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Creepy Pokemon Artwork: Chansey From Hell
Celebrate this week's launch of Pokemon X and Y with a daily dose of disturbing Pokemon artwork. The adorable Pokemon, Chansey, gets several creepy and realistic twists.

chansey by nastyjungle
Chanseydon Preview by Gumbogamer

Chanbra by SolaMontoya
Chansey by altered-worlds     Chansey by OMGaMOOSE
Chansey and Ratata by lmerlo72
150+ project: chansey by edface
And some Pokemon fusion Chansey mashups:
Pokemon Fusion 4 - Eleggtrode by BonnyJohnElectresy by JosemonCosplay
Pokemon Fusion by eduardocatebPokeFusion - Geosey by kaj18
Pokemon Fusion: Psysey by SakuraSetsuna
Pasey by KinkoKitty
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    "Don't you lay a finger on her!" Juuzou yelled through strangely happy laughter as he skidded in front of your kneeling body, "Or I'll have to shred you into pieces!" A vicious threat lingered in the air as Juuzou sprinted forward toward the ghoul that had attacked you; and with one easy spin of his quinque, the ghoul was bleeding profusely. Not dead, though; because the ghoul jumped away from Juuzou and pushed himself off the wall toward you. Your eyes widened as the black and red eyed man tore through the air toward you; but your eyes widened more when there was a strange squelching sound; hot blood on your face; and a thud of a carcass.
    "Please don't think lowly of me," Juuzou said flatly as his lifeless eyes stared down at the ghoul's body which was now a limp mess on the alleyway floor. The white-haired boy lowered his quinque and stood up straight, looking at your injured form in front of him.
    "You're okay," Juuzou asked fl
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I hate myself.
Why can't I be like the pretty girls?
I'm different,I'm a freak.
I have nightmares,
no it's not monsters and ghouls.
It's my own reflection,when I look at me.
I take razorblades, hurt myself to feel.
I wish I could stop these feelings eating inside of me,
but no matter how hard I try, they never seem to cease.
My body is my challenge,
Weight, my battle.
Limb by limb, I can't swim,
from this far out.
I'm weak when I don't eat.
I'm sick when I do eat.
Self esteem lesser than smiles.
I can see them staring through me,
Hollow eyes and bare skin on bones,
beautiful at size zero,
inviting with their sex appeal.
Magazines,movie stars and TV ads
tells me what I should be.
You think that I don't know I'm hurting myself?
I can't help it... I just want to be perfect.
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