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Who Killed Us?
"He is wearing a very expensive suit, sapphire cuffs and the shoes and the belt are both new and definitely imported. They don't sell that brand in this part of the world. He is, God I don't even know how old he is. I mean he looks so young, and he seems so mature and worldly wise, I think I did ask him his age once and he gave me the funniest reply he said 'if you are planning on sleeping with me, you can I am old enough, the state allows sex at my age' and I just laughed" said Mrs. Roy.
"What did he say his name was?" asked inspector Ganesh. The third occupant of the investigation room was Constable Tilak, who was making notes of the information shared by Mrs. Roy.
"Nikhil Arya" said Mrs. Roy.
"Did he ever try to, I mean did he ever ask you to do something with him or be with him? You know what I mean mam?" Inspector Ganesh hesitated, he could never as any woman about such things and her she was Mrs. Roy, wife of the most ruthless Police Commissioner the city had see in decades.
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