontwohornsunited:TwoHornsUnited 49 3 Vintage Skeleton Key Necklace :iconsteamsociety:SteamSociety 51 3 GAZE :iconkrisjosef:krisjosef 811 10
The Fat Witch
It had been almost a half-hour since she had gone off of the trail, but Magnolia's chubby feet were already aching. She felt as if she'd been walking for two hours or more. For a woman of her tremendous size, almost 350 pounds, walking so far on her own two legs was not the easiest of accomplishments. It was especially difficult when she was unfortunately gifted with being so belly-heavy, her great big gut constantly weighing her down. Leaves crunched and twigs snapped beneath the soles of her shoes, filling the silence in the stead of absent birds. She reached up and brushed some of her auburn hair back behind her ears, keeping it out of her face. There was a slight creak as her inner-thighs forcefully rubbed together, enacting strain upon her already-stretched stockings underneath her skirt. Magnolia had been following the directions to this certain person's house especially carefully, because she knew the danger it would put her through by taking her onto such an off-the-road path.
:iconborin23:Borin23 175 55
Boat Babe :iconariane-saint-amour:Ariane-Saint-Amour 316 13 Sun Tanning :iconariane-saint-amour:Ariane-Saint-Amour 251 12 FISH IN THE SEA :iconkrisjosef:krisjosef 461 8
Becky and Laura are too Fat to be Baristas
“Hey, who’s covering café?”
“Oh, I put…” she tapped the clipboard and scrolled through the list of names, “Becky with Laura. I figured when Becky leaves for lunch then Kaye could—“
“Woah woah woah… you put Becky and Laura behind the counter together?” a brown brow furrowed slightly, “Don’t you think things might get a little hectic with all of… that going on?”
“What, do they not like each other or something?”
“No, it’s just… we try not to put them in the same place at the same time.” The boss alluded to as gently as possible, “They don’t really… They’re both… Y’see there’s only so much space back there, and the two of them together—“
“Can I get a venti Vanilla Bean Frappe with non-fat milk?”
The tall clear cup slammed down on the counter, immediately recovered b
:iconatrocioushobo:AtrociousHobo 67 12
Laura's too fat to Close the Coffee Shop
"Hey, as long as you're swinging by there, think you could get me a multigrain bagel and a crème cheese?" Becky  piped up as she reclined on the couch squeezed into her favorite pair of pajama pants, "I'll pay you back."
"God Beck, you have like the best job ever." Emily whined as she grabbed her keys, "If I had your job, surrounded by coffee and cheesecake and cookies and scones and muffins all day? I'd weigh twice as much as you."
"Gee thanks." Becky said flatly, "But we're only allowed to eat on break. Management gets kinda pissy if you eat anything on the clock. Even from the waste bin."
"Uh-huh, and how would you know that?"
"So that's a multigrain bagel with crème cheese."
The last customer of the day sashayed her way out the door, her ridiculously complicated order in hand. It hadn’t seemed to bother their most irritating customer of the day that it had taken the poor girls ten minutes to carry out her unceasing line of requests.  Two
:iconatrocioushobo:AtrociousHobo 72 17
COOL OFF :iconkrisjosef:krisjosef 291 1 Fake Guess :iconariane-saint-amour:Ariane-Saint-Amour 150 5
Let Us . . .
Let us enjoy life to the fullest without guilt or worry.
Let us indulge our bodies in joy and pleasure....
Let us worship at the feet of hedonism.
Let our goddesses be named Erotica and Voluptua.
Let us worship them and live our lives as we should –
       spoiling each other in the pleasures of this life.
Let us not look back at guilt or self-loathing....
Let us live life decadently -- with full bellies and libidos at the ready.
Let us learn to love ourselves and each other -- body, mind and soul...
:icongrowinluvhandles:growinluvhandles 28 13
CHEEKY MONKEY :iconkrisjosef:krisjosef 212 5 ADVANTAGE LEXI :iconkrisjosef:krisjosef 241 3 DUTCHIE :iconkrisjosef:krisjosef 201 6
Dragon's Crown WG: From Amazon to Aristrocat
With one last swing of her mighty ax, the Amazon felled the enormous beast before her. Standing a few feet away behind her, the Sorceress and the Elf lowered their own weapons, seeing clearly that this long and arduous battle had finally been won. The collapsing monster released a few pitiful death throes right before it ceased to make any more noise at all. The Amazon breathed out in relief. She was glad it was over, as she did not know at first if they would have even survived. The life of an adventurer, a hero, a treasure-seeker, was a dangerous one. She certainly had the muscles and the fighting experience to keep herself alive, but from the many corpses she and her comrades had come across in the past, the bulky beauty was well aware that those traits weren't always enough. The Amazon was a brave woman but in the end she knew she'd rather be set for life than do this forever. Life could be horrifyingly fleeting.
"Wonderful! You did as wonderful as always, Amazon!" The Sorceress an
:iconborin23:Borin23 88 43
KHLOE :iconkrisjosef:krisjosef 207 4 Miss Poledance UK 2008 01 :iconneolestat:neolestat 126 51 PEEK :iconkrisjosef:krisjosef 189 2 Burgers n' Beer Jolyne (inks) :icontheamericandream:TheAmericanDream 277 6
Kuroneko's Confession (WG)
The setting was a typical one: Kuroneko, Kirino, and Saori were relaxing at a cafe in Akihabara, sipping tea after a productive day of buying manga and arguing about anime.
Kyousuke had not been there to join them, and it seemed like his non-presence in these regular Akiba outings was increasingly becoming the norm. But the three girls hardly seemed to even notice his disappearance as Kuroneko and Kirino were too busy bickering amongst themselves, with Saori often stepping in as the mediator. In fact, their current meeting was hardly any different than how it used to be when they first met.
With one exception...
"You know, Kuroneko," Kirino said with a sneer after her favorite anime had been insulted, "You've been getting pretty fat lately."
"Kirino!" Saori exclaimed, shocked. She didn't think Kirino would be so vindictive as to bring up the poor girl's recent... weight problem. She looked to Kuroneko to survey the damage from Kirino's thoughtless comment.
Kuroneko's eyes were cl
:iconreductoabsurdum:ReductoAbsurdum 20 8
HEDONIST :iconkrisjosef:krisjosef 157 3 JAMAICA MON :iconkrisjosef:krisjosef 89 4 JUNE :iconkrisjosef:krisjosef 137 2