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Growing heart pendant Krinna Handmade :iconkrinna:Krinna 8,463 458 Sunlight Shrine :iconnele-diel:Nele-Diel 1,216 58 Little Rose :iconeirian-stock:Eirian-stock 416 98 And Though We Fade Away :iconparablev:parablev 2,562 490
things i want you to know.
there is a picture in my living room
of my parents in their twenties, in sunhats,
there is a picture of my father holding me
when i was two years old.
there is a picture of my parents
on their wedding day.
there is a picture of me when i was
ten, eleven, twelve.
i’m seventeen now and
i won’t let my mother
take any of the pictures
i need to believe that, at one point,
this house was more than just
slammed doors
and silence.
i was born on the second-to-last day
of april.
i weighed seven pounds, two ounces,
and it was ninety-nine degrees out.
four years before that, in 1992,
the officers who beat rodney king
within an inch of his life
were acquitted.
five years before that, in 1991,
a cyclone in Bangladesh killed
138,000 people and made 10 million
ten years before that, in 1986,
a fire in a Los Angeles library
damaged more than 400,000
and on that day, april 29, 1996, i was born
and i’d like to pretend
that it was a go
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Eder Terehn :iconcassiopeiaart:CassiopeiaArt 2,885 287 Base - Family Portrait Pink :icondolphin64575:dolphin64575 999 372 Abandoned :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 13,134 562 The Past :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 2,566 78 Rainbow night fairy dragon - necklace :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 1,418 75 It Still Feels Home :icondarkdex52:darkdex52 2,814 284
The media doesn’t support a positive body image
because it’s not good for business.
They want us anxious and afraid
of seeing the numbers on a scale go up.
We’re not worth our weight in gold.
It’s what we don’t weigh
that matters.
My first boyfriend, who panicked when I touched him
would say “I’m fat”
the way somebody says “I should have never been born.”
They want us spending our money
on designer jeans, instead of groceries,
on concealer and diet plans, instead of an education.
Please don’t starve yourself.
Believe me, I’ve tried
and your body will start to eat itself from the inside out and
if you let it
it’ll get to some valuable stuff.
they’ll only appreciate your body when it’s a corpse.
They won’t notice you
until there’s nothing to be noticed
they’ll mourn and wish for something
that is no longer
In the second grade, I learned that
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Some People :iconmumblingidiot:MumblingIdiot 15,602 2,148 Frozen :icontaylorknetterart:TaylorKnetterArt 3,520 251
The tough gets growing
I'm knee-deep in mud,
grumbling and mumbling
about what I did
to deserve this mess
And my mother glares,
"When I planted you,
I put you deep in the dirt,
not to bury you alive,
but to teach you that
when the growing gets tough,
the tough gets growing."
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 150 67
The world is not a skeleton. It does not ache bone-deep with our atrocities, nor is it fragile and ready for the breaking. It knows nothing so human, except perhaps to forgive our pride. Let me explain:
Young, I am a bright star with small, pudgy hands for guiltless flower-crushing. Before even that, I am a wispy squall for food, unused to knowing anything but myself, and warmth, and hunger.
The concept of a hero is a natural progression from understanding speech. I am Me. I am the one all the stories talk about, born special, to whom both innocence and wisdom are possible. I am so great a part of my own self that I do not know it can be detached.
I am eleven, narrow-boned and alone in the red earth, when I first feel it.
A seagull slews out of the bright sky and pegs its beak to the stones, draws it up wriggling. I watch its gullet bob. My hand floats up to mirror the lines of its head against the air. There is a cry, and its eye is a pond of yellow fire staring at me, the air a storm
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Mutually assured destruction :iconacrylicdreams:Acrylicdreams 2,330 138 The Hobbit: Growing :iconapplepie1989:applepie1989 4,615 326 Fornawa 001 - Orchimp :iconbradsimonian:BradSimonian 127 30 Barbed wire can't stop the wolf :iconalaiaorax:Alaiaorax 662 24 Growing Up Together Base :iconsuperrawrz:SuperRawrZ 1,587 109 each growing petal is an internal wound :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 3,783 100 Always Summer Here :iconchromamancer:Chromamancer 1,571 337 Pesky Slimes! :iconsnow-chanda:Snow-chanDA 1,266 125 Growth :iconjake:jake 827 106 Life :iconshortcircuit123:ShortCircuit123 277 163
Synthetic Eden :iconartbyemz:ArtByEmz 704 254
The Only Tea for Me - Breast Beverage :iconexpansion-fan-comics:expansion-fan-comics 554 10
The friends I had,
the memories we shared,
the lessons we learned,
the persons who cared.
