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Bondage shop: pornwriter's girls
  «Not a single customer...»
  Andy sighed. Just an hour left of the day, and so far there had been no one coming to the bondage shop. It wasn't unusual, but today the owner wasn't around to tell his interesting stories about his bondage experiences. He was gone for the day on a bondage convention. Andy had wanted to come along, but he had to stay and mind the store. And now, he was bored. At times like this, he had nothing to do than just lean across the desk and look at the clock slowly tick towards closing hours.
  Then, a welcome sound. The sound of the door opening! He quickly turned to the door where three young girls entered. Two of them were eagerly chatting while the third were a little bit behind, shyly looking around the shop the moment she entered the door.
  They looked as though they could be over 21, but he wasn't sure. They could be 19 or 20 for all he knew.  So he had to do what he had to do. Check identificat
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A Day Tied Up part 2
Part two:
…Carol glanced at the clock. It was near 11:30. She'd been bound nearly three hours now. Her gag had gone from annoying to very uncomfortable in that time. The inside of her mouth was dry as a desert and her jaws were beginning to ache from the large knot lodged between her teeth.  
Carol's arms and legs had fallen asleep after being bound so long. Every twitch sent little needles pocking into her extremities. She'd been sitting so long; she could no longer feel her butt at all.
Carol glanced over at her mother. She was dozing a little. The two captives had had little else to do during their captivity. For his part, their captor had sat on his chair as still as his captives, occasionally turning a page of his book or chuckling at some joke in the story.
Carol's stomach growled. It was getting close to lunchtime now. It felt like an eternity since she'd had breakfast. She didn't know what she'd do for a glass of water. Carol grunted into her gag, trying to get h
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