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Tease: Heat [Kageyama Tobio]
“Kageyama, it’s too hot to be in the gym during lunch hour!”
Upon hearing the nasally whine from his classmate, Kageyama merely grunted before rolling his eyes at the childish behavior. He had wanted to come to the gym in order to practice his serves, hoping a second pair of eyes watching for mistakes would be helpful in aiding him. He wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of complaints that left [Name]’s mouth once they had finally settled into the gym however, and the constant squabble that escaped from her lips was starting to tick him off. Tucking the volleyball under his arm, he fixed the female with his usual glare.
“You can leave,” he growled, his eyes flicking in the direction of the doors as if ushering her out.
“But you asked me to accompany you,” [Name] pouted, crossing her arms over her chest with a huff as she glared back at the first year setter. She was sitting on a nearby bench, one leg crossed over the other as it bounc
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Wallpaper - The Heat Of Love :icongucken:gucken 3,296 613 Package - Blaze - 8 :iconresurgere:resurgere 1,236 395 Cosplay Metallics SOLVED FOREVER :iconkaypikefashion:KayPikeFashion 1,391 82 Ze Elements :iconcaneleb:Caneleb 604 83 Misc Effects 001 :iconpixelchemist-stock:pixelchemist-stock 525 103 Elemental Perseverance :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 3,726 332 Diplomacy :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 4,521 883 Real Smoke :iconpstutorialsws:pstutorialsws 1,211 340 [S] Transcend :icondevianthomunculi:DeviantHomunculi 589 32 Watching the suns go down :iconpriteeboy:priteeboy 1,481 367 Shimmering Sword :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 924 265 Lancelin 2 :iconfaestock:faestock 1,130 216 The battlefield :icontheflickerees-stock:theflickerees-stock 265 112 The Fall :iconexphrasis:Exphrasis 1,262 100 Four Elements - Arabic :iconteakster:Teakster 1,787 347 In The Heat Of Battle (INTERACTIVE) :iconi-am-knot:I-am-knot 2,328 323
Heat Wave [Dirk x Reader]
{Part Three in the Seasons Pack}
Fiddling with the cigarette behind his ear and thinking about lighting it, Dirk lowered his feet from his desk when his buzzer went off. Clicking the answering machine, he drawled a slow, “Yes?” toward his secretary.
“The band is here.”
A sigh. And then, “Fine. Send them in.” He let his finger off the button and straightened his tie. “Ungrateful brats showing up half an hour late. Do they know how hard it is to make a record with my company?” Fiddling with the glowing crystal around his neck, Dirk blew smoke rings out of his mouth to pass the time until finally a knock came at his door.
Waving away the smoke, Dirk stood and beckoned for them to enter. The three of them entered timidly, each carrying the instrument of their choice. Crossing his arms, Dirk raised an eyebrow. “So like-”
“You three were half an hour late. Now a good friend of mine promised that you would make th
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