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Sebastian x Reader: The Visit
"Ah ________________ I've seen you've come unexpectedly"
You blushed as Sebastian stared at you with his intense gaze. For a second you forgot why you had come to the Phantomhive Mansion, you stood there, your mind lost, weak in the knees.
"Miss _________________ are you alright?"
"I'm fine," you responded, fiddling with the basket you were carrying. "I came to drop the flowers off."
"Why thank you," Sebastian smiled, his eyes twinkling. "Why don't you come inside."
You didn't know what to say. Was this just a sign of hospitality? Or what you hoped it would be?
But it seemed as if he could read your mind. His hand extended, he gently took the basket from you.
"You do seem tired. It'd be best if you rest awhile my lady."
Sebastian's hand briefly brushed against yours'. You felt a shiver go down your spine as his warm skin made contact with yours. Your heart began to pound, you felt faint. No man had ever made you feel like this before.
"Why you really are tired," the black haired man re
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