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The Order of Light :iconneverdying:neverdying 322 120 OH HELL NO :iconpandaleonsaa:PandaleonSaa 1,002 124 Sheyrin reference :iconsunima:Sunima 892 134 Maleficent kiss :iconchuchy5:Chuchy5 2,125 246 Draconia :iconjellyxbat:jellyxbat 127 9 Wicker Man MONSTROW :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 358 16 A Queen Madness :iconhardlugia:HardLugia 215 16 Green Fire Butterfly :iconmd-arts:MD-Arts 116 10 Tal'enthiel :iconwulfsbane:Wulfsbane 268 22 World in flames :iconraevenilonka:raevenilonka 179 56 Sell My Soul :iconrickbw1:Rickbw1 78 53 Thresh the Chain Warden :iconreysel:Reysel 59 4 I am the hero :iconrunescratch:RuneScratch 272 7 Your Application Has Been Unsuccessful :icontengu-arts:Tengu-Arts 91 22 Midori Shizen-Ao No Exorcist OC :iconnatsucookies:NatsuCookies 73 11 skateboard costum III :iconurm:URM 95 10 King of Fighters 13: Saiki and Ash :iconnick-ian:Nick-Ian 185 37 Hugging Voldemort...Yeah It's Still Awkward :icontengu-arts:Tengu-Arts 79 77 'Respect.' :iconpyc-art:PYC-Art 75 4 DotA- PUGNA , The Oblivion :iconxyzofart:xyzofart 44 1 King of Fighters 13: Elizabeth and Ash :iconnick-ian:Nick-Ian 127 22 Triwizard Tournament Level : Maleficent :icontengu-arts:Tengu-Arts 116 27 The Phoenix :iconshattercrack:shattercrack 219 11 Draw This Again Contest: Green Flames Demon :iconforeverzerodragon:ForeverZeroDragon 40 17 Black Rock Exorcist :iconwanologic:wanologic 65 8 Dahvie Vanity :iconrhymeswithsatan:RhymesWithSatan 99 28 Hades and Cerberus :iconnemca:Nemca 32 7 -:Consumed:- :icondrytil:Drytil 38 12 Herbology 101 BONUS Page :icontengu-arts:Tengu-Arts 31 18 Chasing the dragon :iconmd-arts:MD-Arts 52 7 Gale, War Fury :iconjmbfanart:JMBfanart 31 9 Springtrap - Burn it Down :iconkova360:Kova360 22 28 Art trade~ Emerald :icondreamdrifter91:DreamDrifter91 33 2
akuroku yaoi fanfic
                                                  Introduction: Rain
Rain pounded down on the pavements of Twilight Town, the sky dark with night. In a small alleyway,a young boy ran through, soaked wet and breathing hard from running. And fear. A woman's shrill voice was heard somewhere nearby.
“come back here you little insect!!”
The boy ignored her and hid in a small corner behind a litter of trash cans and boxes. He curled into a ball and wrapped his arms around his legs, burying his face into his arms,trying to drown it all out, trying to make her go away. A woman sped by, almost tripping on her feet a few times, and she stank of alcohol. He shivered in fear, embracing himself closer, but since he was obstructed fro
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Maleficent :iconblackdistraction:BlackDistraction 27 0 Dragon of The Green Flame :icondavidsu330:davidsu330 18 12 Custom Five Window :iconcolts4us:colts4us 62 14 Toxic Green Franky Helmet :iconhardart-kustoms:hardart-kustoms 30 31 Maleficent's #1 Fan :icontengu-arts:Tengu-Arts 39 29 Commission - Raven :iconfkdemetri:FKDemetri 33 5 Bellatrix AVADA KEDAVRA :iconlucylovett:LucyLovett 38 32 Green is My Signature :icontengu-arts:Tengu-Arts 67 52
Green Flames chap.1
                                              Chapter 1: Innocence
Sunrise rose over Twilight Town, the sun's soft, orange light climbing over its buildings, stone pavements, and walls, and its tall clock tower, giving the peaceful town a soft, orange glow like always. There were few townsfolk on the streets, for it was early morning, and many were still in there beds.
   In one the many caramel colored apartment buildings, through a big window, was a the kid-sized bed right next to it, and in it sleeping peacefully was a small, blond boy about the age of 5, not making a sound except for his soft breathing. He laid there all cuddled in his black sheets decorated with yellow stars, holding a stuffed moogle doll in his arms. Seconds later, his bed
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Midori Shizen Fullbody-Ao No Exorcist OC :iconnatsucookies:NatsuCookies 127 51 Still waiting on my Hogwarts letter... :icontengu-arts:Tengu-Arts 111 42 YOUR SOUL IS MINE !!!! :iconpierremateus:PierreMateus 41 14 LORD POWERFUCK!! :iconfnto:FNTO 29 22 deep magic :iconlittlewillow-art:littlewillow-art 23 2