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Aang and Katara-Epic True Love
Aang and Katara: Destiny, Friendship, and Epic True Love

Hello there.  TarelElenar, incurable romantic and obsessed Avatard, bringing the Kataang shippers a refreshing reminder of why we love this pairing so much.
I don't exactly see why a Pro-Kataang essay is really necessary, since all you have to do to find the evidence for it is watch the show.  But since it seems a lot of people are clamoring for one and I just finished re-watching all the episodes from start to finish I decided, "What the heck.  I might as well."
So without further adieu, I present to the Avatar fandom my Aang/Katara Manifesto: Destiny, Friendship, and Epic True Love.
(Ye be warned that portions of this essay be filled with much flailing and spazzing as the author is both an avid Avatar fan and a hopeless romantic.)
The players:
Aang is the titular Avatar and last Airbender, the "Chosen One", the hero of the story.  He's also one of the sweetest, most
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Iroh's Avatar State Advice
Iroh’s Avatar State Advice
An In-Depth Look at Iroh’s Advice for Aang
Whenever a discussion about the Avatar State is brought up, the number one argument that Zutarians give is that Aang “must learn to let go,” and the number one argument from the Kataang side that seems to always be lingering over Zutarians’ heads is Iroh’s advice to Aang. I have been in many debates about the Avatar State, and I have heard mountains of arguments for it and against it. But one thing always stands out. Iroh’s advice.
As a Kataanger just recently pointed out to me, Iroh has been in the story from the beginning, and he always gives great advice and never seems to be wrong about it. We as Zutarians even love his advice about keeping “an open mind and an open heart” and all the “destiny is a funny thing” stuff as well. So what about for Aang? We can’t just toss out Iroh’s advice when we accept everything else, can we? No. We hav
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The Monster Under the Bed - Chapter 1
A Story by Jive Guru
For as long as I can recall, I've been a little weary. Most people think I'm kind of odd, and that's alright by me. I don't exactly mind, because in comparison to the average guy my age, they are probably right.
You could say I am a little weird!
I'm mean, it's not like it's all my fault though, I have a very good reason why I act a little strange sometimes. I don't sleep well at night for one, in fact most nights I don't really sleep at all. It's been like this for most of my life and I've gotten pretty used to it. Oh, it's not that I don't sleep, I catch quick naps when I can, but I never sleep at night.
I don't sleep at night because I'm aware of certain things that most people aren't.
I know that monsters are real.
Yeah, I know, it sounds crazy, insane probably- perhaps even a little paranoid! However, that's the god's honest truth about it. Though to be fair, it isn't simply this knowledge that keeps me awake at night, no; that honor (if you could call it that
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