Words gone unsaid,
the lives drifting apart,
my school life ending,
my true life given start.
Regret growing inside,
of the words left unspoken,
the lives I wished to touch,
my heart torn and broken.
Those friends so far away,
distant and grown mature,
my memories beginning to fade,
the life of my childhood a blur.
A familiar smile,
comes in to view,
my eyes begin to open,
thank God, it's you.
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Giantess Spider-Gwen Butt Crush 2 :icongiantess-fan-comics:giantess-fan-comics 326 10 Friends and Rivals :iconsuper-tuler:super-tuler 5,467 250 My universe is foul :icongrypwolf:Grypwolf 3,272 133 Godness of Fertility - P3 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 1,857 27 Godness of Fertility - P1 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 2,011 47 Godness of Fertility - P4 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 1,631 127 Godness of Fertility - P2 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 1,679 28 Hazel WG :iconmadammoo:MadamMoo 2,404 80
The Party
 Sara entered the party confidently. She was looking forward to getting out the mundanity of her own routines for a bit, and this seemed just the way to do it. The sound of cheesy dance-pop music filled her ears as she stepped in, and she couldn't stop herself from giggling at the sorry dancing of some of the other guests.
 She frowned as she noticed that she didn't really know anyone else there. And, even worse, she didn't see any guys. It wouldn't be too easy to be social here, but she'd try. To her relief, it wasn't long before a very thin, very pretty girl with red hair came up to Sara and spoke.
 "Hi," she said, "I'm Alex!"
 Sara smiled and introduced herself. "I'm Sara, nice to meet you!"
 "I don't know if this is just me," Alex said, "but, like, it seems like there's not really anyone I know here... I mean, I was invited on sort of a 'friend-of-a-friend' type basis, but I don't know anyone, and I don't really even know who invited me..." She glanced arou
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New Flavour - Weight Gain :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 1,505 98 Bubbly Soda Pop! :iconsnow-chanda:Snow-chanDA 1,349 111 The incredibles :iconmabymin:MabyMin 4,064 186
Sasha 1: Accidental Stuffing
Sasha was a cute teenage girl who was pretty athletic during school as she did dance and other extra curricular activities. She stood around 5 foot 4 and had golden blond hair with bright blue eyes behind it. However once the busy commotion of school had ended for her junior year for summer she she started slacking off a bit. She spent most of her days lying on the couch watching TV or browsing the internet on her computer. Besides meeting up with friends she rarely ever did anything too extraneous
Sasha always had a flat stomach due to her dance routine, but because of her new “activities” she started to develop a little pudge in the front. It wasn't a lot, but a layer of fat had slowly and surely started to grow over her once flat stomach. She never thought that her trim body could ever get fatter due to how slim she was when school ended. Oblivious to her belly getting chubbier she just continued her usual TV marathon routines and junk food intake.
“Honey, would yo
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Hi There Again! :iconsnow-chanda:Snow-chanDA 1,564 119 Big Booty Michelle :iconsnow-chanda:Snow-chanDA 1,538 127
Witch Oil
There's magma boiling in her frostbitten veins;
incandescent pixie dust and
                                soot-stained stars,
sluggishly making its way through
a childish heart — wishing for one last chance
to spread her wings and soar to
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 268 90
Kim Grows, Too :iconjackurai:Jackurai 1,457 345
the day i was born was not a day of sparkling stars and soft-spoken lullabies, of rose-colored memories and warm autumn hearts. time did not stand still, but instead slipped between shrill cries and bitter words. but i would not know; i was not there. i cannot remember my first breath, and i cannot remember what i saw the first time i opened my eyes. but perhaps i never really learned to breathe – perhaps my eyes never opened after all.
when i turned five, i discovered the art of being alone.
i learned that there is no celebration song when you are twenty-three hundred miles from where you belong and your family has fluttered off into the sky. i was trapped at the foot of a stranger's bed, a salty ocean tide dripping down my face. though i had no candles to put out, i figured memories of a thirteen-year-old's cigarette smoke were substitute enough – i wished california would fall into the sea so this desert would feel more home.
when i turned six,
:icontheresambraun:theresambraun 53 50
losing friends :iconerinbird:ErinBird 870 443