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hades and persephone 1 by sandara hades and persephone 1 :iconsandara:sandara 58,029 2,603 Hades by GENZOMAN Hades :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 13,537 650 hades and persephone 2 by sandara hades and persephone 2 :iconsandara:sandara 144,509 11,185 Cerberus by GENZOMAN Cerberus :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 15,822 928 Meg meets Persephone by DKCissner Meg meets Persephone :icondkcissner:DKCissner 1,436 127 Percy Jackson + Disney's Gods by daekazu Percy Jackson + Disney's Gods :icondaekazu:daekazu 9,009 987 Child Meg by MoonchildinTheSky Child Meg :iconmoonchildinthesky:MoonchildinTheSky 5,949 665 HnP2 wallpaper by sandara HnP2 wallpaper :iconsandara:sandara 10,916 678 hades and persephone 3 by sandara hades and persephone 3 :iconsandara:sandara 6,010 205 Hades and Persephone by AlexandraVBach Hades and Persephone :iconalexandravbach:AlexandraVBach 7,659 469 Deep in the Underworld by dark-spider Deep in the Underworld :icondark-spider:dark-spider 12,278 993 Hades and Persephone by Dulceta Hades and Persephone :icondulceta:Dulceta 2,068 115 The Olympian Big Three - Zeus, Poseidon, Hades by tomzj1 The Olympian Big Three - Zeus, Poseidon, Hades :icontomzj1:tomzj1 426 48 Disney University - Hades and Persephone by Hyung86 Disney University - Hades and Persephone :iconhyung86:Hyung86 2,149 111 Percy Jackson CAST by daekazu Percy Jackson CAST :icondaekazu:daekazu 8,890 1,117 Hades Happy Family (chibi) by Arbetta Hades Happy Family (chibi) :iconarbetta:Arbetta 2,329 157 Hades and Persephone doodles by Ninidu Hades and Persephone doodles :iconninidu:Ninidu 3,754 322
Persephone's Flight :iconplushpenguin:Plushpenguin 3,327 964
Little Mermaid vs Hercules by daekazu Little Mermaid vs Hercules :icondaekazu:daekazu 11,741 1,009 Hades and Maleficent by Precia-T Hades and Maleficent :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 2,013 269 Stained Glass: Meg by Akili-Amethyst Stained Glass: Meg :iconakili-amethyst:Akili-Amethyst 1,851 93 Master by MadLittleClown Master :iconmadlittleclown:MadLittleClown 1,625 37 A Hero is Born by Grodansnagel A Hero is Born :icongrodansnagel:Grodansnagel 2,455 276 Cerberus by Gorrem Cerberus :icongorrem:Gorrem 4,412 195 Hades and Persephone by Ashramart Hades and Persephone :iconashramart:Ashramart 3,556 140 MYth character: Hades by zeldacw MYth character: Hades :iconzeldacw:zeldacw 2,596 122 SPOILER HoH!!!  Title: ''This is NOT FUNNY!'' by Faith92 SPOILER HoH!!! Title: ''This is NOT FUNNY!'' :iconfaith92:Faith92 2,300 398 The Villainous World of Disney by StephenSchaffer The Villainous World of Disney :iconstephenschaffer:StephenSchaffer 10,497 2,275 Pantheon by hyamei Pantheon :iconhyamei:hyamei 2,877 72 - Greek Gods I - by ooneithoo - Greek Gods I - :iconooneithoo:ooneithoo 552 73 Hades and Persephone I by AbigailLarson Hades and Persephone I :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 5,052 81 Hades, Ruler of the Planet of Darkness Regular by Concept-Art-House Hades, Ruler of the Planet of Darkness Regular :iconconcept-art-house:Concept-Art-House 1,285 28 Hades and Persephone by ichigo-tan Hades and Persephone :iconichigo-tan:ichigo-tan 4,891 307 Hades and Persephone by Rgveta Hades and Persephone :iconrgveta:Rgveta 9,759 550 MYth: The Gods by zeldacw MYth: The Gods :iconzeldacw:zeldacw 3,900 239
Disney Hades x Dryad!Reader - Sap
Hades found you lounging in the high branches of your tree mid afternoon. You were hanging loosely upside down from one of the boughs, eyes closed with a cheshire smirk. Being a dryad, the (favorite tree) was your own little slice of paradise, a part of your essence. One of the few that grew alongside the banks of the Styx.
Hades, being himself, chose not to alert you to his presence. So naturally, when your (e/c) eyes fluttered open, you were met straight in the face with one lord of the dead who seemed to enjoy your surprise immensely. You shrieked and poofed away, vanishing into protective mode inside the (f/t). 
"Hey, babe. What's up? Surprised to see me?" You could practically hear the look on his face, mischief and satisfaction oozing from every orifice. 
"Nope!" you declared, your voice muffled. 
"Really?" he drawled. "You hiding in there for a reason then?"
"Uhhh... It's cold outside..." 
"I see, cold. In the underworld. Well, there are ways of warming up, y
:iconseraphenaparks:SeraphenaParks 167 23
Underworld by jbrown67 Underworld :iconjbrown67:jbrown67 848 28 aphrodite9- the eight pieces of 9 XD by nebezial aphrodite9- the eight pieces of 9 XD :iconnebezial:nebezial 3,825 205 Great Chasm by jbrown67 Great Chasm :iconjbrown67:jbrown67 287 27 Hades by Alicechan Hades :iconalicechan:Alicechan 993 0 Sedah by itsbxd Sedah :iconitsbxd:itsbxd 1,338 64 Hades by Fukari Hades :iconfukari:Fukari 2,881 101 Persephone and Hades by BohemianWeasel Persephone and Hades :iconbohemianweasel:BohemianWeasel 2,367 194 Hades and Persephone by Arbetta Hades and Persephone :iconarbetta:Arbetta 1,435 115 Hades by Disse86 Hades :icondisse86:Disse86 709 99 Disney steampunk: Mulan by MecaniqueFairy Disney steampunk: Mulan :iconmecaniquefairy:MecaniqueFairy 2,205 113 Meg Portrait Color by MoonchildinTheSky Meg Portrait Color :iconmoonchildinthesky:MoonchildinTheSky 3,786 393 Disney High, The Villains by vertiklychalingd Disney High, The Villains :iconvertiklychalingd:vertiklychalingd 1,441 349