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.:Hetalia - Haiti - Hope:.
That was all that was going throw Haiti's mind as she helped her people out of the rubble. Her chest ached with pain; her whole body ached. She tried to ignore the pain, long enough to help who she could.
Why her beloved people?!
The screams and cries were still ringing in her ears. Even as fresh tears blurred her vision, she kept going. She let them fall she helped a woman stand. The poor women was stretched and bruised all over. Her hair was dirty, and an absolute mess.
The woman looked at her with such a painful expression, it tugged at Haiti's heart string. As the young Haitian turned to her ruined house, she clasped her hands together and bowed her head. She was praying for the people she lost, for her country.
Even more pain chipped at the nation's heart. This woman lost everything.
Her people, her beloved, happy people lost everything.
What was to become of her now? If her people lost all hope and just gave up, would she disappear? Would Haiti no longer be a country?
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  one hand on a column
one on your hip I stand
  stripped of any virtue
smelling burning cane syrup
at rumdrunk full moon twilight
  our octoroons run
between rows of cane with leaves
  as sharp as daggers
in zeal even blood falling
won't slow the dysrhythmic dance
  we are the last ones
still here between our columns
  and the still night
clawing each other’s hips
while others repent for us
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The Initiation :iconochichi:Ochichi 93 52
Pagan Prayer for Haiti
Pagan Prayer for Haiti
Cernunnos, the Horned One, Lord of Nature, give the desperate people of Haiti forests and grass, allow them to share your bounty, and shelter themselves and their families.
Taranis, Lord of the Storm, give the stricken people of Haiti rain, so that their crops and plants may be nourished, and they and their livestock may drink.
Belenos, God of the Sun, give the underprivileged people of Haiti your light and warmth, and let your rays shine upon their fields and give their crops the energy they need to grow.
Epona, Matron of Fertility, with the help of your Brothers, give the starving people of Haiti a fresh, rich, and plentiful harvest, so that they and their families can eat well, and not go hungry.
Brigid, Goddess of Healing, give the ailing people of Haiti relief from disease and pestilence, let their wounds be soothed, and let their water be fresh and clear and free of sickness, to ensure that the people can stay healthy.
May all the Gods and Goddesses
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