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Paperchild- Greece by Moony006 Paperchild- Greece :iconmoony006:Moony006 1,873 257 -Hydra- by arvalis -Hydra- :iconarvalis:arvalis 9,616 460 Light at the end of the World by justeline Light at the end of the World :iconjusteline:justeline 2,135 230 Hydra by arvalis Hydra :iconarvalis:arvalis 3,812 190 Ancient Greece by juliajm15 Ancient Greece :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 4,744 233 -Dragon- by arvalis -Dragon- :iconarvalis:arvalis 9,032 257 Panecia by KLSteeleArt Panecia :iconklsteeleart:KLSteeleArt 2,164 48 Naxos by jbrown67 Naxos :iconjbrown67:jbrown67 721 12 Girl, you can't conceal it by shoomlah Girl, you can't conceal it :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 11,895 616 Prisoners of the Dusk by justeline Prisoners of the Dusk :iconjusteline:justeline 4,429 1,347 Winter Waltz by justeline Winter Waltz :iconjusteline:justeline 4,824 913
Night Clothes- GreecexReader
Heracles breathed in the sweet scent of the washed bed sheets that he was currently lying face down on. His whole body was relaxed, resembling the kitty cats that were scattered about the medium sized bedroom.
The windows were open, allowing a calm, salty sea breeze to gently waft through the rooms. The moon's light was not seen though, as the thin curtains had forbid it. His brown hair was messily spread out over the pillow that he remembered {Name} loved to cuddle.
Drowsily, Heracles attempted to stay awake long enough to bid {Name} a hushed goodnight, albeit sleepily. A small, white with blue stripes Aegean stray kitty cat jumped onto the bed and purred into his hand, asking to be pet. Heracles smiled sleepily, petting the cat with long strokes down its spine. It purred, arching its back in blissfulness, as only a cat could.
Heracles smiled at the cat. Though, he'd rather hear his own {Name} giggle to his patting of her soft hair, rather than just this cute kitty cat. He
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Corinth by jbrown67 Corinth :iconjbrown67:jbrown67 598 16 Meg 25 - Goo Goo Eyes by LPDisney Meg 25 - Goo Goo Eyes :iconlpdisney:LPDisney 2,752 159
BTLG- Curl Misunderstandings - Greece x Reader
You woke up to a strange grumble. Then *POW!*
The ground around you shook; it shook so hard that your teeth rattled.
In shock you sat straight up.
Then another earthquake hit! *GRRR!*
You saw a huge shadow loom over you and once you looked up, it took a moment for you to realize some ruins were about to fall on top of you!
One of the huge columns fell toward you. “EEEK!” you screeched. In a split second, your body was launched to move.
Your poor palms had its skin shaved off as you escaped the falling columns. You then burst onto your feet and ran!
‘Where the hell am I?!’ you mentally bellowed. Your eyes scanned the place as you ran.
Ruins littered everywhere showing you were at some type of lost, crumbling city. The strangest thing was that a lot of these ruins resembled the ones in Greece.
“Could it really be-?!” You were cut off mid-sent
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Ancient Greek Hairstyles by Ninidu Ancient Greek Hairstyles :iconninidu:Ninidu 3,197 142 Ancient Style by juliajm15 Ancient Style :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 5,163 324 Old Greek island by merl1ncz Old Greek island :iconmerl1ncz:merl1ncz 3,327 104 The Dark Traveler by justeline The Dark Traveler :iconjusteline:justeline 7,060 1,687 Hetalia - chibi nations by sego-chan Hetalia - chibi nations :iconsego-chan:sego-chan 6,894 723 Equilibrium by justeline Equilibrium :iconjusteline:justeline 2,125 675 The Dark Traveler II by justeline The Dark Traveler II :iconjusteline:justeline 5,653 1,470 Mercy - fan art by saint-max Mercy - fan art :iconsaint-max:saint-max 2,483 132 The Last Stand by justeline The Last Stand :iconjusteline:justeline 3,082 868 -Hellhound- by arvalis -Hellhound- :iconarvalis:arvalis 2,832 153 12 Days of Hetalia Christmas by Brittlander 12 Days of Hetalia Christmas :iconbrittlander:Brittlander 3,380 687 Argos by jbrown67 Argos :iconjbrown67:jbrown67 426 13 Underneath the Veil by justeline Underneath the Veil :iconjusteline:justeline 4,784 1,201 Harpy by telthona Harpy :icontelthona:telthona 1,565 28 Nereid 2 by Jaymasee Nereid 2 :iconjaymasee:Jaymasee 3,316 358 A dream within a dream by Pajunen A dream within a dream :iconpajunen:Pajunen 1,642 241
