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Guilty by yuumei Guilty :iconyuumei:yuumei 61,273 3,543
Guilty Pleasures GermanyxReader
    You sighed, crossing one of your bare legs over the other as you watched your rather attractive German boyfriend run around the nearby track. Fanning yourself with one hand, you tilted your head back, closing your eyes, a groan leaving your lips. When Ludwig had told you he would be going out for a quick jog, you had made the mistake of taking him literally. It had been an hour. In this heat.
    Your tongue ran over your lips as you leveled your head, raising a hand up to touch the frames of your heavily tinted sunglasses, sliding them slowly down the bridge of your nose just enough so your piercing (e/c) gaze could look over the accessory. You let yourself smirk just barely as you caught sight of your boyfriend. He had taken his shirt off only moments after you two had gotten here, and you had to say that you didn't object.
    The track was close to where you sat, the small, paved, oval, sitting only a few feet away from you. Continuing to keep your
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Loki X Reader: A Love That Was More Than Love
        The Avengers all found themselves sitting in their common room causally talking to one another as others drank occasionally enjoying one of their rare days off. There had been nothing major happening in the world for the Avengers to step in, though there were small missions they had to go do individually, but Tony Stark managed to trick Fury into saying they could stay at the Tower for today and the Avengers were grateful for Tony's childish behavior for once.
The topics of their conversations had a wide range. They spent time talking about things they would like to do, telling stories about the past or listening to Tony talk about his new improvement for the tower and their equipment. Laughs, chuckles and teasing was common during this time. They were so relaxed and at ease that they just allowed the conversation to go anywhere it wished to do. Until Clint asked Thor a question that saddened him.
"Was it hard growing up with Loki, Thor? Did he plan to
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