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Hear No Evil :iconloopydave:Loopydave 1,030 195 Maxim :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 3,081 81 Three Wise Corgis :iconidess:Idess 567 35 See No Evil Hear No Evil :iconpinkparis1233:pinkparis1233 436 47 no evil :icongivepeaceeachance:givepeaceeachance 548 60
No Evil
A window standing without a wall
To see through
To see truth
To see all
Cherished Witness be certain without the fault
A melody playing without an instrument
To hear songbird
To hear heartache
To hear lament
Precious Child be understanding without the argument
A voice ringing without a tongue
To speak loud
To speak mind
To speak unsung
Beloved Soul be right without the wrong
See no evil
Hear no evil
Speak no evil
:iconnoxsatukeir:NoxSatuKeir 412 60
see, hear, speak no evil :iconbeyond-hope-23:Beyond-Hope-23 192 40 See :iconandreabengeart:Andreabengeart 723 27
JapanxReader: Hear no Evil
 Japan walked up to his young friend _____, better known as the country of ______. She had been acting fairly weird lately. Sometimes when he called her, she seemed to be indifferent. But it didn't seem normal and he was very worried now.
  Looking at her, she just sat there, looking at the wall blankly,"______?" She didn't budge,"_-_____!?" He cried out a bit more worried this time. Again, she didn't budge. He stood behind you and suddenly clapped his hands. Nothing.
  He rested his hand on her shoulder and she looked over at him a bit surprised,"Japan, what's wrong?"
  "Can you hear me?"
  She looked a bit blankly at him for a few moments before saying one word that would hit him harder than anything,"What?"

  You had grown accustomed to the nothingness you heard every day. It seemed awfully lonely until you saw your rising sun (no pun intended) awaken beside you.
  He would give you a graceful and true-hearted smile, his gorgeou
:iconmikmik121:mikmik121 294 118
See No Evil :iconscaryjesus:scaryjesus 170 43 We Are Nemesis :iconwakenthedead:WakenTheDead 179 92 CERBERUS :iconweird0freak:Weird0Freak 184 46 HP - See, Hear, Speak :iconstaypee:staypee 318 42 Scene No Evil :icontonstaar:tonstaar 182 23 EVIL :iconnukuzu:Nukuzu 179 27 No evil :iconflying-bagel:flying-bagel 259 54 3 Wise Monkeys :iconyannickbouchard:YannickBouchard 91 3 See No Evil Piggies :iconfliepsiebieps:fliepsiebieps 117 11 No Evil :iconm-yang:m-yang 135 13 Hear :iconandreabengeart:Andreabengeart 180 16 I can't hear you :iconcookiemonstah:cookiemonstah 123 21 Speak :iconandreabengeart:Andreabengeart 166 21 see no evil, hear no evil,speak no evil :iconastro-h:astro-H 54 6 Stitched Psycho :iconzeax82:Zeax82 83 22 birds of a feather, flock together :iconclarrisawoods:ClArRiSaWoOdS 163 12 Hear No Evil :iconaeon--soul:Aeon--Soul 1,550 188 Three Wise Monkeys: Triple AAAs :icondymx:DYMx 537 31 ABC of Peril - M :iconstonetouch:Stonetouch 89 13 No Evil :iconsecretivity:secretivity 76 16 See no evil... :iconsometimesalicefx:SometimesAliceFX 80 21 Hear, See, Squeek no evil :iconjessicadouglas:JessicaDouglas 122 59 Sanzaru :iconthekucing:TheKucing 52 2 Monkey Do - See-Hear-Speak RRB :icon6ninjafox9:6ninjafox9 94 24 See No Beebos :icontavicat:Tavicat 74 11 HS - No Evil :iconmasterfranny:MasterFranny 211 13 Dear Agony :iconxskelletonvampx:XSkelletonVampX 75 9 Hear No Evil :iconshin-bi:Shin-Bi 102 40 See, hear, speak :iconcattereia:Cattereia 121 49 'Wonderful Day' :iconafuchan:AfuChan 220 30 NoEvil :iconpenfell:Penfell 92 37 Tutorial: How to color hair :iconlafem:LaFem 237 16 Hear, Speak, and See No Evil :iconstatewee:statewee 50 5 ::GIF:: See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil. :icongrimmbunny:GrimmBunny 73 9 No Evil :iconskyjukebox:SkyJukebox 51 19 NO EVIL :iconwcbama:wcbama 53 9 Innocence :iconpaganfiresnake:PaganFireSnake 43 36 No evil :iconsutinen:sutinen 34 13 No Evil :iconsraffa:SRaffa 91 168 See, Hear, Speak No Evil Pigs :iconheartshapedcreations:HeartshapedCreations 34 15