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Burning Mei by dCTb Burning Mei :icondctb:dCTb 7,410 528 For Haiti by ErikShoemaker For Haiti :iconerikshoemaker:ErikShoemaker 974 356 care by 3yen care :icon3yen:3yen 3,148 461 2080: US Territorial Acquisitions in the Americas by YNot1989 2080: US Territorial Acquisitions in the Americas :iconynot1989:YNot1989 102 37 Where is mom by faustsketcher Where is mom :iconfaustsketcher:faustsketcher 836 123 Lilo and Stitch - Ohana Is What We're Looking For by TrustOurWorldNow Lilo and Stitch - Ohana Is What We're Looking For :icontrustourworldnow:TrustOurWorldNow 336 29 The Negro States of America (1928) by rayannina The Negro States of America (1928) :iconrayannina:rayannina 56 33 COOL STORY BRO by Figuritas COOL STORY BRO :iconfiguritas:Figuritas 765 111 Amarante Character Sheet by setsuna22 Amarante Character Sheet :iconsetsuna22:setsuna22 269 49 central hetamerica by nennisita1234 central hetamerica :iconnennisita1234:nennisita1234 502 168 Haiti -Sans-Souci Palace by DavidDeb Haiti -Sans-Souci Palace :icondaviddeb:DavidDeb 412 137 Queen Yemaya Doll by IdolRebel Queen Yemaya Doll :iconidolrebel:IdolRebel 176 20 waiting for today to happen by paradegritar waiting for today to happen :iconparadegritar:paradegritar 194 87 I Love Haiti - Postcard by LorenaAlvarez I Love Haiti - Postcard :iconlorenaalvarez:LorenaAlvarez 204 10 He Laughed by AuldBlue He Laughed :iconauldblue:AuldBlue 157 48 +LH: Caribbean Ratafari Style+ by kuraudia +LH: Caribbean Ratafari Style+ :iconkuraudia:kuraudia 544 126
.:Hetalia - Haiti - Hope:.
That was all that was going throw Haiti's mind as she helped her people out of the rubble. Her chest ached with pain; her whole body ached. She tried to ignore the pain, long enough to help who she could.
Why her beloved people?!
The screams and cries were still ringing in her ears. Even as fresh tears blurred her vision, she kept going. She let them fall she helped a woman stand. The poor women was stretched and bruised all over. Her hair was dirty, and an absolute mess.
The woman looked at her with such a painful expression, it tugged at Haiti's heart string. As the young Haitian turned to her ruined house, she clasped her hands together and bowed her head. She was praying for the people she lost, for her country.
Even more pain chipped at the nation's heart. This woman lost everything.
Her people, her beloved, happy people lost everything.
What was to become of her now? If her people lost all hope and just gave up, would she disappear? Would Haiti no longer be a country?
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Haiti by olivier2046 Haiti :iconolivier2046:olivier2046 113 27 No sleep tonight by Everlongdesign No sleep tonight :iconeverlongdesign:Everlongdesign 101 25 I Have A Name by melanierogers I Have A Name :iconmelanierogers:melanierogers 40 52
C and VG Ch. S. H. in E. A.
Monday, January 18th, 2010, Port of Prince, Haiti
[9:33 a.m., the capital city of Haiti]
"Come on, hurry!  We've got to rescue those trapped underneath this rubble before their oxygen supply runs out!"  Shouted Ratchet as he, Terrador, and Ironhide held up an immense slab of a concrete wall.  Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, and U.S. reserve troops entered the darkness of the collapsed building to search for any trapped survivors.
The human soldiers turned on their search lights, implanted on their helmets.  Sparx's glow also provided light needed to see.
"Stay close," warned the beauteous black dragoness. "For one of you can get lost down here."  As they progressed, a shout in Haitian language is heard in the darkness.
"It's coming from other there," Spyro exclaimed, using his acute hearing.  "Come on!"
"Right behind ya!" called Sparx.  They eventually found someone buried underneath a slab of concrete, still crying for help.&
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StringDoll Info and Biography
Alias: StringDoll, The Seamstress, The Mambo, Voodoo Witch
Real Name: Bella Blackmore (Beautiful Black Moor)
Nicknames: SD, Strings, Dolly(By QJ)
Birthday: First of January (bloody moon)
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Height: a little less than Darkwing Duck
Species: Duck
-Villain ( jewels thief)
- Hoodoo Witch ( She can sometimes do favors to others)
- ¿Making a jewels Colletion?
Darkwing Duck (Enemy/ she feels neutral about him)
Jacques (her Servant and sidekick. She does not like him, but he likes her less.)[Another OC of mine]
Paddywhack (She loves the ghoul. Take him away from her and she will never be the same. Her love for him is very strong. It started out as curiosity, then she became  interested by the ghoul, his tricks, his way of being, everything... and after getting to know him better, she sta
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Marie Laveau - AHS Coven by NatasaIlincic Marie Laveau - AHS Coven :iconnatasailincic:NatasaIlincic 279 31 American Dream by vinnymack American Dream :iconvinnymack:vinnymack 93 42 Haiti by lesliemarie-manips Haiti :iconlesliemarie-manips:lesliemarie-manips 146 66 Chief Eida Gamani - Somosantos Organization by SkavenZverov Chief Eida Gamani - Somosantos Organization :iconskavenzverov:SkavenZverov 78 18 Love meow by Lunewen Love meow :iconlunewen:Lunewen 391 63
Save the People
Why does tragedy surround this world?
