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Disney University - Maleficent by Hyung86 Disney University - Maleficent :iconhyung86:Hyung86 3,171 199 Riku: changes by rubyd Riku: changes :iconrubyd:rubyd 3,008 366 The Heartless King by nyausi The Heartless King :iconnyausi:nyausi 1,656 230 KH2- Final Mix PLUS by meru-chan KH2- Final Mix PLUS :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 5,192 306 Where is it? by rubyd Where is it? :iconrubyd:rubyd 2,080 216 Heartless- Kingdom Hearts Make-up by Lally-Hime Heartless- Kingdom Hearts Make-up :iconlally-hime:Lally-Hime 1,406 57 Heartless Kingdom Hearts Cosplay Apron by DarlingArmy Heartless Kingdom Hearts Cosplay Apron :icondarlingarmy:DarlingArmy 531 70 Kingdom Hearts Themed Shoes by RyouGirl Kingdom Hearts Themed Shoes :iconryougirl:RyouGirl 294 81 Sharable Paopu Fruit by OurDestinyDesigns Sharable Paopu Fruit :iconourdestinydesigns:OurDestinyDesigns 764 242 Which Heartless Are You? by Lakitubro101 Which Heartless Are You? :iconlakitubro101:Lakitubro101 223 129 cm: Trouble In  Wonderland re: by tenchufreak cm: Trouble In Wonderland re: :icontenchufreak:tenchufreak 1,153 53 Valentine's Day 2009 by Chibi-Nuffie Valentine's Day 2009 :iconchibi-nuffie:Chibi-Nuffie 742 100 KH- Light and Dark -spoiler- by Alasse-Tasartir KH- Light and Dark -spoiler- :iconalasse-tasartir:Alasse-Tasartir 1,354 99 KH: Intermission cover by rubyd KH: Intermission cover :iconrubyd:rubyd 1,490 90 The Unheartless Heartless by Scribblesaur The Unheartless Heartless :iconscribblesaur:Scribblesaur 308 70 Heartless Kirby by Melanyte Heartless Kirby :iconmelanyte:Melanyte 581 49 Gryphon Heartless by gryphonworks Gryphon Heartless :icongryphonworks:gryphonworks 590 56 Heartless Emblem Tattoo by DrFaustisDead Heartless Emblem Tattoo :icondrfaustisdead:DrFaustisDead 303 18 Shadow Heartless Pumpkin by johwee Shadow Heartless Pumpkin :iconjohwee:johwee 246 31 Dusk Kingdom Hearts 2 Cosplay by GeoStigmaVirus Dusk Kingdom Hearts 2 Cosplay :icongeostigmavirus:GeoStigmaVirus 639 90 After that heart Organization by Lord-Evell After that heart Organization :iconlord-evell:Lord-Evell 349 70 KH: Entwined with Darkness by Anyarr KH: Entwined with Darkness :iconanyarr:Anyarr 487 34 Heartless Hat - $35 by Kai45 Heartless Hat - $35 :iconkai45:Kai45 266 106 Shadow Heartless Plush Pattern by superkitten1990 Shadow Heartless Plush Pattern :iconsuperkitten1990:superkitten1990 110 16 KH - Never Was + Never Will Be by 8-13 KH - Never Was + Never Will Be :icon8-13:8-13 737 158 Art Gift For ImageC0rrupt3d by SoraKokiri Art Gift For ImageC0rrupt3d :iconsorakokiri:SoraKokiri 725 167
The shadows seeping into the dark home
A wanting for me and kids, only it
Through out the mysery and the harsh gloom
The monster looked down on me with dread fit
With others, burning in their lonely beds
You hear the children scream and cry and die
A wake held in the children's honor ahead
And no one ever wonders how or why
I was there, laying in bed, as I may
The creature came, walking with the smell of death
But I was lucky, and I got away
The shadow came to where I had bled
It caught me, now I lay in pools of blood
I'm writing this while my sanity runs
:iconsorandkiari:sorandkiari 21 6
Too high?.. by Dzheik Too high?.. :icondzheik:Dzheik 134 21 Speed Demon by SasukeRoxMySox2 Speed Demon :iconsasukeroxmysox2:SasukeRoxMySox2 516 39 A New Friend by weremagnus A New Friend :iconweremagnus:weremagnus 248 81 Kingdom Hearts T-Shirt Design by VIIIFireLordAxel Kingdom Hearts T-Shirt Design :iconviiifirelordaxel:VIIIFireLordAxel 126 21 King of the Heartless by wicam007 King of the Heartless :iconwicam007:wicam007 242 35 Heartless by acer-v Heartless :iconacer-v:acer-v 301 18 Heartless no more by animechick482 Heartless no more :iconanimechick482:animechick482 176 48 Hug the Heartless Colored by Margyann Hug the Heartless Colored :iconmargyann:Margyann 313 43 Skin to Bone by Murdersushi Skin to Bone :iconmurdersushi:Murdersushi 158 56 Heartless Invaders by Rica-Fox-Prower Heartless Invaders :iconrica-fox-prower:Rica-Fox-Prower 207 46 Ienzo by dragonnova Ienzo :icondragonnova:dragonnova 567 147 Can't be tamed by SweetLhuna Can't be tamed :iconsweetlhuna:SweetLhuna 166 85 Heartless Latte by MonkDrew Heartless Latte :iconmonkdrew:MonkDrew 115 27 Shadow - Heartless by DangoMango Shadow - Heartless :icondangomango:DangoMango 118 6 Heartless Wallpaper by CourageousTurnip Heartless Wallpaper :iconcourageousturnip:CourageousTurnip 93 5 Manequin Heartless Concept by anime-arteest Manequin Heartless Concept :iconanime-arteest:anime-arteest 282 31 Squirrel Heartless by Seanzie2000 Squirrel Heartless :iconseanzie2000:Seanzie2000 210 29 Psycho Kinetic by SasukeRoxMySox2 Psycho Kinetic :iconsasukeroxmysox2:SasukeRoxMySox2 353 17 KH - Our Key by Alasse-Tasartir KH - Our Key :iconalasse-tasartir:Alasse-Tasartir 645 64 Temptation by emerald-eyez333 Temptation :iconemerald-eyez333:emerald-eyez333 167 66