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Handcuffs - Officer!EnglandxReader
You sighed as you banged your head against your desk. You had so much school work to do, and then there was your after-school job… the amount of work that was assigned to you was ridiculous. You tried to focus on your work, but your thoughts kept getting interfered by the boy you crushed on, Arthur. Arthur Kirkland.
How badly you wanted to tell him how you felt. Each time you saw him, thought about him, or even heard his sweet, English-accented voice, your heart skipped a beat. You sighed dreamily and closed your eyes, smiling as you fantasized. You snapped out of your dreams when you heard a siren going. You jumped up and ran to look out the window.
A police car was parked right outside your house. "What on Earth… what did I do wrong?" you muttered as you walked outside. You gasped at who came out of the car. "A-Arthur?!" you stammered. "Hello, ____," England greeted, smiling. Though his smile seemed a bit… devilish, if someone asked you… You crossed you arms, a pu
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Bondage sleepover: Friday
  Annie was having a sleepover with her good friend Amanda. Amanda's parents were gone for the weekend, and in the meantime, the two girls had the house completely to themselves. Amanda had only promised her parents one thing, and that was to not wreck the house, though it had been more of a joke, as they trusted Amanda fully.
  "It's gonna be so much fun" Annie thought as she stepped onto Amanda's doorstep. "Maybe I can ask her about how hers and Josh's relationship is going. She is so lucky to have him as her boyfriend."
  She rang the bell. She could hear someone running towards the door, and soon enough, Amanda opened.
  "Hey Annie" she said with a broad smile. "Come on in."
  Annie stepped inside, putting the small bag which contained mostly her pajamas and toothbrush and such down in the hall.
  Annie was a somewhat tall girl when compared to other girls, but not extremely tall. She was the captain of the cheerleaders at
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Bondage sleepover: Saturday
Annie woke up in an unfamiliar bed. Stretching her stiff limbs, she tried remembering why.
  Then, some muffled moaning came from the side of the bed. Annie looked over the edge of the bed to see her friend Amanda hogtied with handcuffs, gagged with a ball gag and blindfolded with a scarf.
  She suddenly remembered the events of last night. She had come to Amanda for a sleepover, and after a series of events, it had ended up in her getting involved in some bondage games. She didn't really know a lot about it, so it had scared her at first, and for payback she had tied Amanda up like that for the night.
  "How can she even sleep like that?" Annie wondered as she slipped out of the bed and sat down beside Amanda, who was lying on a mattress that was really meant for Annie to sleep on.
  "Guess I should untie her" Annie thought, unbuckling the ball gag.
  "Mmm, tighter, Josh. Tighter… oh, Josh…"
  Annie almost freaked o
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Ashley's Sleepover
Ashley watched in disbelief as the phone landed on the bed, nearly toppling as she stood with her legs bound tightly together.  She gasped as she suddenly felt the other girl’s hand on the bare flesh of her hip, between the waistline of her skirt and the hem of her grey shirt.  She pulled at the ropes on her wrists again, twisting her wrists in them as she tried to find some give in her bonds.  Her heart hammered in her chest as she looked down into Payton’s eyes and saw the grin on the girl’s face.  Her mind spun at the thought of what she’d gotten herself into.  All night?
“I brought so many pretty things for you to wear, Ashley.”  Payton smiled broadly.  “You can be my perfect dress-up doll.”
Ashley shook her head fiercely, her hair flying a little as she took a nervous step backwards in her tight bonds, her socks sliding on the slippery tile.  But Payton simply wa
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Bondage sleepover: Sunday
  Once again, Annie woke up to the sound of mmphing from beside the bed. She peeked over the edge to find Amanda awake and squirming.
  "Want freedom" Annie asked while rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.
  Amanda was enjoying herself too much, so she shook her head.
  "Fine, but keep it down. It's not even 10am yet, and I prefer to sleep on a while on Sundays."
  Amanda understood and quieted down. She could soon make out that her friend was sleeping again.
  "I might as well get some sleep of my own" Amanda thought, making  herself comfortable.
  A few hours later, as the time had just crawled past noon, they both woke up. Without worrying about her tied up friend, Annie went to the bathroom to fix herself up. When she returned, Amanda was looking at her with eager eyes.
  "What's with you?" Annie asked curiously, but only got a series of muffled words for answer because of the cleave and tape ga
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Ashley's Hope
“Now, Ashley, I’m afraid that the game is out of your hands from now on.”  Kyla grinned, and Ashley cringed slightly as the girl stepped in close to place a hand on her shoulder.  “I’m afraid that you’ve figured out a bit too much about how things work now so you’ll just be a bystander from now on.”
Ashley looked away from Kyla, turning to watch as Lizzy squirmed inside the confining canvas of her straightjacket.  The girl had seemed her best hope a few moments before, but now seemed almost as helpless as she was.  Kyla walked to her bag and reached inside to pull out a dog collar that had a plastic box with an unlit red L.E.D. light on the face of it, along with a remote control and a stopwatch.
“For the next game, there can only be one winner.”  Kyla grinned as she held up the collar.  “The winner is safe, and the losers each drop one stage.”
“Sho h-when you lo
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The Ticklish Girl
The Ticklish Girl Part 1-The Tickling Begings
On the way home from school. James stopped Jayne from walking. James asked Jayne a question. "Hey Jayne! Want to come over to my house and work on our homework together?" Jayne shrugged. "Yea why Not." Jayne had known James for years. They were both there Junior year of HighSchool. Jayne was un-aware of what James was going to do. When they got to James house they went up to Jame's bedroom. "Hey James can I just lay on your bed for a few minutes. I didnt get much sleep." A Smirk appeared on Jame's face. "Hey not a problem, Jayne"
Jayne layed on Jame's bed and stretched her arms out. Soon enough Jayne fell asleep. James got his fathers handcuffs and bound Jayne's arms and legs to the bed. Jayne was woke up to a big shock when her armpits, stomach, and feet were vunerable to anybody. She wiggled and couldnt move. "HEy! Why am I handcuffed to a bed! I cant Move!" She was in more of a shock when she saw she only had on her Bra and Underwear. Ja
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