Hetalia - How to Speak like an Hetalian
67 Ways to Speak like you're from Hetalia!
1. End your sentences with "aru".
2. Say "Ve~" a lot.
3. Ask- no TELL people to "become one with Russia".
4. Option one for Introducing yourself: "I am Japan, a person who can sense the mood and who refrains from speaking".
5. Speak the noises that you make. (ex. when chewing food "chi chi chi chi", when staring "jiiiiii~ jiiiiii~ jiiiiii~")
6. Say "kolkolkolkolkolkol!"
7. Yell "PASTAAA~".
8. Option two for Introducing yourself: no matter what, say in a whispering voice "I'm Canada, you're owner".
9. Yell "I choose you, China"!
10. Yell "VODKAAA~"!
11. Say "I sound like a fag"!
12. Repeat "Marry me"!
13. Call your older brother (or random strangers, that works too) "Big brader" [big brother, in a funny accent].
14. Tell people to "Praise me"!
15. Yell "I'll be the hero"!
16. Call random people your "wife".
17. Stand next to a lamp post and say "I'll try my best until next time, I'll think about it, All my answers are "no". It's a quirk".
18. S
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Black Gown I by tanit-isis-stock Black Gown I :icontanit-isis-stock:tanit-isis-stock 700 83 Sea of Memory by justeline Sea of Memory :iconjusteline:justeline 1,065 461 Under the Red by justeline Under the Red :iconjusteline:justeline 5,677 1,607 Bully Fail by humon Bully Fail :iconhumon:humon 2,885 721 Disney University - Hercules by Hyung86 Disney University - Hercules :iconhyung86:Hyung86 5,671 222 Ancient Greek Hairstyles Vol 2 by Ninidu Ancient Greek Hairstyles Vol 2 :iconninidu:Ninidu 2,703 86 Spring Reflections by justeline Spring Reflections :iconjusteline:justeline 1,579 135 Lanais and Thanatos by Gabriella-Bujdoso Lanais and Thanatos :icongabriella-bujdoso:Gabriella-Bujdoso 4,231 576 Pass the love forward by Shin-Wolf Pass the love forward :iconshin-wolf:Shin-Wolf 5,941 880 Ad Astra by justeline Ad Astra :iconjusteline:justeline 1,155 705 Persephone by jjlovely Persephone :iconjjlovely:jjlovely 5,698 222
Good Morning | Hetalia x Reader | Discontinued

       The cool evening air hung upon ____'s shoulders. She shivered, but continued to press forward, her sneakers gently tapping on the the sidewalk. Normally, she would avoid parties, her boyfriend typically didn't want to have anything to do with them. She could still remember how much he spited her party attitude. Honestly, it was innocent - she liked seeing her friends drunk. That was all she liked about them. Now that she and her boyfriend were broken up - she could go to all the parties, since she knew he wasn't going to be there. Fortunately, Alfred had actually invited her to his New Years' Party. They didn't really talk much at school, but they surely were friends. He was aware of what had happened too.
     That was good. No ex problems tonight.
     ____ approached the door of Alfred's hose. She gently rapped on it, holding her wrist tightly in her hand. Within the minute, the door had op
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sci-fi commander by ftourini sci-fi commander :iconftourini:ftourini 1,765 247 Beneath a Still Sky by justeline Beneath a Still Sky :iconjusteline:justeline 2,336 810 Tanit Isis Vamp by tanit-isis-stock Tanit Isis Vamp :icontanit-isis-stock:tanit-isis-stock 812 95 God of War by btgarts God of War :iconbtgarts:btgarts 160 46 Academy of Athens by inObrAS Academy of Athens :iconinobras:inObrAS 1,549 471 Hecate by mari-na Hecate :iconmari-na:mari-na 1,549 387