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Hug Me :icontoygercat:ToygerCat 1,631 240 Complexity in a jaded world :iconrgdart:RGDart 1,164 235 Hard Life Wallpaper :iconmediadesign:MediaDesign 267 41 Trixie's Life is so Hard :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 5,257 704 Depression :iconomrikoresh:OmriKoresh 736 120
Why is it so hard for me to tell you.
                 That I adore you.
That I am a mess really.
                 Without you.
That all I look forward to doing.
                 Is talking to you.
At this point I would do anything to tell you.
                 How much I do.
But of course my nervousness continues to shake me away.
                 From what I want.
I will keep trying.
I will keep trying.
:iconsaigen-naku:Saigen-naku 37 103
Dont Kill Me :icontoygercat:ToygerCat 829 189 I've always cared. :icondj-telexture:DJ-Telexture 176 10 Whole life for Music :iconacacia13:Acacia13 471 206 The Horror :icontoygercat:ToygerCat 431 61 Hard Life :icontoygercat:ToygerCat 328 50 Cursed from Birth :iconnewnham101:newnham101 153 23 The cracks in life :icondj-telexture:DJ-Telexture 92 2 Memoirs Of A Geisha... :iconflypi:FlyPi 211 46 Underworld Breathing :iconthorcx:ThoRCX 127 30 The Sad Truth. :iconparenthesisx:ParenthesisX 184 65 Big Bad Baby :icontoygercat:ToygerCat 212 34
Far from Heaven
Sometimes I dream all day
I'll see a different day
My pain will fade away
good things will come my way
sometimes the nights are long
stay up to watch the dawn
I dream that before long
I'll sing a different song
Look how far we fall
falling far from heaven
I'm on my knees crawling
I know death is calling
Some days I can't get out of bed
all of these memories in my head
and every feeling that I get
some days I'd rather die instead
Some nights I cannot fall asleep
I think I may be in too deep
all of these secrets I must keep
I'm in a place that you can't reach
*chorus repeat*
Shadows creeping on the wall
but I can't breathe or speak at all
Demon walking down the hall
the guilt inside makes me feel small
but there is nowhere left to run
while kids my age were having fun
Where I reside there is no sun
I feel like I'm the only one
*chorus repeat*
We run to hide in the dark room
I lock the door, block out the truth
there are no stars, there is no moon
She's screaming in the livingroo
:iconkays-elle-belle:Kays-elle-belle 17 18
Through These Eyes :iconduvallgear:DuvallGear 200 73 hanging around- :icongroundbreaking:Groundbreaking 146 26 adio kerida ... :iconkapt73:kapt73 60 51 Forgotten :iconrezzanatakol:RezzanATAKOL 49 31 comeback ... :iconkapt73:kapt73 45 38 Men Joy :iconrezzanatakol:RezzanATAKOL 44 26 Psychopath :iconntsd-applejuice:NTSD-Applejuice 10 4 Poverty :iconrezzanatakol:RezzanATAKOL 68 36 City Haul :iconmarx77:MARX77 34 18
The Big Puzzle
I struggle a little more
just to keep these small puzzles
to look like a picture.
But now and then
pieces are missing
and i can't seem to see
the whole I
:iconunknown-sources:unknown-sources 9 12
seraphic :icontetanoise:tetanoise 38 14 ring- :icongroundbreaking:Groundbreaking 75 24 The Hard Life of Elude :iconaaawhyme:aaawhyme 24 6
Hello, my friend.
How long it's been
Since last you came to play.
Life's been rough,
My skin is tough,
But you look just the same.
Where did you go
When I was low?
I missed your happy face.
Have you returned
With what you learned
In another time and place?
I feel so lost,
So high a cost
Is paid to keep you near.
You tend to drift.
I feel a rift.
Your absence I do fear.
I wish you'd stay
All through the day.
I hate it when you go.
I feel quite old
And very cold
When you leave, my little Soul.
Please come back soon
And bring the Moon,
Myself when I was ten.
And share with me
The dreams that be
Around the coming bend.
:iconmirrasae:Mirrasae 9 21
It's a Hard Life :iconm-m-photography:M-M-Photography 106 47
Writing is hard
Writing is a constant battle
That doesn't ask for consent  
    Or listen to reason.
With broken bodies from failed
Attempts at a complete thought,
Scattered through a war-torn
:iconmrskyoya:MrsKyoya 7 5
Long Day :icondenisesoden:DeniseSoden 55 7 Hard life :iconjuanfox94:juanfox94 46 10 Last of the Wild :iconblackangelofmine:blackangelofmine 106 54 Future 'When I Was Young...' stories :iconelyandarin:Elyandarin 30 10 Heavy Luggage :iconmagicalviper:MagicalViper 31 16 Route 55 :iconimp0stor:Imp0stoR 23 0
'Tsubaki' Preview
" " = speaking ' '= thoughts
A flower without a fragrance. Its petals bloomed silently and withers just the same. Right beneath your feet. It wasn't of importance. A flower that was stepped on countless of times and was left to heal on it's own. Alone. Worthless. Untalented flower.
Misty Tsubaki Waterflower. That's what I am.
"You know, mommy named you Tsubaki for a reason. She knew what you were 'fore you killed her."
"Daddy couldn't even look at such trash, you're the reason he left!"
'Please. I don't want to hear it again.'
"Why are you even a part of this family? You should have never been born!"
'Don't make me remember.'
"It's all your fault! You broke our family. You are the reason why we can't see our mama!"
'Just shut up!'
"You stupid runt!"
Breaking glass. That familiar clinking noise rung in my ear. My bare feet felt multiple sharp stings. Blood-stained the wooden floor.
"What happened?" rushed in my Aunt Diane with a worried but sharp tone.
"Misty broke the
:iconxo2angelitaxo:xo2angelitaxo 8 16
Bike :iconcurtisjames:CurtisJames 41 7 Alone :iconx-flowey9009101:X-Flowey9009101 26 13 Catch the life joys :iconrezzanatakol:RezzanATAKOL 23 9 Book of Love :iconntsd-applejuice:NTSD-Applejuice 23 26 Life is so hard :icondavidsant:davidsant 53 10 Anime Quote #391 :iconanime-quotes:Anime-Quotes 54 8 The City, a Thousand Villages :icondogmadic:dogmadic 59 36