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Heat Wave [Dirk x Reader]
{Part Three in the Seasons Pack}
Fiddling with the cigarette behind his ear and thinking about lighting it, Dirk lowered his feet from his desk when his buzzer went off. Clicking the answering machine, he drawled a slow, “Yes?” toward his secretary.
“The band is here.”
A sigh. And then, “Fine. Send them in.” He let his finger off the button and straightened his tie. “Ungrateful brats showing up half an hour late. Do they know how hard it is to make a record with my company?” Fiddling with the glowing crystal around his neck, Dirk blew smoke rings out of his mouth to pass the time until finally a knock came at his door.
Waving away the smoke, Dirk stood and beckoned for them to enter. The three of them entered timidly, each carrying the instrument of their choice. Crossing his arms, Dirk raised an eyebrow. “So like-”
“You three were half an hour late. Now a good friend of mine promised that you would make th
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Prussia x Reader - Heat Waves
Prussia x Reader - Heatwaves
Warning: Fluff
You sat on Prussian blue carpet in the living room Beilschmidt household. You petted the golden head of Aster, who lay next to you on the carpet, panting and sticking his tongue out. You fanned yourself with your other hands. Gilbert lay spread out on the couch, his white Scorpions band T-shirt lay on the ground. This is one of the moments you wish you were a guy, taking your shirt off with no problem of showing your breasts.
The curtains are closed, not letting a single ray of warm sunlight go through the glass into the room. From the kitchen you heard one of the two other dogs drink water.
“I hate heat waves,” you mutter, whipping your brow with the back of your hand. “Don’t you too, Aster?”
The dog’s ears lit up from hearing his name and let out a low groan in agreement.
“Ich hasse den Sommer,” you heard Gilbert mumble to himself.
You turn your attention from the golden retriever, to the w
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Summer Fun with Fox! :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 2,015 77 cyberforce fun :iconnebezial:nebezial 1,892 183 Hot Summer Afternoon :icontemiree:Temiree 244 62 Captain Cold - Flash - New 52 :iconfioresofen:FioreSofen 175 13 TFA - Rescue Bots :iconzolatalita:ZolataLita 837 91 Captain Cold - Flash - New 52 :iconfioresofen:FioreSofen 180 7
RB Fic: Extinguishing Heat
Title: Extinguishing Heat
Pairing: Heatwave/Blades; Blades/Optimus; mentioned Blades/Boulder/Chase
Rating for cut version: R
Warnings for cut version: slash
Disclaimer: I do not own Rescue Bots characters. I make no profit from this.
Heatwave was bored, aimlessly roaming around the base in search of something interesting, anything, to pass the time. His partner, Kade, was sick with the flu and currently resting. He had visited with Kade earlier, although both had sat in awkward silence, but he immediately bolted when the human began vomiting. With his partner ill, he couldn't leave and help with emergencies, so Chase and Boulder were working overtime with their partners. He remembered that Blades' partner, Dani, had also fallen ill, but he hadn't seen the copter all day. Due to Blades' skittish nature, he doubted the copter was spending time with a sick, and probably very grumpy, Dani. With nothing else to do, he curiously searched for Blades throughout the base, becoming irritated whe
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RB Fic: Drunk Playtime
Title: Drunk Playtime
Pairing: Heatwave/Blades/Boulder/Chase
Rating for cut version: R
Warnings for cut version: crack!, kink, slash, tentacles
Disclaimer: I do not own Rescue Bots characters. I make no profit from this.
A/N: Sequel to this.
