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Dress up Vocaloid by HlYA Dress up Vocaloid :iconhlya:HlYA 4,685 237
Cut-Off Line - Ashe - English Lyrics
Cleaned away all these faded stains
That my soul could not erase
The design of the dotted line
That my finger slowly traced
It's so easy to cry and I've
Never had to force any tears
So, it's safe to just cut away
Before thought can interfere
This burning in me lasted, filling my veins
The sun beneath the clouds continued my way
But then it gleamed in front of me
Like a star it dropped and blocked my vision
Simple yet unfinished
Love is a palette mixed
With colors I have never known
Folded it up and watched it fall
A crumpled mess of everything
Even if it's "not my problem"
And though I try to hide it deep within my heart
The tears in my eyes amount to lies
And cut away into another day
To let go of this aching soul
That I stole away so deep
Quietly, I began to speak
As I strained to find the key
I'd created my own charade
And a world that I'd concieved
All the colors began to run
In this lie that I believed
I gave away the bags
I'd filled with regret
I threw away the thoughts
That I th
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TOKIO FUNKA by Tomiokajiro TOKIO FUNKA :icontomiokajiro:Tomiokajiro 6,717 146
The Fox's Wedding [ENG] (Hatsune Miku, GUMI)
Oh Mrs. Fox, please don't take an umbrella.
Quick, knit my feelings together, won’t you?
A daimyo's procession. Corpses guarding the gate.
"Open it? Open, please?"
The fox's wedding, let us set off to retrieve
I, whom they lost instead of you.
Behind this torii lies my broken, dead body and
The daimyo's procession. The corpses’ guards.
Hey, hey, laugh, let me see you laugh?
Stop it, stop it
It hurts
Your words are
So kind, they lead
To an embarrassing beginning.
AAaaaaAhH, it hurts,
AAAaaaAH, help me
I don't like the pain, so I'll accept you.
Hey, hey, laugh, are you going to skewer me?
Born in the capital, I was bound and brought up.
Who knows how many years passed—by then, I'd
Been played with, I'd degraded and devoured humans.
Who knows how many years passed—on my birthday,
I found you, and felt so strongly,
"I want to eat you, I want to eat you, I so want to eat you."
I had seduced you with my own body,
And where I nibbled you, and I devoured.
Come here
:iconebonidoe:ebonidoe 58 21
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