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Roleplaying :iconmonsieurdegueulasse:MonsieurDegueulasse 16 1
Bonding with Bondage
Laying down under an umbrella at the beach was none other than Stacy. She decided that today would be a beach day for her because there was always fun to be had at the beach. This time she was wearing a red two piece bikini and a pair of sunglasses as relaxation was the goal for today.
On her first day in Griffin City she met the ladies's dog himself, Kurfust Klendathu and two days later she bumped into the shy and sweet hearted Golden Retriever, Breihzlander Mongrel. And today she planned on finding herself planted on her beach towel to relax. Or so she thought as she saw a bunny, primarily white with some brown fur, carrying stuff across the beach.
Seeing this caught Stacy's eyes and made her wonder what the girl was doing. She had a lot of rope, a camera, a roll of tape, and other stuff in a bag. Whatever she was doing it looked liked she was building something or trying to catch something.
Despite wanting to relax, Stacy couldn't help but watch the other bunny test the strength of
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