For once in a long time, Heatwave felt excited. The human family he been tasked to help and protect had left on a three day vacation to visit relatives on the mainland. It was decided that it would be too much of a hassle, along with a high risk of exposure to their true nature, to take them to the city. Big robots wouldn't fit in well in a crowded city, and while the family was away, they had to stay inside the base. He didn't mind this. It would be nice to just spend time with his team and not have to act like a mindless slave in front of the human residents on the island. It also gave him an opportunity to be intimate with Blades, something he hadn't been able to do since he first interfaced with the
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Weir :icongeckokid:geckokid 102 28 [TFP+RB] Rescue Smorky [Doodle] :iconsolargirlmina:SolarGirlMina 703 209
RB Fic: Perks of Jealousy
Title: Perks of Jealousy
Pairing: Heatwave/Blades/Bumblebee
Rating for cut version: PG
Warnings for cut version: crack!, slash
Disclaimer: I do not own Rescue Bots characters. I make no profit from this.
A/N: Follows episode--Bumblebee to the Rescue.
Bitter jealousy gnawed at Heatwave as he watched Blades fawn over Bumblebee, eventually walking away in disgust, coldly rebuffing both mechs when they invited him to join their conversation. Bumblebee's door wings dropped in confusion, and Blades' optics shimmered with hurt from his rejection. He felt guilty, but he knew it was best to leave before he said something he would later regret. He had no right to act so petty. He wasn't dating Blades, and he had blown several opportunities to express his interest in the copter. Love was an awkward subject for him, and he always chose to avoid it. That was a choice he was regretting now. Bumblebee was obviously intrigued with Blades, even flirting with the copter. He nearly exploded with possessi
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RB Fic: Dark Arrival
Title: Dark Arrival
Pairing: Blades/?; Blades/Heatwave; mentioned Chase/Boulder
Rating for cut version: R
Warnings for cut version: AU, non-con, slash, violence
Disclaimer: I do not own Rescue Bots. I make no profit from this.
A/N: Written for xNARAx as part of an art trade.
Sort of ties in with these two fics:
Extinguishing Heat
Drunk Playtime
Blades frantically flew across the night sky alone. During a rescue at a warehouse that was being consumed by a massive inferno, Chase mysteriously sped off without Chief Burns and without communicating to the team, toward a wooded area. For a bot that was a stickler for rules, this was highly unusual behavior, and it worried him. He was the first to offer to track Chase down, and Chief Burns reluctantly agreed. The rest of the team was needed to keep the fire from spreading, and Dani stayed behind to offe
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[APH:Chatroom] Summer time! :iconmargo-sama:Margo-sama 276 234 tropical heatwave :iconaramismarron:aramismarron 329 47 Rescue Bots -Learning Halloween- :iconsolargirlmina:SolarGirlMina 454 157
Summer came back to us
Comings and goings -
Heatwave knocks at summer's door
Moanings of pleasure
Des va-et-vient -
La canicule frappe à la porte de l'été
Gémissements de plaisir
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what a day for a daydream :iconbluepartout:bluePartout 84 28 Heatwave :iconjunaidi:JUNAIDI 86 6 Heatwave :icontatasz:tatasz 117 18
Dog Days
This year, the dog days flung
a layer of smog over Moscow;
hung a stray aurora glow
over smoke-choked streets.
A fleet of trees, collapsed black
on themselves like matryoshka dolls,
was licked clean by the keen
tongues of flames - a scar
beneath the wildfire eye
of the dog star.
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The Wary Moon
Heatwave scowled at the TV. “Why are we watching this? That guy's as cranky as Kade!"
Blades and Chase looked at each other, but Boulder frowned. “Aww, I thought you two were getting along better?”
“We were until that dog bit him. Then he started acting like a jerk again.”
Chase grabbed the remote and tapped the mute button. “I suspect that being bitten by potentially rabid creatures is quite unpleasant for human beings."
“But that doesn't explain why he grew a beard." Blades chirped, leaning in.
Heatwave shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s colder in the autumn, maybe. And maybe he’s trying to be like his dad."
“Hmm… Crankiness… hair growth… is he eating different things?”
“I don't know. Maybe."
Chase frowned. “Blades, surely you are not suggesting—?”
“Heatwave, is he still being a glory hog, or is he a different kind of cranky?”
Heatwave replayed the last mo
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Flickers of Darkness :iconkazunapikachu:KazunaPikachu 112 24