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Typical Brony Leaving the Fandom
I'm leaving the pony fandom;
I'm done with all the gossiping and the bitching,
The back-stabbing and the gender-switching
Between people who pretend they're something
They're not. [5]
I'm getting out of the fandom;
I'm sick of its porn and its gore,
Its darker side and its desire for more
To join the herd of egotistical pricks
Like them. [10]
I'm tired of this fandom;
I'm bored by endless proverbs and morals,
By the puffed-up glands of internet quarrels
Of who loves and tolerates in greater amounts
And wins. [15]
I've had it with this fandom;
I'm hateful towards drama and exaggeration,
Towards those who react to every situation
That comes about and fucks with their next
Great idea. [20]
I've given up with this fandom;
I'm leaving DeviantArt and deactivating my account,
Leaving behind my reputation and getting out
Of this mess of a culture of childish
New-borns. [25]
Well, I'm still in this fandom;
I decided to give it another shot,
Because without the bitching and the clop
Culture, and
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Top 11 Awful Things About Batman v Superman Part 2
6) Doomsday
The two comic books this film obviously takes a lot of inspiration from is The Dark Knight Returns and The Death of Superman......That alone is telling of how behind the people behind this film are, considering how old those comics are.
Saying that I will sorta defend The Dark Knight Returns. Think what you will of Frank Millar - I think he's a fascist prick - but there's no denying that both he and Alan Moore with  Watchmen  helped prove to millions that comic books weren't solely for kids, and thus changed the industry forever. It's also still a good read. Certainly not very shocking or even outstanding by today's standards perhaps, but bear in mind that for its time it was revolutionary. No one had done what Millar did with Batman with this comic.
Don't worry; that praise does not extend to his later works The Dark Knight Strikes Again and All-Star Batman & Robin, the B
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Visit From the Pink Mare
-The following scenario is a 'what if', and isn't actually canon to the main Silent Ponyville for reasons I choose to withhold.-
Visit from the Pink Mare
Pinkie took a gulp as she stared at the door that led to a separate chamber from the rest of the prison. The cells were officially classified as 'Solitary Confinement', however the only thing that made them 'solitary' was that they were separated from the other cells and most criminals only stayed in them for a few days for misbehaving. But from what she'd been told the criminals kept themselves in good terms to avoid coming here because of the one prisoner that was kept inside at all times. None of them wanted to be in the same area as him.
"You seem nervous…and I can understand why. There's still time to back out, if you don't want to do this." Came the reassuring yet regal voice of Princess Celestia, who turned to look at the smaller pink mare standing next to her before the door.
"No…No this is…I have to at least se
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Eden Eternal
In a world where the chatter doesn't cease,
and claps for the hollow silence
I cling to the voice in my head,
the one I don't wish to lose.
In my wounded city,
the scents of spices and copper,
lingers in the old markets,
along with the shadowy figures
of merchants and people,
that no longer tread these roads.
The mad man who once sang
words that were long disowned, 
rode a black horse, and set fire
to the golden wheat field he called home.
In my city, the one that now runs red with blood,
I wake to scorching bullets, 
and tank barrels aimed at my chest,
every single day, and every morning,
I promise myself this is the last day,
we'll have to endure war,
but the sunset never draws near.
The story teller has gone insane
and we're still waiting for his tale to end,
but he set fire to his books
and coated his stories in ash,
he threw at the wind.
A thousand nights went along,
people marched into darkness,
holding on to matchboxes that threatened to blow,
and yet we escaped w
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Silent Ponyville Ending 6
Ending – Sam
Unlock Condition: Place the tiles in a specific order in the final hallway, then go through the final door.
"I don't know, this doesn't seem right." She said as she looked around at the plates. She had put the fish in the first box, the bird in the second, the cat in the third and the snake in the fourth. Nothing had happened when she placed each of the plates, but something compelled her, told her that this was what she was supposed to do.
"I guess…the only thing left is to go through that door then." She said turning to face the wooden door at the end of the hallway. The Slender Pony had gone through the door before, so she knew it had to be waiting for her on the other side.
She walked up to the door carefully. She took a deep breath as she prepared for what was on the other side. She put her hoof up to the handle and pushed the door open.
"You've got a typo here. It says 'Her voice was running out of patients.' You spelled 'patience' as 'patients'. I guess sh
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Silent Ponyville Ending 5
Ending – The Truth
Unlock Condition: Clear the game and see every hidden Truth
Twilight pulled her head back, rubbing her forehead as she groaned. The spell was taxing, not to mention she had held it for minutes already. She shook her head before looking at her pink friend. Pinkie still had her eyes closed.
"Pinkie? You alright?" Twilight asked, not sure if she had been released from the effects of the spell yet.
It took a moment, but soon Pinkie's eyes slowly opened.
"You okay? It wasn't too much was it?" Twilight asked a little worried about her friend.
Pinkie simply blinked, before smiling and lowering her head closing her eyes. Twilight blinked a little confused at this behavior.
"Thank you Twilight." Were the first words to leave Pinkie's mouth.
"Oh, did it work?" Twilight asked, softly smiling.
"It did. And I thank you so much for helping me." Pinkie said lifting her head, letting Twilight see the smile on Pinkie's face. "If you hadn't helped me…who knows what would hav
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