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Dark With Certainty
i'm under such
heavy water
that nothing above
can pull me out
the failed, severed
arms of evolution
feed the crabs
and lampreys below
i am the spirit
of dark water
my fins cut it
like wings
i offer only
this one-way portal
an infinity's rows
of everything-teeth
so, as the earth slowly
shakes you out
of your trees, holes
and stick piles
as dry land tilts
and heaves you in
our dark, sleepless salts
absorb you
warm blood billows
a cloudy exhaust
trailing down
into the deep
from the jaws and gills
of an alien machine
it dyes this ocean
dark with certainty
i am night's eyes, calculating
two black stars
circling your world,
your land
and the boat
that your foot hangs from
lazily venturing
a small wake
into my world
:iconblackbowfin:BlackBowfin 22 17
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