The whole world is suffering
No matter your religion
One thing from Jesus' teaching stands strong:
We are all brothers and sisters.
Let's reach out to our siblings
Go over and help them
Donate money
Donate supplies
Donate hope and love
Send them a smile
A little thing goes a long way
As in the ocean
The tiniest ripple
Grows into a big wave
With the help of the wind
The tears of the sky has dropped into the sea
The ripple has begun
So let us all be the wind
And let us nurture the love and compassion for our brethren
Let us help as we can
Help those who leave home to save those in pain
Love those who survived and are safe
Hope those who are missing return with breath in their lungs
Pray that those who have left this world are at peace
Do not take what you have for granted
Though it may be difficult to stand up
Be proud to say that you care
And let it show
And shine like the gentle moon
Illuminating the darkness of the night
For Haiti:
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Heal Haiti's heart by kumalein Heal Haiti's heart :iconkumalein:kumalein 44 11
Our Mother Earth
She's testing us, that's all.
She tried to raise us
So we could help each other out
When aid was needed.
Some tried to be independent
And not cooperate with the rest.
Others were mature from the start
So no one would ever feel left out
Unless they wanted to.
But our mother is one,
So why must we fight
Amongst each other,
While watching her die?
Instead, we should be mourning
The loss of our creator
And share her pain.
We are the ones that are killing her.
So we need to come together again
And save our Mother Earth.
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Miss Freda by UlaFish Miss Freda :iconulafish:UlaFish 118 5
With the Strength of a Child
        His ripped shirt is barely visible in the dust and smoke. He kneels in the rubble, bloody faded jeans loose on his hips, tan skin lined with ragged cuts and bruises underneath. Long dark hair, now dusty white and matted with blood, ripples in the wind like a tattered flag of surrender.
        He can't feel the pain.
        Broken jaws whisper of sadness.
        Broken voices scream of loss.

        And his broken eyes turn toward the ground, shadowed with fear and weakness. He clutches his head in scarring hands, ignoring the sharp debris biting his legs. He stares vacantly at the cracked concrete lying in the dust.
        He can't see it at all.
        Young eyes glisten with tears.
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. Delivery for Dry-Oasis . by Diikae . Delivery for Dry-Oasis . :icondiikae:Diikae 92 50 Baron Samedi by Emortal982 Baron Samedi :iconemortal982:Emortal982 56 5 Cactus Creature by Zirngibl Cactus Creature :iconzirngibl:Zirngibl 44 5 Haiti -Citadelle Laferriere by DavidDeb Haiti -Citadelle Laferriere :icondaviddeb:DavidDeb 177 39 Meme Latina by hinata-neko Meme Latina :iconhinata-neko:hinata-neko 368 90 haiti -- by dasha-v-m haiti -- :icondasha-v-m:dasha-v-m 168 39 Tribute to Haiti Earthquake by Gejsi Tribute to Haiti Earthquake :icongejsi:Gejsi 69 37 HTMR: girls' beach by nennisita1234 HTMR: girls' beach :iconnennisita1234:nennisita1234 252 322 Who, me? by DarkHeartSeer Who, me? :icondarkheartseer:DarkHeartSeer 356 68 Mama will provide [Once on This Island] by the01angel Mama will provide [Once on This Island] :iconthe01angel:the01angel 45 81
Au Contraire
There are things that some people in this world never get to experience. You might say that these little things don't matter soverymuch at all; but au contraire, darling, I'd say they're life makers.
Some people have never felt the glowing satisfaction that comes from dipping your toes into green river-bed squish after a hike. What it is to feel the smooth pebbles as they relate their gurgling lives to you. What it is to drink spring water from a spring and not a bottle [by the way, darling, that's tap water you're drinking.]
Some people have never understood what it is to lay back in grass and just stare at the sky, or to sit alone and listen. What it is to really smell the flowers and hear the birds. What it is to watch people as they live their lives: watch from a cocoon of lovely solitude.
Some people have never played in the mud or thrown a snowball at their younger brother, or even blown the seeds of a dandelion. They have never known what it is to have the mud squelch aro
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Help Haiti by Xnexno Help Haiti :iconxnexno:Xnexno 146 60 Haiti 7.0 by xpsam Haiti 7.0 :iconxpsam:xpsam 41 18 Baron Samedi by finnish-winter Baron Samedi :iconfinnish-winter:finnish-winter 43 4 The Renmen Tree by MisterISK The Renmen Tree :iconmisterisk:MisterISK 105 18
Pagan Prayer for Haiti
Pagan Prayer for Haiti
Cernunnos, the Horned One, Lord of Nature, give the desperate people of Haiti forests and grass, allow them to share your bounty, and shelter themselves and their families.
Taranis, Lord of the Storm, give the stricken people of Haiti rain, so that their crops and plants may be nourished, and they and their livestock may drink.
Belenos, God of the Sun, give the underprivileged people of Haiti your light and warmth, and let your rays shine upon their fields and give their crops the energy they need to grow.
Epona, Matron of Fertility, with the help of your Brothers, give the starving people of Haiti a fresh, rich, and plentiful harvest, so that they and their families can eat well, and not go hungry.
Brigid, Goddess of Healing, give the ailing people of Haiti relief from disease and pestilence, let their wounds be soothed, and let their water be fresh and clear and free of sickness, to ensure that the people can stay healthy.
May all the Gods and Goddesses
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Old Woman Marinette by Pinkanon Old Woman Marinette :iconpinkanon:Pinkanon 103 27