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nausea. | sasaki haise
life begins on the other
side of despair

“Ah ― Do you guys mind if you watch the place for a bit?” Sasaki was scratching the back of his neck neck nervously, a sheepish smile making its way on his pale lips. Shirazu and Mutsuki were looking at him suspiciously (albeit did not utter a word), while Urie on the hand looked like he wasn't listening a word from him at all. “I have to go somewhere real quick. But I won't take long, I promise.” Sasaki adds quietly. He was holding a bag ― full of books? ― and he seemed to be clutching the handles of it tightly.
“You goin' to that bookstore again?” Shirazu deduced, raising an amused brow at his superior. For some apparent reason, Sasaki frequently went to the bookstore whenever he had free time. To Shirazu, it seemed like the man was trying to catch the woman's attention who worked in the bookstore. Though, Sasaki was a really avid reader and often bombarded h
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Moment A Rhythm :iconnanfe:NanFe 1,033 23 these inherited feelings :iconnanfe:NanFe 2,078 45 SKETCH DUMP 30 - Gintama-Tokyo Ghoul etc :iconnanfe:NanFe 370 15 constants and variables. :iconsirkisshy:SIRKISSHY 287 11 the one inside me :iconnanfe:NanFe 742 24 Haise ... :iconayatho:Ayatho 149 6 Kuro Haise Sasaki :iconpandikku:pandikku 321 2 Haise Sasaki :iconelekitelik:Elekitelik 751 85
a kiss, please! : haise sasaki
 [Name] had no idea what to do when he decided to burst into her room requesting to wear one of her dresses. As a girlfriend she was kind of worried but her amusement took over and she gave her biggest white one-piece to him. Sasaki smiled in return, hugging the slender woman lovingly.
"Thanks a lot, [Name]!"
She crossed her arms over her chest as he held out her dress in front of him, nodding to himself in approval. "Any reason why you're asking to wear one of my dresses?" [Name] asked with a slight grin.
His head turned back to her and he grinned back sheepishly. "We're thinking of going undercover." Sasaki answered honestly. [Name] fluttered over to him, hugging the male from behind and leaning her head against his firm back. "Keep safe. Please don't cheat on me with any guys." She said, biting back a snicker.
Sasaki laughed before throwing the dress aside onto her bed. He spun around and wrapped his own arms around her. "[Name], do you really think
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|Sasaki Haise x Fem!Reader|
(Tokyo Ghoul)
Warnings: Long-fic.
[First Blossom]
"Here's your change, ma'am! Thank you for shopping and I hope to see you again!"
You smiled brightly at your customer, who returned your smile with a small nod of thanks. She gently took the small bouquet of roses and the few coins from your awaiting hands, and she turned to exit the store, the bell above the door chiming merrily as she left. The door shut with a quiet thud, stopping the coolness of the air conditioning from leaking out into the blistering heat of summer. All was quiet once more. Stillness filled every corner of the small shop, enveloping the rows and rows of flowers.
You breathed a small sigh and leant against the counter with a small pout on your lips, looking at the gorgeous blooms all around you.
Business was incredibly slow today, you mused as you fingered the soft petals of a pretty iris on display. It had been that way ever since that new binge-eater was on the loose
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